CCHR Shill Says “Fuck You” to Those Concerned Over Coronavirus

Shane Ellison, husband of Scientologist Lea-Ann Ellison, posts a profanity riddled article directed at those worried about the Coronavirus.

Lea-Ann, who many may remember as the “CrossFit Mom”, controversially went viral over lifting weights while pregnant in 2013.

She showed superior Scientology class and dignity during that time when she responded to concerned detractors on her Facebook page saying, “I hope to inspire other ladies to be healthy and fit while pregnant and after. If you don’t like it, sit your ass on a couch and eat a donut”.


Shane who calls himself “The People’s Chemist” claims a Masters degree in Organic Chemistry and experience working as a pharmaceutical chemist for both Array BioPharma and Eli Lilly who in 2017 (sans Ellison) won FDA approval for a new drug for breast cancer, abemaciclib. This drug, “when added to standard therapy reduced the risk of disease progression by 46 percent. It also led to significant tumor shrinkage in 59 percent of patients compared with 44 percent of those who received endocrine drugs alone in the study.”

Ellison promotes Scientology’s front group CCHR’s fear mongering instructing, “Deadlier than terrorism, the Vietnam war and car crashes, using meds as prescribed is the top killer!”

CCHR in turn describes Ellison as one who “exposes the inner workings of the psycho/pharmaceutical industry, the manufacture and marketing of psychiatric drugs and the fact that the psycho/pharma industry is well aware their drugs do not cure anyone.”

The People’s Chemist CEO, Scientology Clear Jeff Milano (attested March 1, 1999) also embraces the false beliefs promulgated by the cult, saying “Natural supplements do not have side effects – only pharmaceutical drugs do.”

A statement that is patently untrue.

Shane Ellison’s scorn for the Pharmaceutical industry fuels the admonitions to his followers to stop taking their prescribed medications and opt for company brand supplements instead. These non regulated supplements are sold to people with serious diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Currently his website contains an article directed at the “99%” of “scared, selfish” people with “troll-like” emotions feeding “mass hysteria” over the Coronavirus.

Ellison, as part of the elite remaining 1% who are unafraid has a message for the rest of us.

“Fuck you”

He continues his rant by announcing that the CDC is a private, “vaccine company” then goes on to challenge people’s intelligence saying “If you have a legit 12th-grade education and actually read the books from English class, then you’ve got a chance. You know it’s a big CONFLICT OF INTEREST to listen to anything the CDC says.”

Because of course this is one of the things taught in 12th grade English.

Sadly either he must have missed that day in school or he attended Delphi Academy because in fact the CDC is a United States federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services.

Ellison moves on to explain his care and concern for the health and welfare of the public, diminishing his company’s role as a bonafide snake oil source.

“Yes, my company sells botanical medicine…pills! But if you have more than one fucking brain cell, you know The People’s Chemist does a lot more than that.”

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

Then it’s back to the 1% of people who “get it”. Who understand that they can set themselves free from western medicine and aren’t afraid to shake off the herd mentality.

The coronavirus is nothing serious and nothing to be afraid of!

Indeed, viruses are “…so small and fragile that the skin’s acidic pH of 5 or even a soap bubble can demolish a virus in a split second. They aren’t something to fear!”

What a relief!

Notwithstanding a near 100% fatality rate for Rabies Virus if not treated with the equally scorned vaccine.

“…free yourself from the fearful propaganda on scary viral threats.”

In 1918 the Spanish Flu pandemic killed 50 million people, this was the fastest kill ratio in history by a virus. More people died during this pandemic than in the Great War or World War I.

“…even if you had an accurate test for a virus (even testing for the flu virus is questionable), being positive wouldn’t put you at risk from being sick from it!!!!” (Exclamation points his)

So the roughly 32 million people who have died from HIV since the early 1980s must not have known this life saving information.

Had they postulated hard enough perhaps they would not have died.

As for the Coronavirus, “It’s all fear-based media and politics controlling your every thought and action…it took all of 48 hours to grip you, people, using ‘symptomatic diagnosis’ as a tool to label flu-like symptoms as ‘coronavirus.’ That means reported coronavirus infections or deaths are nothing more than standard illness’ being falsely reported to fit the coronavirus narrative!”

Just as the CCHR insists Mental Illness is not real due to lack of biomedical diagnostic tools, so too Coronavirus. Ellison’s proof that this pandemic is fake lies in his assertion that the CDC has no way to actually diagnose it. How they were supposed to have created diagnostic pathology let alone an effective vaccine prior to the epidemic is apparently irrelevant to his arguments.

“Wake the fuck up.

You’re more likely to die from a prescription med than you are a virus!”

Tell that to the 97 people who have already died from the virus in the United States so far.

According to this man these unfortunate victims could have avoided death had they just taken his advice.

Shane Ellison is simply a fraud using Scientology tactics to try and make money from this serious and potentially deadly pandemic. His claim that all one need do is boost their immune system with his snake oil supplements is an obvious and disgusting play.

Scientology is well known for using tragedies and natural disasters as tools for furthering their agenda, this unscrupulous man is no different.

His scornful, patronizing message to all those frightened by this pandemic, those who have become ill or who have lost a loved one is yet one more example of the kind of person the most ethical religion on the planet produces.

Edit: Scientology’s CCHR states on it’s website that Shane Ellison is a two-time recipient of the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Grant for his studies in biochemistry and physiology. 

As with all things Scientology this is untrue. This writer contacted the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to verify the accuracy of the CCHR’s statement. We received the following response:

8 thoughts on “CCHR Shill Says “Fuck You” to Those Concerned Over Coronavirus

  1. Every time I think I can’t be shocked anymore by scientology ‘s ignorance it happens again. What a load of crap. I hope people aren’t really listening to this creep. Mind blown!!!!!


  2. I am SO glad you caught this rant and called it out! So when he (or other well-known Scientologists do) is Dx’d and quarantined with this farce of a virus, I’m sure if he or a loved one (if that’s even possible with this degree of self-centeredness) of his develops pneumonia and/or can’t breathe effectively, he will absolutely refuse a fear-driven, propagandized and unnecessary ventilator so as not to feed into the fear-mongoring!

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