It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Hypocrisy

The holidays are fast approaching and in Clearwater Scientology is gearing up towards the opening of its annual Winter Wonderland.

Ostensibly this gathering is for charity according to the Clearwater Community Volunteers, which is just one more Scientology front group.

“Entrance to Winter Wonderland is free but we ask visitors to bring a non-perishable food item and/or an unwrapped toy. The toys and canned goods are donated to local area charities…”

—Winter Wonderland Clearwater, FaceBook

Scientology does nothing for purely altruistic motives. Those who attend become part of the cult’s never ending photo op, with pictures of the event splashed all over social media and Scientology websites as proof of the good will between COS and the public. Attendance to their entertainments is seen by members that all is well. Public participation is validation and evidence that the community is showing its support for their benign and benevolent neighbor.

As usual Scientology takes something good i.e. the desire both to spend time with their friends and family as well as help the needy and twists it into a tool.

COS uses their Winter Wonderland to prey upon those who attend, use them simply to further their own agenda. That perhaps the toys are donated is secondary to the cult’s goal.

Every photograph displayed within Scientology of the people of Clearwater attending any of their events is proof that all the negative press is bogus. There are no hard feelings, if there were then why would the public join these events?

For those citizens of Clearwater wishing to enjoy the holidays and support those less fortunate there are legitimate, honest festivities available that are wonderful alternatives to Scientology.

First and foremost each year PODS teams up with the Marine’s Toys for Tots program offering collection sites around the city where new, unwrapped toys can be donated.

Trent Brock, Community Development Marketing Specialist for PODS Enterprises, LLC confirmed PODS’ commitment for 2019, saying “We’re excited to share that PODS will once again, and for the tenth year, partner with Toys for Tots to collect, store, and move unwrapped toys. We plan on issuing a news release by the end of the month.”

PODS’ website states “Over the past eight years, PODS has supported Toys for Tots in advancing its mission by providing operational and logistical support to the program, helping to provide happiness and hope to disadvantaged children during the holiday season. PODS has become a valued partner for the charity, providing more than $167,000 worth of services and donating 177 containers in 2017.”

Within the next few weeks there will be a list of donation points posted where toys can be dropped off without the added baggage of being seen as supporting Scientology.

Tonight from 5:30 to 8:30 enjoy the Sundial Tree Lighting. “Get a head start on the holiday fun with thousands of twinkling lights, Christmas music, and REAL SNOW at Sundial St. Pete! Bring out the whole family for face painting, a visit from Santa, holiday music, family art projects and more!”

From Friday, November 29, 2019 through Saturday, January 4, 2020 the Florida Botanical Gardens host their annual “Holiday Lights in the Gardens” event. With over 1 million lights strung amongst the garden’s plants with both nature and holiday-themed displays there is something for everyone to see. A family-friendly event with nightly entertainment, Santa appears each night for the kids to visit and refreshments are available.

A list of many more events available for families to enjoy over this 2019 holiday season without the necessity of patronizing Scientology can be found here:

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park will host a Winter Village from November 22nd through January 5th. Details can be found on their website:

There will also be Christmas in the Wild at Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park until December 30th for those wild about animals and willing to travel to Hillsboro County.

The holidays are a time for love, for family and friends to spend time together and to do good for the community.

Scientology is a cult of disconnection, it actively practices the policy of destroying families. They separate children from their parents, spouses from each other and pits sibling against sibling.

Those within the prison walls of this cult are taught to look down upon and despise non Scientologists, referring to them as “Wogs”, seeing them as lesser.

Personal free will, one’s rights as an individual are denied in favor of a collective mind formed of hate, anger and contempt.

COS’ Winter Wonderland is just one more tool in their arsenal furthering their propaganda and goals.

This year, consider what one’s appearance at this event truly represents.

When David Miscavige was denied the Clearwater Aquarium property he announced a Scientological boycott of local businesses in revenge.

Remember this when making a choice between patronizing Scientology and supporting local community venders and businesses.

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