Photo Op Flop

Or; Oops, They Did it Again

Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers have not been having much success garnering acceptance from the public for their Stay Well booklets.

In Sydney, Australians were shocked and outraged when displays filled with the pamphlets appeared in local Woolworths and other establishments.

One shopper expressed his disgust saying “…that he found the Scientologists’ actions ‘totally inappropriate’.

‘No judgment of other people and their beliefs but totally inappropriate to shove any type of religion down people’s throats,'”

In New Zealand, the members of the most ethical religion on the planet attempted to pass themselves off as government officials as they handed out the booklets, going so far as to telling shop owners that “…the stores had to display and give them out, had to be compliant with Covid 19 Alert 2 rules since they were the government…”

In Florida the Stay Well brochures somehow, accidentally, ended up in the lunches of school children, an event which went about as well as one would expect.

May 31, the Volunteer Ministers of Vancouver, British Columbia took to social media once again to show how well their partnership with the community was going. In a Scientology News Press Release as well as on Facebook, a photograph of a VM standing with a manager of Cadeaux Bakery as they both hold up copies of Keep Yourself and Others Well leads their article.

As usual, the intent is to show how pleased and grateful business owners and the public in general feel for the dedicated, selfless work of Scientology.

One look at the photo and there can be no doubt that people are thrilled to receive the information contained within the pages of those booklets.

With Scientology however, what one sees is not always reality.

We contacted Blair Hustins, General Manager for Cadeaux Bakery, asking for the story behind the photo.

Hustins responded:

“Thanks for your email. We are actually going to ask for our photo to be removed from their site as we are in no way associated with the Church of Scientology. I had not realized until after they left that this was associated with them, they came at a busy time and I wasn’t paying enough attention. We did not hand out the pamphlets in the end. Thank you for the heads up!”

We thanked him for his reply and he added, “I’ve requested our images be removed. We support the freedom of religion however we do not want to represent any sort of bias in our relationship with the public. I found the interaction to be misleading as well.



Once again the Scientology Volunteer Ministers use deceit and subterfuge in order to stage illusion. These actions are most definitely not those of any ethical, benevolent organization. Good works do not need to be trumpeted to the world.

Saint Augustine said, “Humility is the foundation of all the other virtues hence, in the soul in which this virtue does not exist there cannot be any other virtue except in mere appearance.”

Scientology does nothing with humility or for the greater good. For them appearances are everything and they’ve proven time and again that they’re willing to take any sketchy road to achieve their selfish goals.

Even using the opportunity for feeding schoolchildren as a tool or using innocent business owners to further their agenda.

11 thoughts on “Photo Op Flop

  1. In Australia, Scientology has been busted at least three times leaving pamphlets without permission in unauthorized places: the supermarket in Sydney, at a 7-11 store in Brisbane, and most lately at a post office in Sydney. Despite these ending up in local papers and newscasts, they keep trying anyway. Must be a “stat-push” type of thing, getting their stats in regardless of consequences.

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    1. This is another example of them forcing Scientology onto the world whether we want it or not. Clearing the Planet is an unattainable goal but imagine this new world created in Scientology’s closed minded, selfish image. “Who cares what you think? Just do what we want you to do.” Seems to be the Scientology attitude towards the wog world.


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