The Impossible Research of L. Ron Hubbard

In 1974 L. Ron Hubbard issued an earth shattering bulletin, HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex HCO BULLETIN OF 23 JANUARY 1974 (RB REVISED 25 APRIL 1991).

Hubbard proudly announced he had “made a technical breakthrough which possibly ranks with the major discoveries of the twentieth century. It is certainly the greatest advancement of 1973 and is now being released after a final wrap-up of research. It is called the Introspection Rundown.”

This new Rundown, the fruit of LRH’s research was to address, once and for all, the intricate issue of a psychotic break.

Obviously delving into the complexities of the human mind suffering from severe mental illness is something that would take an incredible amount of dedication, focus, intelligence and experience. Examining the root causes, psychologically, emotionally and physically of a severe mental breakdown in order to develop an effective, workable therapy would take years of study. Certainly such a project would require copious detailed journals chronicling each step of the study. There would be the need for a number of subjects suffering from mental illness to examine and follow as well as a control group of healthy individuals with which to compare.

That complete dedication to the project goes without saying.

Once such research was complete, there would be required testing and review by expert members of the psychological community.

That Hubbard, a high school dropout who would go on to fail out of college, an institution in which he never even took the required courses necessary to conduct such an enormous investigation, would develop such a therapy is beyond incredible.

Never Ins are exhorted by Scientology to not believe anything they hear or read about them unless it comes from them.

“For the truth watch Scientology TV.”

“To learn what Scientology is really about come to one of our Orgs…”

COS is especially adamant about their Source’s truths, assigning to him all the achievements and accolades he’d bestowed upon himself and refusing to accept anything else.

So what do they say about this most incredible breakthrough in the field of psychological research?

Actually, they don’t.

Hubbard’s claim that 1973’s revelations, the culmination of his research, enabling him to develop the Introspection Rundown is not mentioned on their timeline of amazing achievements. In fact, their own statements covering this period prove that Hubbard could not possibly have spent the time needed to do any research at all.

During the time LRH was allegedly doing research for the Introspection Rundown, Scientology says; “Having standardized a pattern of organizational form and function, Mr. Hubbard now addresses the exigencies of managing an international network of organizations. To that end, he isolates workable principles of personnel utilization, target attainment, executive performance, financial management, data analysis and more. These principles are found in The Management Series and are employed far beyond Scientology organizations.

Through what remains of 1972 and well into 1973, Mr. Hubbard conducts a sociological study in and around New York City. He is now working to isolate root causes of late twentieth-century cultural decline and from these studies comes an array of programs for social betterment. He additionally examines deleterious trends in the modern diet, which later prove significant in addressing residual effects of drugs.”

Business Management, data analysis, a sociological study, social betterment AND the study of deleterious trends in the modern diet.

So much intense work needing time and attention to detail packed into just under a year.

According to the Feb/March UK issue 102 of Auditor released in 1974, by about August of ’73 Hubbard was busily engaged in the creation of a musical masterpiece comprising an entire album and the choreography of dance to accompany it.

“Over the past six months, L. Ron Hubbard has researched and experimented and made unprecedented breakthroughs in Music and Dance.”

1973 was a chaotic time for Scientology’s founder. Having been sentenced in absentia to four years in prison in France for fraudulent business practices he went into hiding in Queens, NY.

His usual safe haven, the flagship Apollo, was in dry dock from December 1972 until October 1973. Accompanied by a body guard and his friend of many years, Jim Dincalci, LRH left the safe, isolated confines of his ship and re-entered a completely changed United States.

Jim Dincalci covers this time in Queens in interviews with Russell Miller for Bare Faced Messiah. According to Dincalci, Hubbard spent most of his time watching television or reading. They settled into a routine; “Dincalci got up early and went out to do the day’s food shopping and buy the paperback books that the Commodore read voraciously. ‘I soon got to know what he liked,’ said Dincalci. ‘It was all blood and thunder escapist stuff. I’d choose them by the cover – the more lurid the cover, the more he liked them.’ Hubbard woke at about ten or eleven o’clock; the television was turned on immediately and stayed on for the remainder of the day, even if he was reading or writing.”

— Miller, Russell (26 October 1987). Bare-Faced Messiah: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard. p. 110. ISBN 978-0718127640. Ch. 19

Hubbard was in hiding, he spent most of his time in his rooms not “in and around New York” doing research.

It was during this time in exile, in April 1973, that he created what would become known as Operation Snow White, the largest infiltration of and theft from multiple governmental agencies ever. Remembering this massive espionage project in light of Scientology’s words, “To that end, he isolates workable principles of personnel utilization, target attainment…” one gets a chilling yet ironic perspective.

Hubbard returned to the Apollo in November 1973, after which he was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. Even during his time in Queens he suffered from health issues exacerbated by his heavy smoking and increasing weight.

So when did he fit in the intense research needed to develop the Introspective Rundown?

The fact is he didn’t.

One might argue that “sociological observation” could be another term for watching the News on TV and trends in the modern diet a misnomer for “commercials”.

But what cannot be dismissed is that the Introspection Rundown is not the result of in depth research and careful study. He created this so-called treatment from the depths of his own unbalanced, unhealthy mind. Something that Lisa McPherson and others discovered to their detriment.

This is just one of so many, many lies that Scientology is based upon. The truth is that L. Ron Hubbard has never spent any time whatsoever in anything even resembling real scientific research.

Suffering from mental illness, struggling with suicidal thoughts, drug abuse and health issues Hubbard demanded approbation and awe from his followers while doing nothing real to earn any of it. His deceit is responsible for incredible harm, abuse and even death.

Hubbard was a complete fraud and so is the dangerous, abusive cult he left behind.

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