Kirstie Alley: Dangerously Hypocritical

Ah, Scientology.

The disorganized organization of inconsistency.

No other public member could possibly be a better representative of the core chaos that is the COS than Kirstie Alley.

While the cult she embraces and is a willing spokesperson for overtly defies every admonition, guideline or directive set in place to keep society safe, Kirstie condemns others for not practicing social distancing.

Calling Floridians “dumb asses” and condescendingly querying New Yorkers “WTF are you thinking?” for daring to venture outside, Alley completely ignores the fact that Scientology is issuing open invitations for everyone to join in Sunday services or to sign up for more courses.

Volunteer Ministers, Scientology’s pseudo missionary front group, are going door to door in Kansas City, coming in contact with as many people as they can while Kirstie says not a word about the irresponsibility, stupidity or inherent dangers.

In Clearwater the never ending loop of buses continues unabated collecting and regurgitating crowds of exhausted SeaOrg members daily.

The has been actress appears unable to make up her mind about the reality of this pandemic. First saying she doesn’t buy in to the conspiracy theories then firmly embracing them. She seems to have no clue that by fostering the idea that the Coronavirus is the product of some sort of government or Big Pharma conspiracy she is dismissing the very real fear and grief that thousands are experiencing. The idea that a rampant, deadly virus that has claimed so many lives is somehow not as serious as the CDC and WHO are saying is disrespectful and disparaging.

Especially towards those who have lost loved ones.

Pulling out all the stops and throwing common sense to the wind, Alley announced that instead of “chronically feeding” COVID-19 energy, if everyone “postulated enough” society could make it disappear. This is classic Scientology think that is both foolish and dangerous.

No normal, right thinking person would proffer the idea that one can think away a deadly disease. This attitude is condescending and unkind towards not only those suffering from the virus and those who’ve lost their lives but logically extends further to anyone who has ever faced any serious, frightening, life threatening disease.

Certainly as parents sat at the bedside of a child dying from cancer their hopes, thoughts, prayers and wishes for his healing were fervent and sincere. If simple wishing cured disease we would all be better off. To announce such a thing as though it were a possibility is the height of thoughtless, mean spirited hubris.

In typical Scientological arrogance she took it upon herself to correct the U.S. Surgeon General when he tweeted a plea for the public to stop buying masks.

His concern was that these vital pieces of protective gear remain available for the medical practitioners risking their own health to treat the victims of the virus.

Kirstie Alley retweeted his post, commenting from her vast experience in the field (she did, after all play a dentist in the Disney film Toothless,) that he didn’t know what he was talking about.

“I can’t believe you are saying that! Masks certainly DO prevent getting many flus etc especially while traveling on planes…you do your thing and we will do ours…hmmmm wonder why Drs and nurses wear masks during surgery…could it be to protect OTHERS?”

For Kirstie, it obviously never occurred to her that these medical professionals must also protect themselves from possible diseases that could not only infect them but their families as well.

Alley’s recent snarky stab at New York and Los Angeles has resulted in a backlash however.

She posted “C’mon NYC, LA and any other places that are blatantly disregarding the health of your fellow humans! Stay away from people…WTF are you thinking? You may be above the law but you aren’t above this virus & is it worth killing your parents OR your friends or children?

The irony of her attacking people over something that her own “religion” has been doing all along without a peep from her left this writer breathless with astonishment. Although Alley has long since blocked us, we asked that a response be posted to her on our behalf.

Well I don’t know, Kirstie! Isn’t this the same stupidity Scientology is displaying as well? Encouraging people to go in for services and courses? VM’s going door to door in Kansas City? WTF is Scientology thinking?!

This writer cannot be certain that the response was, indeed, posted on her timeline but coincidentally she subsequently posted a tweet responding generically to something that pinched her pride.

Whatever she may have been responding to, it has not elicited the response from many of her followers she may have been anticipating.

There are many more such responses, these are a good representation of the majority.

One wishes, (postulates?) Kirstie Alley would speak out as loudly against the behavior of her cult during this global crisis instead of using it to garner attention and spread false information.

Twitter’s new policy of not supporting accounts engaging in the spread of false and misleading rhetoric during this pandemic has sadly so far missed Alley.

She has posted advice concerning her use of dangerous levels of vitamin C with no consequences. Her statement that this is a conspiracy goes unchallenged and her urging the world to wish the disease away is ignored.

Thankfully there are those on social media unblinded by her tarnished and fading star and are unafraid to call her to account. It is hoped that these good, intelligent people will continue to defend the truth and fight against the spread of Scientology tainted propaganda being disseminated by their erstwhile spokeswoman.

It is equally hoped that her more gullible and naive followers do not end up in harms way from believing the things their questionable idol says on social media.

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