Support of Scientology Needs To Stop

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine was recently seen promoting Scientology’s Stay Well literature and a new article appears to be a PR repair attempt to fix it. The problem is, the proffered excuse for the mishap just doesn’t hold up under close examination.

“The governor’s office said Thursday the pamphlet was mistakenly included in the governor’s presentation and won’t be handed out as part of the care package at community health centers.”

Did not one member of Governor DeWine’s staff look at the items he would be promoting to all of Ohio? How much care went into this package for minorities if no one thought to take a moment and actually read the guide they intended to distribute? Had anyone bothered, it would have become apparent that the Church of Scientology’s name was there, on the last page.

No staff member thought it wise to scan the barcode to ensure it did not lead to anything potentially damaging to either the Governor or those who would receive the booklet. Lack of such due diligence is what leads to potentially embarrassing mistakes.

“Tierney said the literature was put into the packet by an employee from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. He did not know how the DRC employee came into possession of the pamphlet.”

Yet this speculation was answered in the very next sentence, “Ortega theorized in an interview the pamphlet may have reached DRC through Criminon, Scientology’s prison outreach program that distributes literature to prisons.”

Certainly the DRC should be aware of who is behind Criminon. It doesn’t take much of a leap to connect the dots. Of equal concern here is that the Ohio Department of Corrections is utilizing Scientology’s baseless Criminon program in its prison system.

Criminon, like all of the Church of Scientology’s offerings, is based upon the personal fantasies and pretend science dreamt up by L. Ron Hubbard. There is neither sound psychology nor factual research behind the Criminon pretense. Inflicting this cult backed course on inmates is beyond a waste of time and energy. All it actually does is give a dangerous and abusive cult the pretense of legitimacy while exposing people to their empty, useless pseudoscience.

As for Scientology’s response to the situation, Karin Pouw takes the normal tactic of attack and deny,

“Church of Scientology spokeswoman Karin Pouw described Ortega as a liar and a bigot.

‘Our policy since the beginning of this is that we are all in this together,’ Pouw said. ‘We are doing our part to help.’

Again a few minutes of research by any of the Governor’s staff would have shown this to be the lie it is. Church leader David Miscavige issued a bulletin to his followers wherein he made clear that the pandemic is nothing more than hysteria and planetary bullbaiting. Subsequently other public faces of the cult have also issued their statements on social media concerning this deadly and frightening virus and none of it has been particularly helpful or accurate. Some of it potentially harmful misinformation like the admonishment to use mega doses of vitamins or that people should “postulate” the virus away.

Miscavige’s Bulletin 88 is absolutely not indicative of being “all in this together” nor is it a very good example of trying doing one’s part to help from the beginning.

This situation is a prime example of exactly why there needs to be a consistent, vocal fight against Scientology. Unmasking the benign, humanitarian cover this cult hides behind is desperately vital. Abuse, fraud, destruction of families, abuse and neglect of the children, fake therapies and heretical teachings, the malicious Fair Game attacks, human trafficking and so much more; this is the reality of Scientology.

Anyone in a position of authority and respect promoting Scientology is a win for this cult of disconnection and a blow to all those who have and are still suffering the emotional, physical and financial repercussions from exposure to this so-called church.

Scientology’s Stay Well campaign is, like Ortega indicates, “… to seem like a proactive part of the solution”. It is a farce, another mask the cult dons in order to keep Scientology working and create good PR.

In the meantime, as Governor DeWine, the State of Utah, FEMA and others promote Scientology’s theatrical performance of care, members of this cult are being abused in the RPF, The Hole and in the Sea Org. Miscavige is attacking and physically assaulting those around him, verbally and emotionally abusing his followers who cannot, out of fear, defend themselves. Children are being taught they are secondary to clearing the planet, that they are responsible for anything bad that happens in their lives.

Families are destroyed by Disconnection with children and parents ripped apart, spouses made to divorce and women forced to live with the pain of abortion.

There is nothing benign or humanitarian about Scientology.

No amount of Decon7 can sanitize the damage done by the pandemic that is Scientology. Stay Well pamphlets are not for the rest of us, rather they are classic COS protocols to ensure the health of the cult. This false public campaign of support is nothing more than Scientology’s version of masks, cult personal protection equipment.

Scientology is not concerned about helping during this pandemic.

349,100 deaths globally due to what Miscavige terms “hysteria” mean nothing.

What is important to Scientology is, as always, appearances.

This pandemic is nothing more than another photo op, a chance to pose and pretend, smile for the cameras while engaging in illusion.

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