They Just Can’t Let It Go

They Just Can’t Let It Go

One would naturally assume that an epically thriving, monumentally expanding “religion” would be so busy there’d be no time for rehashing embarrassingly disproven old stories.

The vicious Fair Game attack begun in April of 2010 when Mike Rinder’s bitter ex-wife, Cathy Bernadini, gathered a posse of private investigators and OSA vigilantes, hunted him down like prey and attacked him verbally, physically and emotionally keeps going and going.

Bitter Bernadini just cannot let it go.

So much for conquering one’s Reactive Mind.

During the altercation they initiated against him, Bernardini injured herself while attempting to close the car door on Rinder.

This incident has been well covered including by this writer, here and here. I encourage any Never In who is not already familiar with this malicious event to read these blogs in order to understand exactly how underhanded and evil the Policy of Fair Game can be.

What is important to note is that there is conclusive, irrefutable evidence that the accusations being made against Mike Rinder are lies.

Both the Pinellas County Police as well as EMTs filed unbiased reports surrounding the situation wherein the final decision by the officer investigating was that Mike did not commit any crime.

Mike Rinder is unfairly accused of domestic violence. This campaign disingenuously entitled “Justice4Mom” by Taryn Teutsch, Rinder’s own daughter, does a huge disservice to all those who have actually suffered domestic abuse. That Scientology uses this painful, traumatic crime as a tool to destroy a provenly innocent man is beyond disgusting. Continuing to publicly, falsely accuse him in the face of hard proof to the contrary flies in the face of all reason.

Not only was this attack investigated by the police and clearly described in the EMT report, it was also recorded by BBC journalist John Sweeney as Mike had been sitting in his car talking to Sweeney on the phone when the attack took place.

For a blessed period of time it was thought that Bitter Bernadini, Taryn and OSA had finally run out of steam with this ever evolving tale of mayhem and assault. Other than continually retweeting all the old, tired accusations, the @TarynTeutsch account seemed to have dried up.

Sadly, there has recently been a new iteration of the constantly changing tale of Bernardini’s self imposed injury.

“Mike Rinder, out of the blue, attacked my mom and broke her shoulder in front of my eyes.”

Out of the blue?

Not even close.

In one of Taryn’s earlier blog posts describing the incident in April 2010, she said “We had gone there with my Uncle, who came from Australia. We went to go and actually have a conversation with him, with Mike Rinder.”

Then there was a newer version that stated “We were going down Gulf to Bay. We didn’t know where he lived. I was like: ‘Oh, my God! There he is! He’s standing in the parking lot!’”

This comment is one of the most amazing because according to Google Maps, Gulf to Bay is 8 MILES from where Rinder actually was. Super Powers are promised to those who pony up enough money but the ability to see one man standing eight miles away through a cityscape of buildings and trees is amazing indeed.

For references’ sake, The Police Report says “According to Catherine she had been driving in the area with other people, when she saw her estranged husband pull into the doctor’s office where they attempted to confront him…”

No, this event was anything but “out of the blue”.

As for the claim of a broken shoulder, this can easily and immediately dismissed by simply reading the EMT Report.

Cathy herself, rated her pain level as 2 out of 10. At no time did she mention serious shoulder impairment to the EMTs treating her on the scene. In fact, after having her one, minor “skin tear” bandaged, she refused any further medical treatment as well as refusing transport to the hospital.

What person in control of their mental faculties would refuse treatment, refuse alleviation of the horrendous pain of broken bones and just walk away from a waiting ambulance?

Further, the best proof that this claim is a lie can be found in a letter written by the Orthopedic Surgeon who treated her.

In this signed statement Dr. Bell notes that Bernardini was injured in 2010 yet the surgery he performed on her shoulder was not until fourteen months later. Additionally and just as important is the fact that nowhere in this letter is it mentioned that she had a broken shoulder. In fact what this professional specialist does state is that Bernardini was suffering from “…bursitis and tendinitis and a significant hook on her acromion, which caused impingement.”

These injuries develop over time, commonly in older people who use their arms/shoulders for sports like golf, tennis, etc. An acromion hook is not caused by any attack where someone grabs one’s arms in the way Bitter Bernadini describes.

While Dr. Bell notes that Bernardini stated Rinder attacked her, that is hearsay and it is reasonable to believe that had the surgeon known of the police report and EMT report that both dismissed such a claim he would not have noted it in his letter. Had his patient been suffering from a broken, dislocated shoulder why does he not say so, choosing instead to describe the bursitis, tendinitis and acromion hook? As a licensed, medically trained specialist in his field surely he would know the difference between such conditions?

The mystery deepens when considering how it was that even with having had an MRI done two months earlier in April 2011 (an entire year after the event took place) this Orthopedic Surgeon missed seeing broken bones. He prescribed several months of physical therapy prior to surgery, something that would have been impossible with a broken, dislocated shoulder.

Once more, Bitter Bernardini’s fiction grows and morphs as the mood suits her. It has already been exhaustingly proven she is a liar, and not a very good one. Given the overwhelming evidence that refutes the accusations being hurled at Mike Rinder, in turn making Bernardini and Scientology look like utter fools, reasonable people would think COS would have quietly dropped this and moved on long ago. That they are continuing this rampant, disorganized lying is laughable.

