Scientology; None of it is Real

In May of 1952 Scientology was finally organized into an official entity, the next step up from its Dianetics beginnings.

For the next 67 years it’s been much ado about nothing as followers of the most effective, workable tech in the universe knuckled down to clear the planet.

With the amazing tools created by LRH that surpass all other organizations on the planet it would be fair to assume we are well on the way to utopia.

Especially with the advent of the Sea Org, begun in 1967, whose members place even their own children second to the desperate, frantic need to clear the planet successes must be real.

Surely someone can point out all the positive changes that have taken place. War, crime and insanity are at an all time low…oh.

The dichotomy between Scientology’s truth and reality as the rest of the world lives it is an incredible thing to behold.

In spite of all that frenetic busy work the fact is that the idea of clearing the planet is bullshit just like so much else that makes up the cult of denial.

One look at the news clearly shows that Scientology is a dismal failure. Planet Earth is wobbling on its axis burdened with war, crime, anger and hate more than ever while David Miscavige skips from grand opening to grand opening yanking his ribbon in blissful avoidance.

No positive reinforcement exists for any of the hard working Scientologists devoted to saving the world. Nothing to proudly point at thinking “we did this!”

One might posit that the longer Scientology has been at it, the further downhill society has slid.

During the 2020 New Years Eve celebration Miscavige announced ‘Yes, tonight we celebrate the fact we conquered time. Since, how else could anyone accomplish so much in ten fleeting years? But, either way, our theme tonight is ‘Time.’ Time past, time present and what this decade signified in terms of a future that’s already preordained as glorious. So, lest anybody take it for granted, well, let’s just say, this is not only the best time to be a Scientologist, it’s also the best time to become a Scientologist.‘”

All that grandiose positivity yet the reality is we now find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic that has cost tens of thousands of lives.

So much for Time.

With friends like these who needs enemies? Perhaps a better fundraiser would be donations to make them stop whatever it is they’re doing.

Clearing the planet, the Scientological rallying cry that’s all hot air with no substance.

This is not the only area of blatant blindness. Just as there are no indications that our planet is getting any better, those confused souls who have been handed their certificates attesting to their status of Clear are just as ridiculous.

There are no telekinetic powers, no magical control over the traffic lights or one’s shoelaces.

We Wogs know it and so does every single “Clear” since Scientology began.

Either you can consistently exhibit super powers or you can’t. If you truly have them yet are not actively using them the way Hubbard intended, to help Mankind, then you are Suppressive and need to get your Ethics in. If you don’t have these amazing abilities then it’s time to admit the whole thing is fantasy and stop wasting everyone’s time.

The ability to completely ignore the plank in one’s eye, focusing instead on the speck in the eyes of everyone else is the only real achievement seen stemming from Scientology. That Edward Parkin can stand for the Jewish Community while embracing the anti-Semitic NOI at the exact same time is mind boggling moral gymnastics that would leave a normal person in spiritual traction.

Scientology has a unique gift for treating all those around them with disdain, arrogance and smug judgement while smoothly justifying their own serious shortcomings. Anyone who holds an opinion or belief that goes against theirs is Fair Gamed, patronized and dismissed. The same group who engages in criminal behaviors, who attempt to frame their opponents, twist the facts until they become something else entirely, attack, deflect and bully, calls out others for actions of way less significance.

There is no planetary clearing, there are no clears.

All that exists are shore stories, lies and theatre designed to create the illusion of good PR.

Which brings us to present time.

David Miscavige announced that the pandemic is hysteria and bullbaiting.

Scientology sticks to their fictional claim of clearing the planet and producing Clears, firmly refusing to address the complete lack of any supporting evidence. Conversely, in the case of the Coronavirus, they are firm in their denial in the face of overwhelming, medically backed evidence, even tens of thousands of deaths.

However the show must go on and the illogical policies enacted. Condescendingly defying social distancing in the face of nothing more than mass hysteria, still they don face masks, publish feel good pamphlets and websites and forge ahead disinfecting anything that doesn’t move whether its wanted or not.

Anything to shut up the criticism and create good PR.

Scientology is a twisted carnival show. In the ring it’s all bright lights, exciting music and daring performances. Yet behind the scenes the illusion fades, the spotlights dim, the music harsh and off key.

None of it is real.

Saul Bellow said it best, “A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.”

One thought on “Scientology; None of it is Real

  1. Based on what they teach, they should have been able to clear the planet of all disease by now, just saying. Another great blog, Stef!


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