Well Look Who’s Talking Now…

Kirstie Alley does it again.

In a stunning display of gifted genius this one time actress has succeeded where science and medicine is still researching.

Alley has always had the answer to mental illness treatment, which as we all know is certainly not psychiatry or the prescribed medications that have given so many people their lives back.

She showed the depths of compassion to all those brave survivors who found strength in the #MeToo movement by smugly sneering “can’t face your accusers?”

Now this incredible force whose intelligence and class has outgrown Hollywood shares what has eluded the rest of us but should have been so obvious.

Kirstie Alley, humanitarian genius, has discovered the cure for the coronavirus.

Taking to Twitter on the most auspicious of days, Friday, March 13th, she announced her breakthrough:

“If collectively we postulated this virus to disappear, theoretically it would disappear…that doesn’t mean be any (sic) idiot and don’t take precautions, it just means it could happen..it’s free to postulate the end of the Virus so let’s try it. It beats chronically giving it energy”

We can think this disease that has stricken thousands and killed dozens into non existence.

“Of COURSE!” We collectively exclaim slapping our foreheads.

How could we all have been so stupid?

L. Ron Hubbard always did say that Scientology had all the answers.

One cannot help but recall the words of fellow Parishioner Tom Cruise as he giddily proclaimed that Scientologists were the “only ones on the planet who can help”.

If ever there were a time for Scientology OT Super Powers to manifest now would be it.

Kirstie’s theory obviously comes after much deep thought on her part. That she was able to arrive at this cure when so many others around the world are, at the very least, still in the testing stages of a vaccine shows her strength and calm in the face of frightening uncertainty.

Like Hubbard, she triumphed without the need of a paltry education.

It goes without saying that the millions of people around the globe facing this pandemic have not even entertained the idea of a life without it. Certainly the general consensus is planetary acceptance and the desire to energize and strengthen Covid-19. Kirstie stepped up to remind us all of what we’d overlooked.

Alley took time from her busy day of gazing at her endangered lemurs as they sit in their cage on her lawn to step up and provide the world with hope.

Thanks to her wisdom and guidance a new movement shall spring up, we ARE the world! Hand in hand in unbroken germy solidarity, we stand together breathing fearlessly and without masks as one.

Her mind to our minds, her thoughts to our thoughts.

Who needs a vaccine when all we have to do is wish with all our hearts?

Postulate people!

There’s a virus to Clear!

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