Scientology Bestows Upon Itself Another Fake Award

Recently we wrote a post concerning Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers’ misleading exaggerations in their online newsletter. The claims that five Volunteer Ministers served 13,000 meals in one day all while caring for 2,000 schoolchildren led to our reaching out for confirmation of these super heroic actions.

Of course to no-one’s surprise it was found that they lied about their accomplishments in Colombia and that in fact, according to the coordinator for the facility they claim to have served at, Scientology’s appearance was limited to some photographs.

Between the writing of the first article concerning this blatant deception and today, we have been able to address conclusively the claims made in the second part of the Volunteer Minister’s glowing, self congratulatory public address.

The article introduces Father Timoteo from the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Family in Barrio Bellavista.

Scientology claims that Father Timoteo reached out and, “requested aid from the Church of Scientology to support 50 Venezuelan families in urgent need of basic supplies such as mattresses, cooking stoves, gas and basic hygiene supplies. The 50 families were handpicked by Father Timoteo after a census of 1,000 families was done. With a grant from the International Association of Scientologists (IAS), the VMs met the request, purchasing the items so needed. The 50 families were presented with their items, including a new mattress for each.”

The first bit of confusion arises in this article because the VMs lead the reader to believe their mission was in various areas of Colombia lending aid to the Venezuelan refugees.

Barrio Bellavista is located in Santiago, Chile.

This area is known as Santiago’s upscale bohemian quarter, filled with restaurants, boutiques and clubs. Home to art galleries, vibrant night life and a 22 meter tall statue of the Virgin Mary perched atop the peak of Cerro San Cristobál.

Barrio Bellavista is an excellent place to buy exquisite pieces of Lapis Lazuli jewelry or spend your weekend at Patio Bellavista listening to live music.

What this eclectic tourist destination is not is a stopover for the thousands of Venezuelan refugees fleeing their country.

In fact, while Venezuela and Colombia share a border making the exodus logistically expedient, Chile is far to the south, sharing its borders with Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.

Scientology’s astonishing tale of humanitarian aid concludes with the announcement of yet another award being bestowed upon them by a humbled and grateful Father Timoteo.

“In recognition of their work, Father Timoteo presented the VMs with a plaque that reads, ‘The Sacred Orthodox Archbishopric in Colombia grants the present recognition to the Scientology Volunteer Ministers for their humanitarian, philanthropic and spiritual work in integral care to the human beings in the Colombian-Venezuelan border area.’ The VMs have served over 76,800 meals, delivered 1,632 Scientology assists and delivered 620 seminars imparting vital VM technology. And their help continues today.”

Note the wordage of this plaque: “…for their humanitarian, philanthropic and spiritual work in integral care to the human beings in the Colombian-Venezuelan border area.”

Barrio Bellavista is in Santiago, Chile.

Such an expression of gratitude brings a tear to the eye as one considers the hard work and selfless dedication the Volunteer Ministers brought to Timoteo’s distraught community.

Except for yet one more, small detail.

We contacted the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America to ask about both the good Father Timoteo as well as his Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Family located in Barrio Bellavista. The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America oversees both North and South America and is split into four separate archdioceses: those of America, Canada, Central America, and South America.

We will let their response speak for them:

4 thoughts on “Scientology Bestows Upon Itself Another Fake Award

  1. Even after reading numerous of your articles I’ve just never stopped in to compliment you on your research as well as the quality of your writing. Today’s another winner, and I much appreciate it!

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