Committing acts that cause bad PR for Scientology is considered entheta. Why not one single member of OSA is capable of seeing the absurd damage this particular fight is causing not to their target but to themselves speaks volumes about those in charge of “Clearing the Planet” in this most “ethical of religions.”

As the 2010 incident has once again been brought up in an effort to blacken Mike Rinder’s character there is one further point that bears making because it has also been used against him.

Part of the accusations made against Rinder besides those of domestic abuse is the claim that he was an absent father who made Taryn feel abandoned. Her description of the relationship between them is supposed to paint her as a confused victim, unable to fathom where her father was during her childhood. She insists he was never there for either herself or her younger brother, Ben, as though he’d gone out for a pack of cigarettes and never returned.

In actuality Taryn was absolutely and clearly aware of what her father was doing and why.

In Chapter 3 of her book, Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape, Jenna Miscavige Hill describes how, as a child, her family and the Rinders were close friends and even shared an apartment.

“The four of us—Justin, Taryn, B. J., (Benjamin Rinder) and I—formed a makeshift family of our own. Although they weren’t yet teenagers, Justin and Taryn were babysitters to B. J. and me. Together, we hung out, had snacks, and played around. They generally looked after us until our parents came home for dinner or had a day off. All that changed, though, one day in early 1988 when Cathy (Rinder, Mike’s wife at the time) came home at family time. That particular evening, I saw her speaking privately with B. J., who looked upset. From where I sat on the couch, I could hear Cathy tell him this would be their last daily family time together. From now on, she and Mike were only going to be able to see him once a week, on Sunday mornings, since the rest of the week they were going to be somewhere very secret doing important things for the Church. Even though we were just four years old, B. J. and I were both used to the Scientology explanation that our parents gave us about why they had to work so much. They would explain how they had to help lots of people and sacrifice personal time for the Scientology cause. We nodded our heads that we understood, pretending that the explanations would make us miss them less. Now, though, looking at B. J.’s face, I knew there was no way he could pretend to not be devastated. He didn’t talk a lot, and as his mother carefully laid out what was going to happen, he just listened and stared at the floor.”

There was never a mysterious abandonment by Mike of his family. Children raised in OSA households are brought up clearly understanding that children and family are second fiddle to duty and dedication to the SeaOrg and it’s mission of Clearing the Planet. Taught from the beginning that to cry for missing one’s parent is “Counter Intention” to the work that must be done, children are discouraged from “nattering” or complaining.

Togetherness that Taryn claims never happened is obviously real as according to Jenna Miscavige Hill, who was present to see the event she describes, Cathy clearly explained the end of family time to her children’s hurt and disappointment.

Not long after this change in the family dynamic Taryn was sent to The Ranch where she would spend several years on her own without the benefit of either parent.

Taryn was absolutely aware of the situation that every child in her position endured. At The Ranch, she was surrounded by others who were also bereft of their parents and were growing up on their own. She fully understood then that her parents’ duty superseded her needs or wants and she was not alone in her situation. As a member of the SeaOrg now, her understanding of the demands of it’s members is even more complete.

Any claim of abandonment by her father that Taryn may make is complete disingenuous malarky.

All of the claims and accusations made against Mike Rinder by OSA, Bitter Bernardini or Taryn Teutsch are complete fabricated bullshit that no reasonable person should believe.

The only true takeaway from this entire situation is yet more irrefutable proof that Scientology’s Policy of Fair Game is alive, practiced and in full effect in spite of any claims to the contrary.

Mike Rinder is not guilty of domestic violence. He did not cause Cathy Rinder Bernardini any injury other than to her pride as he took his power back into his own hands and chose life.

As for the family situation his children found themselves in, it was not one of Rinder’s creation. It was the norm and reality for every child born to a SeaOrg member. Taryn is not some doe eyed, abandoned daughter desperately trying to understand why her father was not there for her.


She knew then and she knows now exactly why both of her parents put her second.

Taryn’s hurt and anger are legitimate, they are just misdirected. She is a victim of Scientology who is using her to further their own ends. She deserves some pity and compassion for the life she is trapped in, however at the same time she does bear some culpability for the choices she makes now.

It cannot be easy to be caught in such a predicament but there comes a point for all of us, no matter what difficulties and pain we find ourselves in, where we either choose to live or we choose to stagnate.

Until Taryn can free herself all we can do is continue to rely on the truth and be wary of the ever changing fairytales of Bitter Bernardini, Taryn’s mother who is, one suspects, the true author behind the hate.

6 thoughts on “They Just Can’t Let It Go

  1. Thank you for your careful, well-documented and clearly stated refutation of these ridiculous lies.

    I know nobody outside the bubble believes these things unless they are completely ignorant of scientology.

    I think it’s important that the lies be documented and tagged with the relevant names and references so they appear on search engines should anyone be uninformed yet curious. This and Jeffrey Augustine’s blog help with that.

    Appreciate your support.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank you for your careful, well-documented and thorough debunking of the lies.

    I know that nobody outside the bubble of scientology, other than the very uninformed about scientology, take any of this seriously.

    But I think it is important to have the truth out there, tagged with the relevant names and words so that search engines pick them up when someone who is ignorant but curious tries to find out what is and isn’t true.

    So, this is much appreciated. Both you and Jeffrey Augustine have done great work in this respect.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thanks for continuing to add your voice/viewpoint to the ongoing discussion of the scientology cult’s policy-driven criminality. You clearly and calmly outline the facts and present documentary evidence. Keep up the good work!


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