The Ultimate Act of Bigotry and Hate

I understand that there are many who choose to embrace atheism or hold religious beliefs other than Christian. Please know that I acknowledge this and respect that this is your right. As Scientology claims it is a unique and exclusive “religion” I am addressing this subject from a religious standpoint. As a Christian, I am also addressing the constant co-opting of Christian practices and ideology by a cult that denies Christ.

This blog post in no way is intended to offer disrespect to anyone.

The Star of David, the the Khanda, the Yin and Yang, the Aum, the Wheel of Dharma, the Crescent and the Star.

Each of these symbols represents something deep, meaningful and even sacred to the religion it stands for. Icons of faith that immediately identify one’s religious identity for those who embrace and display them.

For Christians there is no symbol more fundamentally spiritual than the Cross.

Deeply personal yet also the anchor and key to an entire community, it is Love, sacrifice and redemption.

Not an abstract ornament, the crucifix is a living prayer, unending hope and a doorway through which Jesus leads all the faithful to eternal life. God so loved the world He sent His only Son to endure incredible torture, suffering and death to free us from the wages of sin.

Christ’s Cross proclaims love, selflessness, sacrifice and hope to Christians everywhere and it both humbles and exults.

This symbol of Christianity is not a one dimensional, empty tradition from the past. Rather it is timeless, encompassing our past, present and future all at once and although we are faulted, sinful people we are redeemed.

Scientology displays a Cross on their buildings.

Not a religious symbol but rather an ornament of defiance. An empty marking on their buildings and letterhead designed to prove a point.

In their selfish need for religious validity, they have stolen a deeply spiritual Christian symbol. The very cornerstone of the faith and hope of millions now held hostage to heresy, darkness, hypocrisy and hate.

Displaying a Cross without the corpus is a celebration of the risen Christ. It is proof of Man’s salvation through the death and resurrection of God’s only Son.

Scientology is the antithesis of hope. Filled with empty promises and focused on money to the detriment of its followers, Hubbard’s cult denies faith. It taught that God was a false implant up until there became a need for the acknowledgment of a Supreme Being. Then an arbitrary and shallow image of God was given a passing nod in order to add a bit of substance.

Scientology teaches that only they can save Mankind. That salvation lies in technology and in clearing the planet. This heresy alone defies and denies absolutely everything that the crucifixion means.

Every nail used to affix that Cross to a Scientology building is another nail driven into the community of Christians.

An attack, an act of violence not only towards those who believe, but also towards God by those who dismiss and denigrate Him.

Scientology has taken the ultimate symbol of Love and reduced it to a hollow, gilt decoration.

“This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”

COS is infamous for viciously protecting everything Hubbard through copyright and trademark. They sue anyone who dares use what they consider to be theirs without permission. Squirrelling is a cardinal sin, forbidden and taboo. Scientology’s “purity” must be protected at all costs and their so-called “sacred scripture” must be practiced exclusively.

Yet for all this separation and exclusivity, there sits the Cross of Christ gleaming from every building.

How does this Christian symbol fit into any Scientology teaching? What does a symbol of sacrifice and love mean to a cult filled with anger, selfishness and destruction?

Jesus embraced and accepted everyone. He sat down with sinners, the mentally ill and the sick. There were no Wogs, no enemies, no “us verses them”; only universal love and acceptance for all He came in contact with. There is no doubt that even in this Jesus would respond with love and forgiveness. There is equally no doubt that Scientology would never ask for either.

The crucifix, the suffering and death of Jesus in order to purchase our salvation and to open the gates of Heaven, sits affixed to the walls of a cult that denies Him.

COS teaches that there are enemies who must be attacked and destroyed. There is no forgiveness, no compassion.

Hubbard represents the new Pontus Pilate, scourging Christ by his denials and disbelief, then using Him as a tool. LRH wrote that Jesus did not exist, later he wrote that the Lord was an angry child molester. But when the need arose for something to add credence to the claim that Scientology was a religion, it was to the Cross that he turned.

It is an insult and an outrage that Scientology dares to flippantly use something so precious and meaningful as a means to an end.

COS vehemently demands to be accepted as a religion. Yet it looks to Christianity for something to prove it is a church.

This appropriation and cheapening of something so sacred and holy is not alright. It is an act of blasphemy, disrespectful and ignorant to millions of believers around the world.

Scientology acts quickly and decisively whenever they feel any of their trademarks or copyrighted material is being used. It is not allowed or tolerated for any reason and retaliation falls like a summer storm on the victim. Yet there stands the Cross of Christ on every building, reduced to a specious decoration designed to mislead.

The ultimate proof of love turned into a meaningless, heretical lie to lure the unwary into spiritual darkness and despair.

Scientology claims it is superior to all other religions. It believes that it has all the answers, holds the key to Salvation and needs only rely upon itself. If these claims are true, then why steal from Christians? Why display the Cross on your buildings when you do not believe in anything it stands for?

There is really only one explanation; it is an act of hatred towards the religion that Hubbard despised.

One thought on “The Ultimate Act of Bigotry and Hate

  1. The link is to the original OT 8. Everything in it confirms the points you make here. By the way, I am not a Christian, but I empathize with your disgust and appreciate your cogent thesis. It also drives home the point that one CANNOT simultaneously be a scientologist and a Christian; it’s simply impossible. Thanks for another articulate, thought-provoking post👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽.

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