Scientology’s Petty Misdirection Attempt

Disclaimer: Danny Masterson is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

On Wednesday, March 11, 2020 there will be a hearing to address several issues connected to the Danny Masterson rape case.

On the table are the allegations of stalking, harassment and worse by Scientology in defense of Danny Masterson which Scientology, of course, denies.

There is a saying, “the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior”.


Los Angeles Times journalist Joel Sappell was in San Diego with a colleague while researching for an upcoming multi-part series about Scientology. Whilst checking in to a hotel his phone rings, upon answering he hears his panicked and distraught wife exclaim, “‘The dog’s been poisoned…She’s frothing and convulsing,’ Crystal’s illness had come on suddenly, she said, and the vet couldn’t pinpoint the cause. All we could do was keep her sedated. ‘Things like this don’t just happen’”

Soon after Sappell and his wife had their beloved pet euthanized he received a call from Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Ronald Swearinger, whom Sappell had never previously spoken to.

Swearinger had heard of Crystal’s poisoning and reached out with information of his own.

“‘I hear your dog was poisoned,’ the judge said softly. I was startled. It’s highly unusual for judges to contact reporters during a trial, especially when they’ve already been accused of bias. There was a pause as Swearinger took a breath. ‘My dog was drowned,’ he said, referring to his collie. ‘We found him dead in our pool. He’d never go near the water on his own.’”

The Fair Game of Judge Swearinger is mentioned in the Affidavit of Stacy Brooks Young, “The Hon. Ronald E. Swearinger became a target of Scientology harassment while he was presiding over the case of Larry Wollersheim v. Church of Scientology of California, #C 332 027.”

Young describes her own harassment by Scientology’s OSA in this same affidavit “My husband Robert Vaughn Young and I have been harassed and intimidated repeatedly since we became experts in this case. Scientology operatives have stolen our trash. They have slandered us to former associates. They have called us at all hours of the night. High-level OSA operative Kurt Weiland sent my husband a threatening letter. We have been followed and surveilled on several occasions when we were able to spot the person following or surveilling us; we have no idea how much more surveillance we have been subjected to by operatives skilled enough to avoid being spotted. On one occasion we were followed more than 100 miles from our home by a Scientology agent.”

These same tactics have been carried out on other former members of COS including Mike Rinder who detailed on The Aftermath how a private investigator hired by David Miscavige paid the garbage man $20 to hand over the Rinder family trash.

There is a documented history of the allegations made in the Danny Masterson stalking case. Even these aforementioned events are not the tip of the iceberg covering the lengths David Miscavige will go to when confronting an “enemy of the church”.

Chrissie Bixler and her family have had not one but two pets poisoned since her allegations of rape against Danny Masterson were made public. No other pets in her home’s vicinity were poisoned, just the Bixler’s dogs.

Two animals, two separate occasions, one M.O.

Bobette Riales also had her dog poisoned although she got lucky in that her pet survived the assassination attempt.

In spite of the denials by Scientology, the wide eyed innocence they attempt to portray, logic insists one asks “what is the motive for these actions?”

“Who stands to benefit from an ongoing campaign of intimidation against these particular individuals?”

Equally important is the further “why” of these actions.

Hubbard was adamant about attacking critics of his cult mercilessly until they give up or are destroyed. Fair Game has a multi pronged agenda which, beyond the obvious outcome of terror intimidation, also creates a dark fog that clouds anything COS does not want people to see.

Wednesday’s hearing will be a farce focused on the petty details used in the attempt to serve David Miscavige and on whether or not Scientology and Masterson are responsible for the mysterious attacks. All this ridiculous hemming and hawing over which door was used at what time does is take away from the big picture.

What must not be forgotten in this obstacle course litigation is that multiple women have accused Danny Masterson of the vilest of acts.


This crime of power and control is inherently evil. That someone forces another into such a powerless vulnerability is beyond heinous. When that someone is the person one cares for, trusts and looks to for safety the repercussions are unimaginable.

These woman were rendered nonpersons, used and violated by a selfish, egotistical mentality. Not content to just overpower a conscious victim, the perpetrator further increased their inability to consent by drugging them.

One woman was brutally choked, she and the others physically wounded by the violence done to them.

They have been further diminished both by the drawn out legal maneuvering and game playing by Scientology as well as the suspicious lack of action taken by the Los Angeles District Attorney.

This week the court will hear all the reasons why the attempted service on David Miscavige should be quashed and why the allegations of stalking and harassment should be dropped.

On behalf of the women who have so far been denied justice, healing and closure remember what really is at stake.

Even as Miscavige plays games over the attempts to serve him, remember Vickie Aznaran declared under oath; “It is routine policy for the upper executives of Scientology to avoid service of process…All security personnel are trained to keep any and all process servers away from Scientology executives. When David Miscavige was one of the targets of an IRS CID investigation (there were several individuals targeted), he expressed great concern over having to go to jail. Due to his diminutive size, he was very concerned that he would be sexually harassed while in a jail with common criminals. At this time he devised several schemes to flee the country should the IRS decide to make arrests. Avoiding service of process is a tactic that Miscavige is well acquainted with.”

Keep in mind too, that these litigation stall tactics are denying multiple women the healing, closure and due process they deserve and are entitled to.

This case is about rape, violence and the ongoing terrorizing of the claimants and their families.

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