Clearing The Planet One Selfish Decision at a Time

The CDC has been crystal clear in their safety directives during this pandemic.

“Avoid close contact

Avoid close contact with people who are sick

Put distance between yourself and other people if COVID-19 is spreading in your community.

The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus.

The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person.

Between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet).”

Health organizations around the world have not only recognized the dangers of this serious virus, but in many circumstances are struggling to handle the overwhelming number of cases they are faced with.

People have died.

In the face of global worry, suffering and grief Scientology has turned its collective back on reality, showing scorn and merciless indifference.

This pandemic is about all of us. It is about the importance of looking out for one another, of coming together by staying apart during this time of crisis to support our communities. Of recognizing that ultimately we need to make serious adjustments and even sacrifices in order to curtail the spread of this disease and help to save what lives we can.

Scientology’s public scoffing at what is to them “paltry sentiments” is nothing new. They have long been known for hijacking disasters, natural or otherwise as nothing better than a photo op. A chance to pat themselves on the back and pretend they are making a difference in the world.

COS’s recent disregard for the health of the environment with their release of hundreds of balloons in defiance of Ventura County’s clear warning not to is just one incident in a long line of selfish pettiness.

Today, as people shelter in their homes and worry about everything from the hit to their financial situation, the health of their friends and loved ones and how much longer this situation will last to whether there will be enough supplies to survive on, Scientology traipses along, aggressive and uncaring.

Shane Ellison shouts profanities at those of us who worry.

Kirstie Alley tells her followers to wish the virus away.

Scientologist Rizza Islam spews unfounded conspiracy theories while advising all and sundry to get a Vitamin C drip.

COS’ Volunteer Ministers are traveling around Kansas City, going door to door introducing themselves while potentially exposing all with whom they come into contact to illness or even risk of death.

Where churches, synagogues and other places of worship have canceled services to protect their parishioners, Scientology encourages their members to gather en masse for courses and services.

Many of the websites for various religious organizations have information posted about the situation, some have even shifted to distanced outreach, providing food, clothing and other necessities.

One Catholic priest in Maryland, Rev. Scott Holmer, has taken to sitting outside, offering blessings to commuters passing by and hearing Confessions, at a safe distance. He even dons a blindfold for those penitents who wish for the anonymity of the confessional. He and his assistant travel to the homes of those who call him to bless the house from the outside.

The National Baptist Convention has information on it’s website about church resources concerning COVID-19.

The Lutheran World Federation page has updates, resources and information for it’s global members about the pandemic.

Scientology’s many websites, including their social media presence, are all silent on the subject.

Rather than facing this crisis head on and, as a religion, being there offering support, factual information and engaging in responsible leadership they are encouraging dangerous behaviors that not only put their own members at risk but everyone else as well.

In the place of timely address of the fluid situation Scientology is crowing about activities allegedly done in years past, touting their TV shows, quoting Hubbard and otherwise sidestepping this critical situation.

Knowing that Scientology believes that illnesses can be a sign one is guilty of crimes, of PTSness, one cannot help but wonder if their cold indifference to COVID-19 is because they think the world of lowly Wogs deserves what’s happening.

Do they, in their arrogant, misplaced superiority, believe they are safe from contagion? That their OT powers and Dianetics tech is all they need?

What else can one think in the face of such blasé ignorance? What else could be motivating such selfishness?

As a society we should be outraged at Scientology’s actions, or lack thereof.

L. Ron Hubbard encouraged his followers to look down on everyone else. He taught, and the belief is still held, that Scientology is better than all the rest of us. There is a definite “Us v Them” mentality and in their pride they insist only they can save the planet.

So where are they?

Here’s your best chance at actually, finally stepping up and showing the world your incredible truth, Scientology.

COB Miscavige, you are missing a valuable, golden opportunity to catapult Scientology into the stratosphere. If a phalanx of SeaOrg members were to march out into the streets, glowing with OT power and might thus saving humanity from this deadly pandemic what better recruitment testimonial could their be? How could anyone doubt your beloved founder then?

This is it, Mr. Miscavige.

This is your chance.

According to LRH this is your destiny.

Save Mankind.

But no.

Instead Scientology is deep in avoidance mode. Pretending that none of this is real.

They add insult to injury by an outrageous insistence that this is all a farce.

People are not being hospitalized; not dying.

It’s all a Big Pharma/Governmental conspiracy to generate income for the pharmaceutical industry.

For Scientology this situation is just another tool in their belt but for what?

Isn’t the lack of action by this most ethical of religions counterproductive in the overall scheme of things?

That COS doesn’t care a whit about how their behavior impacts all those around them as they ignore the serious, life saving guidelines everyone else is following should be speaking loudly about who they are as a group.

We should be incensed at the lack of…well everything by an organization that insists they are a religion. There is no compassion, no support and most importantly no compliance with the grievous precautions that must be taken to help minimize risk to everyone.

Scientology and it’s members are not only being stubbornly defiant but are overtly acting in ways that can only place all of us in danger.

True character is shown during times of struggle and challenge.

It is easy to run your mouth, extolling your own virtues while living in isolated but willful blindness.

The real test comes when it’s time to put the money where that mouth is. When it’s time to step up and act not just show up and smile for the cameras, then disappear again behind the anonymity of enclosed walls.

Always with Scientology it’s words with no action. Empty presence, empty promises, empty real estate.

Miscavige’s cowardice is rapidly becoming legendary in his handling of the lawsuits currently facing him, this cowardice is being compounded by his complete inability to care at all.

Cowardice keeps him from acting while apathy for anyone other than himself is resulting in total, monumental moral incompetence.

Scientology’s constant disregard for basic safety precautions are placing lives at risk and they could care less.

We need to speak out as a furious community who has had enough of this brazen, irresponsible cult and let the CDC know Miscavige and his Empire of Insensibility needs to be stopped.

Before someone gets hurt.

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