Corey J Andrews Takes Lessons From Scientology

In the anti Scientology community on Twitter, (of whom many, myself included, would not even have sprung up with out Leah Remini and Mike Rinder) there are a few names that are well known. For better or for worse, these persons have carved an indelible impression on those of us engaged in the fight to bring Scientology to it’s knees.

Some, like John Alex Wood and his new wife Gemma Harris Wood, have been, for all intents and purposes, neutered as far as social media goes.

The ugly OSA operated @TarynTeutsch account has been rendered harmless, relegated to retweeting ad nauseum, old, tired, outdated posts with no sting left.

Sadly for every harmful, negative, destructive account brought down, it seems another springs up to rear it’s ugly face. Some of these accounts are clearly of Scientology origin and to be expected.

Others are more insidious in that they are by non members who have taken the Scientology ideologies of “always attack, never defend” and deceit to heart, choosing to do the cult’s work for them.

Often the best remedy for these accounts is to allow them the self created rope to hang themselves. However there are times when the negativity ascends to an unacceptable level of Fair Game and there must be an accounting.

Corey J Andrews, @CoreyJAndrews on Twitter, has evolved into one such entity.

Just as Scientology uses false pretext to inveigle it’s way into society’s good graces, so too Andrews. He first appeared on Twitter as a fellow fighter. Retweeting became his mark in trade, apparently finding it less taxing to promote the existing fruits of the labors of others than in the creation of his own.

Time and again he’d proffer the hand of friendship, only to suddenly, without warning viciously turn on his victim in outrageous attack.

The provocation for his ire?

Failure to pass on his retweets enough.

He did this multiple times including with this writer leaving astonished, bewildered and hurt people in his wake.

These shenanigans worsened until he finally crossed the line into actual illegal activity and blatant betrayal that has already been commented on.

For a time this unpredictable and devious individual was content to lie low and watch from a distance the anger, bitterness, division and hurt his actions created.

Now that the chaos has subsided Andrews seems to have decided to stir up both the old wounds he inflicted upon those who offered him kindness as well as creating a new attack in order to sustain his deep seated need for attention and pain.

Like a vampire hunting for blood, Corey Andrews appears to need anger and negativity to thrive. Showing no remorse for his hateful lies and actions, he has now publicly called out Leah Remini in an attempt to shame her for no reason.

Andrews places responsibility for examining the details surrounding the tragic death of Kyle Brennan directly upon Leah Remini’s shoulders.

“It deeply saddens me that @LeahRemini & @MikeRinder have distanced themselves from #KyleBrennan and his mother @VBreton2062. Never do they show her their support. They don’t even FOLLOW her on Twitter. Why is this story buried by #ScientologyTheAftermath?

Who killed Kyle Brennan?”

How does he know Leah and Mike have “distanced themselves”? How does he know anything at all about what they may or may not have researched for the show? Andrews bestows upon himself a great deal of authority as he begins this shameful episode.

“When people are more loyal to each other than to the truth itself, it allows for stories like #KyleBrennan’s to be brushed under the rug. Questions need to be asked, because this isn’t over until

@VBreton2062 gets real answers. @TroMcManus would you be interested in Kyle’s story?”

What does this even mean? More loyal to each other than to the truth? This accusation is completely refuted by everything both Leah Remini and Mike Rinder have done and faced.

When Leah attempted to respond to these outrageous statements with civility in the privacy of the DM, Corey, true to form, revealed her message publicly. However, this tactic most assuredly backfired on him because it not only shows his lack of common human decency, but just how off he really is.

“According to @LeahRemini, my energies should be with the victims of #Scientology. This was her Direct Message to me in response to my questions about #KyleBrennan, whom according to her isn’t a victim…

Kyle’s story can prove criminality & get #DavidMiscavige into REAL trouble.”

According to Leah “my energies should be with the victims of Scientology.”

No kidding.

How is this something to sneer at? Leah made an excellent point. Instead of trying to cause drama, Corey Andrews should be focused on what is really important.

Where does he get the idea she said that Kyle isn’t a victim? If he’s referring her her saying that his energies would be better focused on the victims of Scientology this statement does not mean she feels Kyle wasn’t one of them. Rather it is saying to him to stop causing trouble and work for positive gain against the cult. That he conveniently ignores her meaning, twisting it with his own is yet another Scientology tactic.

Andrew’s comment that Kyle’s story has been “brushed under the rug” is patently false, a simple search reveals this is anything but true. There are websites, articles, comments and more about this tragedy proving it has been well and truly scrutinized and exposed.

The real issue here is why he feels that it is Leah or Mike’s responsibility to become involved in this issue? They have worked diligently to expose Scientology’s malice and have provided more than enough insight to the public about how this cult operates. Further, at the end of Season One the show left off with both heading into an attorney’s office to discuss what more might be done.

Are they required to share the content of their meeting with these attorneys? They’ve publicly stated that there have been conversations with the FBI. Who has the right or authority to demand Leah reveal any of this sensitive information?

To attack her without having the smallest of knowledge of the situation is ludicrous. Further has this disturbed young man ever considered the idea of Attorney/Client Privilege?

He exclaims that neither Leah nor Mike have shown any support to Kyle’s family. How does he know what they do when not onscreen?

