CNN Falls for the Façade

Tony Pierce’s recent Scientology infomercial (thanks, Kat!) giving the cult of darkness and abuse a platform for spin and dissemination was bad enough.

May 7th, a photograph of the Volunteer Ministers headlined CNN’s coronavirus catch-up piece and Scientology gleefully tweeted about it.

With so many incredible acts of kindness that can be found, like here and here for example; the best CNN could do was feature a cult who destroys families, protects and defends accused rapists, practices financial fraud and ultimately does not even believe the disease is real.

In 1953 L. Ron Hubbard wrote a letter to a friend during the time he was turning Scientology into a “religion”. In it, he was clear that this was just a cover, a financial decision that would not affect the normal daily operations of the organization.

“I await your reaction on the religion angle. In my opinion, we couldn’t get worse public opinion than we have had or have less customers with what we’ve got to sell. A religious charter would be necessary in Pennsylvania or NJ to make it stick. But I sure could make it stick.”

Thus the foundation for everything Scientology has done since was created. A casual disregard for truth, spirituality and integrity all in the name of financial gain.

Scientology is all about illusion.


Practicing the most terrible of abuses and human rights violations, still they wrap themselves with a cloak of cloth of gold.

These volunteer ministers, included as one of the good guys by CNN, are the exact same group who shamelessly lied and lied again about their hard work and positive contributions to the world.

As previously mentioned an earlier blog, they are also the same organization who snuck in to Ground Zero on 9/11 in order to force their tech upon exhausted, grieving, shell shocked people. Who temporarily adopted a fake name and fooled Fox News into running their phone number across the screens of thousands of viewers.

Volunteer Ministers are all about keeping Scientology working and being the well oiled machine for grinding out good PR. Showing up during a crisis long enough for photographic propaganda to be created then shuffling along their merry way, the VM’s very seldom are a serious contribution to anyone.

Reading the feel good articles on their website clearly reveals the manipulation they’ve perfected. Randomly choose any piece and the reader will see an absence of ANY identifiable information about the charities the VMs attached themselves to.

Photographs of smiling, yellow shirted men and women abound, each captured in the midst of their selfless work. The accompanying article lauds their exhaustive distribution of donations. Food, water, clothing, whatever may be needed at the time the VMs are on hand to pass it out.

What they carefully never reveal is where those donated items actually came from. While they will casually mention they were working with “a local charity” names are never given. Any identifying information about that charity is never included in the photographs.

Real dedicated organizations do all the hard work and the Volunteer Ministers sweep in and greedily take all the credit for themselves.

Scientology’s current actions in the face of the pandemic are no different to all their other selfish subterfuge.

It is nigh on impossible to believe the Volunteer Ministers are the epitome of altruistic humanitarianism when their leader released a bulletin announcing the pandemic which has killed thousands is a case of hysteria. Of planetary bullbaiting.

How can we take seriously the sight of these stalwart Scientologists passing out flashy pamphlets on how to keep safe during something they do not believe is real?

Scientology is consistently clear across the board about their opinion of this pandemic. Youth For Human Rights award recipient and Nation of Islam leader Rizza Islam publicly proclaims the Coronavirus is a conspiracy. COS spokeswoman Kirstie Alley not only thinks the virus is a conspiracy, but that if we all get together and believe hard enough we just might be able to wish it away completely.

Fake People’s Chemist Shane Ellison ranted, “It’s all fear-based media and politics controlling your every thought and action…it took all of 48 hours to grip you, people, using ‘symptomatic diagnosis’ as a tool to label flu-like symptoms as ‘coronavirus.’ That means reported coronavirus infections or deaths are nothing more than standard illness’ being falsely reported to fit the coronavirus narrative!”

Most distressing of all, Scientology’s anti psychiatry front group The CCHR insists that the pandemic is all just a gigantic hoax perpetrated by Big Pharma solely to generate billions of dollars. They recommend people to avoid taking anxiety medications because these meds are just revenue for the pharmaceutical companies.

The idea that COVID-19 is just a lie does a huge disservice not only to all the courageous men and women struggling and sacrificing to provide health care to those stricken by the disease, but it negates the pain and loss all who have lost loved ones are enduring.

Scientology carries a real attitude of smug superiority towards those not part of their cult. They believe that they are on a much higher level than “wogs” as they patronizingly refer to non-Scientologists.

Between their “us vs them” mentality and the fact that the overriding belief is the Coronavirus is mass hysteria, how can anyone believe for a New York minute the Volunteer Ministers are Operating from a position of caring?

No, the reality is that in spite of their opinion, they have decided to put on this public show of concerned support. The only agenda is this golden opportunity to milk yet another tragedy for all the good PR they can get.

By printing this photo CNN has granted Scientology a platform from which to crow their successes in the world. As David Miscavige stands at his vertically customized podium at the next massive event, CNN’s coverage of the Volunteer Ministers will be flashed across the gigantic screen behind him as inalterable proof that Scientology is beloved across the land.

CNN has chosen to lend a cult that practices the destruction of families through Disconnection, fraud, human trafficking and rights violations a giant attaboy. Public recognition given to a group long proven incapable of honesty, empathy or integrity in their unending drive for false and unearned accolade.

Scientology does not believe this pandemic is real, but condescendingly proceed to act out their scripted show to placate their observers.

Giving them any recognition for such unscrupulous, shallow actions especially in light of the serious allegations of horrendous abuse that dog them unceasingly, is to ignore the reality in favor of the illusion.

Talk about fake news.

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