The Opposing Lies of Scientology

Near the beginning of COVID19’s march across the globe, Scientology leader David Miscavige issued a petulant bulletin announcing that the growing pandemic was hysteria and “planetary bullbaiting”.

Not long afterwards, in an epically monumental moonwalk, the cult’s Volunteer Ministers suited up and began their hit production “Stay Well”.

Decon7, hazmat suits and booklets filled with information taken straight from the very CDC that Scientologist Shane Ellison claims to be a private vaccine company, the VM’s worked overtime to convince the world that we’re all in this fight together and all they want to do is lend their superior knowledge and help.

Unfortunately Ellison’s inbox apparently stopped working after Miscavige’s bulletin went out and the self proclaimed “People’s Chemist” didn’t hear from the Volunteer Ministers about the shore story designed to increase good PR.

His introductory “fuck you” to all those stressed and fearful about this insidious virus that has thus far claimed a hundred thousand lives clearly showed his arrogant opinion of the situation.

In typical Scientology style, Ellison ignored any scientific information and displayed ignorance of even the most basic medical knowledge.

Miscavige told Ellison what his opinion should be and the organic/medicinal/new drug Chemist obediently ran with it.

Embracing the example of Founder Hubbard, Ellison bestows upon himself awards he never received and peppers his bio with spurious accomplishments.

Shane announces on his website that he is a “two-time recipient of the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Grant for his studies in biochemistry and physiology. ”

He’s not.

When we reached out to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute we were told they do not award their grants to individuals.

Ellison also lays claim to “Graduate Student of the Year” from Northern Arizona University where he received his MS in Chemistry in 2000.

Considering his Hubbardian tendencies we thought it prudent to contact NAU just to be certain that this accolade was, at least, true.

Apparently not.

According to John Masserini, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at NAU “I am reaching out to give you some of the information you were requesting on Shane Ellison. I verified that Shane does not have a FERPA non-release on file so directory information can shared.

He did earn a Master of Science degree in Chemistry from NAU in December of 2000.

I do not see any indication of a departmental award”


Masserini directed us to the current Chair of the Chemistry Department, Brandon Cruickshank just to be certain but in spite of several emails there has been no response as yet.

Additionally, Shane Ellison has also stated that he has been a “Medicinal Chemist for over 30 years”.

This is confusing as he got his MS in 2000.

On his website he indulges in his own unique version of science, perhaps another legacy of LRH, proffering himself as an expert in just about anything he chooses to discuss at the moment.

His most recent assertion is that “You can’t test for coronavirus.”

Ellison’s attitude of dismissing a virus that has taken so many lives is both ironic and counterproductive as far as Scientology’s desire to look like a team player goes.

His enthusiasm to nullify COVID19 instead undermines the Volunteer Minister’s insistence that the situation is serious enough to force their booklets down the public’s throats and their need to baptize anything that can’t run away in the strongest disinfectant available.

At exactly the same time the People’s Chemist is brushing off coronavirus as a construct of the CDC and Big Pharma for financial purposes, the Volunteer Ministers are trying to show just how seriously they are taking the situation.

Ellison is adamant that none of this is real.

“To rant and rave or be fearful about a single, fictional ‘threat’ hyped by the media for profit reflects your ignorance, confusion, fear…or all three.”

In an effort to convince the world their their Stay Well books are provably effective, Volunteer Ministers are now citing a Swiss study conducted by the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne.

The EPFL’s School of Life Sciences wanted to know if “the Swiss government’s lockdown measures (have) been effective in stemming the pandemic”.

Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers have hitched the dissemination of their booklets to the results found in the research study, announcing on social media, “Swiss Scientologists Reach Out With Vital Information on Prevention.

Swiss study shows the importance of prevention.

Volunteer Ministers from the Churches of Scientology of Switzerland are providing educational booklets to help the community continue the progress made so far in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic. And a study released June 1 highlights why these booklets are important.”

We reached out to Professor Jacques Fellay, MD PhD, mentioned in the article cited by Scientology and the study’s co-author, who promptly responded.

“Dear Stefani,

Our study did nothing more than demonstrate that the public health measures imposed by the Swiss government back in March have been very efficient in controlling the transmission of SARS-CoV-2. The messages were clearly communicated in the country by the Federal Office of Public Health and by the mainstream medias. I didn’t hear anything about scientology using our conclusion to justify the distribution of their pamphlets, and find it weird to say the least. I don’t know what these booklets actually convey, but I have no sympathy at all for that sectarian movement. Besides, the science behind risk reduction in the current pandemic is now quite clear: hygiene measures, social distancing, mask wearing, no large crowds, etc. Of course, fake news like the ones propagated by ‘The People’s Chemist’ mentioned in your email are both stupid and dangerous.

Best wishes,


Stupid, dangerous and quite a conundrum for Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers.

If one believes The People’s Chemist, the virus isn’t real. Fragile as a soap bubble and as easily conquered, this virus is no more serious than the common cold. Thus, all the posturing by the Volunteer Ministers is just that.


If one believes the Volunteer Ministers, that their contributions towards disinfecting and eliminating the virus using one of the strongest products available on the market while clad in protective gear are necessary, laudatory and strengthened by research then Shane Ellison is not to be taken seriously.

As these two Scientology entities ride the coronavirus see-saw one thing is abundantly clear; Scientology is nothing if not consistent in its inconsistencies.

They can’t even get their lies straight.

Always, always consider the source.

One thought on “The Opposing Lies of Scientology

  1. The Scientology News bit is a case study in safepointing, aka lying. First, it touts the VM “accomplishment.” Then is proves a point ENTIRELY different from the actual premise by showing how the SWISS GOV’T “did something about it.” It concludes by again promoting activities that have ZERO to do with what the study showed and credited to someone entirely unrelated to the VMs.

    TECHNICALLY, they are saying nothing untrue which preserves plausible deniability. (This may be important as some countries European actually monitor truth in advertisement and sanction liars).But the tenor of the blurb is clearly to create an association that absolutely isn’t there and claim credit that isn’t due.

    This reminds me of the Hubbard interview where he claimed to be a widower (his by then ex-wife died well AFTER divorcing him and repeatedly making unsuccessful efforts to collect support for his own flesh and blood). And where he went on to claim that there was no second wife; again, technically true as he had married #2 bigamously,although their divorce was most certainly real.

    As the saying goes: “Beware of those telling half-truths. They’re always telling the wrong half!”

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