Leah Remini and Mike Rinder created this show freely and out of their own generosity and caring.

How arrogant it is to presume to demand more from two people who have already done so much.

Most importantly and disgustingly, in his thirst for negativity and disruption Corey J Andrews fails to take into consideration for even a moment how his using the death of Brennan must make Kyle’s parents feel. Scientology is infamous for utilizing any tragedy at hand as a weapon to cause harm, Corey seems to have taken yet another page from the Scientology Policy book in this regard.

Kyle’s mother felt compelled to comment on Andrew’s tweet and for this alone he should be deeply ashamed. That he isn’t, that he simply went on like he was deserving of an answer from Leah proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that his selfishness and narcissism know no bounds.

One cannot help but wonder how those closest to him, like Ms Jennifer Bartholomy, would feel if they knew the lengths he’s gone, the pain he’s caused to so many. How disappointed they’d be to know that he’s trodden on the grave of a young man solely for the purpose of shaming an innocent person.

I would like to point out that Kyle’s case was never swept under the rug. It went all the way to Federal Appeals where it was dismissed.

I reached out to Leah Remini for her thoughts on all this and she was gracious enough to provide the following statement;

“Firstly, I want to thank you and others like you who are in this fight, who weren’t even former Scientologists, who are getting fair gamed like the rest of us. It is commendable and I can speak for myself here , but you have no idea what this means to me as a former member to have people like you care in the way you have and some other good folks have. And to those who continue this fight who were in and not only do the work, but defend us against those who were also in but feel the need to implode. There is a group out there who are ex-Scientologists who spend more time attacking me, Mike and others for what we have done and didn’t do. Sadly, like us, they are traumatized from Scientology, and their hurt is valid and their pain is valid. What they don’t see is that their turning their anger towards us or any ex Scientologist out there doing the work of exposing Scientology’s criminal and abusive activities, only helps Scientology, and scientology is having a good laugh at it. I don’t agree with all that ex-Scientologists do and say but, they are doing the work. Who the hell am I to say, “hey why aren’t you talking about this crime , this tragedy that has to do with Scientology”. They have a right to expose anything and everything that Scientology has done and is doing. There is more than enough to go around to expose on any and all forums you can get on. Some want to expose the illegal contracts, some want to expose the criminal acts committed against the children who are forced into the sea org, some want to get their tax exemption revoked … God bless them, I support them. I support all that contribute to the bigger picture. What I don’t support is publicly attacking anyone doing the work. I don’t agree with all that ex-Scientologists say , I don’t even like ALL that left and are speaking out, but I would never say that publicly. I don’t need to like them to respect the work they are doing. But, I trust you when you say you are on the same team, if I DM you, call you, Email you, I consider you trustworthy, so if you post things without asking me, I consider that a betrayal of my trust, if you post it with an intent to stir shit up, you got the wrong bitch for that. I am not ashamed of what I said. I will post it myself. But you mess with a group of people doing the real work, I don’t give a shit if you claim to be on the right side of this fight, you aren’t-if you are taking aim at those trying to expose this cult. I’m not going to go after you, I will likely just block you , unfollow you, not consider you a friend to the cause. And don’t consider that you are on the same side. And therefore I will stand with the one trying to do the actual work. Like you said here, there are many stories still to be told and they should tell them. No one knows what my plans are, I don’t need to advertise what I’m doing behind the scenes, I don’t need to explain myself to anyone with what I do day in and day out in regards to this cult, but I beg those spending time bad mouthing those who are doing the dang work-stop lying to yourselves that you are doing anything about it by criticizing those who are trying, none of us are perfect, I wish I had the power to do all the stories we wanted to do, but I don’t own the network. And I don’t own all of your stories. You have the right to tell your story yourself or get it told by someone. I hope you seek help for your pain as well, because you do deserve to heal. But you won’t heal by attacking victims, attacking those who are trying on Twitter or any public forum Or starting groups where you all talk shit about all of those who are advocates for victims for those speaking… you are not helping yourselves or the victims. And you just look like a Scientologist by doing it. But you have every right to do it, as you have been. All deserve justice, all deserve to be heard. Just think about how much good you can do if you just focused your energy where it should be -on getting justice for victims of Scientology. We wasted so much time in Scientology fighting enemies that weren’t actually our enemies. Why continue to do that when are out? It’s time to stop acting like a Scientologist .”

She ended with this final thought; “There are a number of deaths that Scientology and Scientologists are responsible for and Scientology should be investigated for Kyle Brennan , Alexander Jentzh, Stacy moxon/Meyer, Lisa McPherson, Joseph Havenith… there are so many tragic stories for which Scientology should be held accountable. And watch, I will be criticized for not naming someone . This is not to disrespect any ones memory or loss, but unfortunately and sadly, there are just too many to list.”

As usual Leah gets straight to the issue without the need for immature, hateful schoolyard antics. There are quite a few out there right now who would do well to learn from her example.

I would like to sincerely express my appreciation for Leah Remini taking the time to contribute to this blog post. I hope and pray that it reaches through the pettiness and makes a difference.

3 thoughts on “Corey J Andrews Takes Lessons From Scientology

  1. As usual- right on the money! No one should be attacking people who have done so much to get the plight of victims in front of people who can stop this abusive cult!

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