Time and Time Again

March 28th, 2020

Scientology News, apparently due to a lack of anything timely or relevant to post, revisits their leader’s New Year’s Eve address.

Blithely ignoring the issue that’s front and center in everyone’s mind, COS uses their Facebook page to regurgitate old propaganda which in light of the pandemic feels sardonic.

Actively maintaining a disconnection from something affecting and effecting every segment of the worldwide community is once again clearly blind opposition towards the rest of society. The decisions being made right now, even the smallest, cast a spotlight directly upon Miscavige, questioning even further his ability to intelligently lead.

With deaths from the global pandemic steadily climbing, David Miscavige continues to display his scorn and ignorance with a stalwart refusal to face reality.

The current epidemic with it’s accompanying devastating, creeping tendrils reaching into every aspect of life make his words cold, uncaring mockery.

One wonders why anyone would think it appropriate to be reminded of them as all they really do is remind us all that neither honesty nor prophecy are the vicious Captain’s OT power.

Whoever chose this particular quote for the untimely Facebook post has either an exquisite sense of irony or a complete lack of judgement.

“YES, TONIGHT WE CELEBRATE the fact we conquered time. Since, how else could anyone accomplish so much in ten fleeting years?” began Mr. David Miscavige, the ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion. “But, either way, our theme tonight is ‘Time.’ Time past, time present and what this decade signified in terms of a future that’s already preordained as glorious. So, lest anybody take it for granted and imagine Scientology was always as it is today, well, let’s just say, this is not only the best time to be a Scientologist, it’s also the best time to become a Scientologist.”

Pinellas County, Florida is the Mecca of Scientology, according to the most recent statistics by Florida’s Department of Health cases of Coronavirus stand at 100 for the county with four deaths and 33 hospitalizations.

Scientology’s second largest US location, Los Angeles County cites 1804 illnesses with 34 deaths thus far.

As the virus spreads, especially amongst those refusing to heed the social distancing orders, it is foolhardy to believe Scientologists will somehow be spared.

Economic instability as people are unable to go to work is a growing reality almost as virulent as the disease itself. For Scientologists already struggling to pay for the courses, materials and books required to stay in good standing, this could become an even greater hardship.

Scientology’s belief that illness is a result of crimes committed in some distant past life and that the victim “pulled it in” upon himself leaves one wondering if indeed Miscavige doesn’t see this pandemic as a financial blessing. Given the falling membership which directly equals falling income, forcing those suffering from PTSness as revealed by Coronavirus into paying for an additional “Ethics Cleanup” would be a goldmine.

“Time past, time present and what this decade signified in terms of a future that’s already preordained as glorious.”

Thus far, in spite of his pretty speech, 2020 has been anything but glorious.

Disconnected, selfish politics, countries failing to be transparent or honest concerning the virus, lack of medical ability to address the sheer volume of cases, false information and defiance in the face of a common sense approach to help stop the spread of contagion are just some of the issues being faced.

With over half a million current cases worldwide of which the United States has 124,356 which is an incredible 778 new cases more than just yesterday, many of the afflicted wonder if they still have much precious time left to them.

Scientology’s social media posts of their Captain dramatically announcing that they are the masters, the conquerors of time itself, as they achieve miracles of success today sound arrogant. In the face of so much fear, illness and death his address seems blindly offensive.

Reposting that now is the best possible time to be, or become, a Scientologist when Scientology is so defiantly irresponsible in the face of a deadly contagion feels like the rubbing of salt in an open wound.

It seems an invitation to join them as they blatantly ignore the orders to shelter in place and practice social distancing, thus placing lives at risk.

Why this particular bit of propaganda?

Why now?

To ignore this global health crisis, pretending it is not real, is to dismiss the mass suffering, grief and fear the world is enduring. Scientology acts fully aware of the choices they are making.

They simply do not care.

While the world suffers and struggles, Miscavige preaches lies, defiance and indifference.

Never forget that he is the one in charge, the one making the ultimate decisions during this difficult time. David Miscavige directs Scientology and determines the actions, or lack thereof, that the rest of the world sees.

That Scientology posts encouragement to gather together for services and courses, sends its volunteer ministers out door to door, continues transporting Sea Org members to and fro in their buses and encourages children to attend group activities shows exactly what Miscavige thinks of this pandemic.

On top of such blatant disregard for the welfare of the Planet he claims to be able to save, every one of these little posts, these small, blind digs, are just more proof that this most ethical of religions could not BE more disconnected.

Scientology has not conquered time. Rather their own actions are limiting their time remaining. Miscavige’s inability to navigate this deadly storm with anything resembling compassion is squandering what precious little time his cult has left for redemption.

Rather than being the beginning of forever, Miscavige would do well not to take time for granted.

Time is ticking.

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