The UN Honors Scientology’s Coronavirus Efforts

Scientology has created a new Facebook page for their newest PR initiative; “How To Stay Well”.

As they continue their mission to pay lip service to the protocols necessary for the health and safety of all, in light of the actions that undermine their words, it’s clear this is all just a farce.

One of the questions Scientology asks of their followers is what they are doing to stay safe.

The answers are telling.

One woman responded,  “I am from Roma Ideal Org and I am a staff member of the fdn org. As Qual Sec I am taking care that all of my staff members are using the resources of ‘staywell’ and I am very interested that also all the public of the area are using and made known them. My husband and me on our job hat, did a full mailing to all our clients with the booklet.

Others Scientologists also express the things they are doing to stay healthy during this pandemic;

born in Taiwan and raised in South Africa! 🤗Donating towards the IAS during these trying times is my way for supporting the Decon 7 campaign

I live in South Africa. I’m studying Golden Age of Knowledge and supporting my org (Pretoria Ideal Org) and the IAS so that our VMs can keep spreading sanity and peace to stay well. Nothing like the sanity of LRH Tech.”

Hi I am in Southern California and working everyday as a truck driver. 
I am doing an extension course on Science of Survival to stay well!

Fortunately for all this new and informative social media platform is filled with handy tips for combating Coronavirus. Between the CDC guidelines and Scientology’s StayWell campaign this pandemic doesn’t stand a chance.

In amongst all these helpful suggestions are several posts by Scientologist Tara Lambert Kalajian, wife of famed “Meet A Scientologist” George Kalajian. George is lauded for his incredible mastery of pleating garments.

Tara however calls herself a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Master Nutrition Response Testing Clinicianand peddles a line of ozone infused oil products.

According to The National Institutes of Health, “To date, medical ozone therapy has been used for the treatment of a number of pathological conditions with an increasing interest. A large part of data about this therapy is resulted from experiences of special ozone centers or individual observations of practitioners interested in ozone therapy. Current medical indications of ozone therapy have not been adequately supported with controlled experimental and clinical studies yet. 

They further caution Current data about ozone oil and its benefits are produced by supplier who oversees financial interests, and they usually make misinformation.

Tara, however is telling those following the account that she and her family are using ozone oil in place of hand sanitizer and lip balm. She also states Infusing airborne ozone is creating a safe environment in our home and keeping our entire home sanitized, including packages and groceries we bring in“.

Ozone Therapy has been used in medicine for over a hundred years, however there are side effects.

Ozone should not be inhaled under any circumstance. If it does go into the mouth, nose, or eyes, it can burn and cause coughing, nausea, vomiting, or headaches. More severe exposure can lead to respiratory complications.

With Tara pushing her unregulated Ozone Oil and other Scientologists hocking vitamin C in dangerous doses along with other vitamin and mineral supplements, the silence of the FDA is deafening.

Scientology’s various spokespeople continue to spread misinformation while the CCHR claims the existence of a Pandemic For Profit conspiracy as they urge their readers not to take their anxiety medication.

Between all these dangerous admonitions, the evidence of COS ignoring social distancing and David Miscavige’s bulletin expressing his opinion of the pandemic, that Scientology cares little for the rest of society is clear. Across the country churches are closed, businesses shuttered and suffering and schools being transferred to online venues. For COS its business as usual in spite of their disinterested nod to necessary health measures.

Which raises a question when one sees another posting on this Facebook account.

According to Scientology the UN Environment Programme has listed them as one of the Faith-based organizations and religious institutions (that) have been in the frontline mitigating the impacts of COVID19 and providing communities with much needed guidance and support.

According to Mike Rinder COS is still actively encouraging members to come together on their personal cruise ship Freewinds and sign up for the Sea Org. Yet in spite of the multiple, irresponsible, misleading and dangerous actions the UN has included Scientology on their list for praise and admiration.

Concerned and more than a little outraged, the following letter was sent to Joyce Msuya, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and Deputy Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme:

Joyce Msuya

Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations 

Deputy Executive Director, UN Environment Programme

Dear Ms. Msuya,

It is with great concern that I am writing this letter in regards to your endorsement of Scientology during this global pandemic.

