Scientology Does Not Contribute $87 Million to Clearwater

Once again a Scientology source, Expose Network, misquotes the 2014 FSU economic study in order to support their lies.

@ExposeNetwork posted that the cult donates $87,867,000 annually for the benefit of Clearwater.

This figure could not be further from the truth.

As has been revealed in an earlier blog post, the upcoming election for City Council is relevant to the City.

FSU’s 2014 study encompassed data pertaining to 35 zip codes in what they refer to as the Clearwater Area. In spite of the dogged insistence of Scientology to the contrary, this study reaches far further than the incorporated limits of the City and her citizens.

Per the norm there are particulars left out from this claim. The devil is in the details and clearly Scientology is hoping no one will take the time to check their assertions.

$87,867,000 is actually the annual contribution for the previous year to the study, 2013. It does not reflect Scientology’s contributions to Clearwater City, but rather to the stated Clearwater Area.

More importantly the figure actually includes the massive “donations” (presumably those tax free payments against present and future Courses) made by Scientology members TO Scientology.

A quick look at the graph used by @ExposeNetwork shows the sneaky deceit implemented as they attempt to create excellent PR for their cult.

• The sample median of Church residents donations is $9,000 each year.

• Annual median donations to the Church are $8,000, with additional annual median donations of $1,000 to other causes.

Scientology claims there are 10,000 members resident in the City. If 10,000 Church residents each make an annual median donation to other causes, supposing these causes are charities relevant to the City of Clearwater then that figure would be $10,000,000 not $87,867,000. (10,000 x $1000)

Consider this $10 million figure against the $90,000,000 donated by these same resident members to Scientology. (10,000 x $9000)

Expose Network continues to source the 2014 FSU study in their game of lies and misdirection.

The simple fact is that Scientology, while owning a great deal of property, is a handicap to Clearwater and not the benign humanitarian religion they’d like all to believe.

As always, consider the source.

2 thoughts on “Scientology Does Not Contribute $87 Million to Clearwater

  1. If Clearwater had 10,000 resident Scientologists, that would represent somewhere about half of their worldwide membership. And that number would include all of the Sea Org personnel at Flag, none of whom have any money to contribute to Clearwater. Miscavige’s brithday gift would receive more donations from Sea Org members than anyone else!

    The truth is, Clearwater does not have 10,000 resident Scientologists, probably only a few thousand the majority of whom are Sea Org. They contribute a paltry amount to the city. If they had that many people in a city with a population of just over 100,000 residents, they would be a formidable voting block in local elections.

    But they aren’t.

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  2. Scientology cannot settle on a number for Clearwater, lol. They also claim 15,000 as well. Depends on which Scientologist one asks, I suppose. All just part of the lies. Which is why I’m trying so hard to make Clearwater residents aware that no matter what face they’re shown, Scientology cannot be trusted.


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