In spite of Scientology’s lip service to health and safety protocols the fact is that their various public spokespersons, from actors and influencers to those selling unregulated health care supplements, are promoting dangerous recommendations.

Actress Kirstie Alley has advised her vast network of followers that unsafe doses of vitamin C will cure them as well as telling them that they can “postulate” the virus to disappear. She publicly criticized the U.S. Surgeon General over his plea for citizens to stop purchasing masks so that they would be available for front line health care professionals who have a greater risk of becoming infected.

Scientologist, Shane Ellison, known as the “People’s Chemist” and who dishonestly claims to be a “two-time recipient of the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Grant for his studies in biochemistry and physiology” wrote an expletive ridden article containing false information concerning the Coronavirus. 

What Is a Virus, Papa?

Amongst other statements he said “… that the CDC is a private, ‘vaccine company’ then goes on to challenge people’s intelligence saying ‘If you have a legit 12th-grade education and actually read the books from English class, then you’ve got a chance. You know it’s a big CONFLICT OF INTEREST to listen to anything the CDC says.’”

Ellison further claims “It’s all fear-based media and politics controlling your every thought and action…it took all of 48 hours to grip you, people, using ‘symptomatic diagnosis’ as a tool to label flu-like symptoms as ‘coronavirus.’ That means reported coronavirus infections or deaths are nothing more than standard illness’ being falsely reported to fit the coronavirus narrative!’” 

He also advises his customers to “Wake the fuck up. You’re more likely to die from a prescription med than you are a virus!”

It must be noted that Ellison’s claim of being a recipient of the Howard Hughes research Grant is patently false. Upon checking the claim with the Institute, their spokesperson advised that Ellison’s College was a recipient of the grant, not Ellison.

In spite of the CDC and WHO recommendations of social distancing, recent video online shows dozens of Scientology Sea Org members disembarking from their buses and entering Scientology’s Flag building in downtown Clearwater, FL.  Scientology Volunteer Ministers were also proud to announce they were going door to door in Kansas City greeting people.

Scientology member Rizza Islam, currently embroiled in serious legal issues for stealing $3.8 million from various  Health Insurance companies, is constantly advising that this pandemic is part of a large scale conspiracy and that vitamin C can strengthen one’s immune system thus protecting one from the virus.

The Scientology sub group The CCHR is not only pushing the “Pandemic for Profit” conspiracy theory saying “With 50 years’ experience, CCHR has tracked and documented the push for people to take psychotropic drugs when facing social tragedy and chaos. Sales of these, especially antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs often soar in times of major health or terrorism threats and long-term use can carry significant risks.”  

Watchdog Warns Against Mental Health Industry Profiting from COVID-19

But they are further placing lives at risk by advising “Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHR) is reminding people that CDC prevention guidelines are a safer option than anti-anxiety pills, antidepressants or other potentially mind-altering drugs.”

Indeed, as Scientology is crowing about the honor bestowed upon them by The UN Environment Programme one cannot help but be shocked and confused as it was the David Miscavige, himself, leader of the Church of Scientology, who issued Bulletin 88 telling all of his followers of the Coronavirus “the current hysteria, whether you believe in it or not (and the only thing you can be certain of is that it is hysteria)…”

Scientologist Tara Lambert Kalajian, Certified Nutritional Consultant and Master Nutrition Response Testing Clinician is pushing her ozone infused products as substitutes for hand sanitizer and lip balm, instructing on social media, “Infusing airborne ozone is creating a safe environment in our home and keeping our entire home sanitized, including packages and groceries we bring in.”

Given that Scientologist from the very top on down are engaging in these misleading, dangerous behaviors which place hundreds, if not thousands at risk, that your organization has chosen to honor and support them is disappointing and frankly confusing. 

It is sincerely hoped that The UN Environment Programme will rethink this distinction and, in the interest of public health, safety and lives, will remove this cult from your list.


Thank you for your time.


We will let you know if we receive a response.

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