Another Scientology Liar- Leigh Dundas

The Hubbardian Theory of CYA states that for every statement or action there will be, somewhere, an equal, opposite statement or action.

This constant continues to be proven during the pandemic with the vertically challenged Captain Miscavige issuing a cult wide bulletin announcing that the coronavirus is hysteria and planetary bullbaiting only to be followed by hazmat suited Volunteer Ministers disinfecting the world with Decon7.

Fauxganic Chemist Shane Ellison snidely insists the virus is nothing more serious than a cold and easily vanquished, while at the same time Scientology embarks upon a global feel good production called Stay Well.

Hundreds, thousands or even millions of slick information booklets (the quantity depends upon the day one supposes) are printed out and bestowed, sometimes with force or subterfuge, upon the general public. Yet Narconon spokesperson Kirstie Alley suggests the pandemic just might be a conspiracy that can be wished away.

Into this confusion enter Scientology lawyer and anti-vax proponent Leigh Dundas.

On June 9, 2020 Dundas sent a notice to the Supervisors of Orange County, California demanding they address the idea that “mask wearing – which causes such precipitous drops in oxygenation – is healthy”.

She continues, displaying typical Scientological condescension, by stating “Frankly, I doubt that such a statement can or will be forthcoming, given that every medical study worldwide holds that catastrophic medical situations and death occur in these low oxygen ranges” (emphasis added)

The oxygen ranges Dundas is referring to are not from medical research or science backed studies. Rather, she claims that concerned residents of Orange County descended en masse upon the steps of the building housing the Board of Supervisors where they…proceeded to go outside onto the steps of the County Hall, at noon, in the 100 degree heat, and put on the ‘mandated masks’ while using a Pulse Oximeter to measure their oxygen levels and heart rate.”  

Dundas goes on to note the results of this unscientific group activity;

“ALL of the individuals had their oxygen rate drop from a healthy 98 or 99% (without the mask) – a total of five, ten, and sometimes twenty full points – within a few minutes of mask-wearing.  Medically, below 92% is considered “dangerous” – while below 90% oxygen merits a denomination of “hypoxemic”  The AVERAGE drop of these OC residents in oxygenation was more than 12 points, into the hypoxemic range. (Emphasis Dundas’)

She then proceeds to provide quotes from what she refers to as a Summary of Medical Data from Switzerland.

In spite of sounding impressive and official, the link Dundas provides as the source of her data lead to the Swiss Policy Research website.

According to the SPR site, it “is an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit research group investigating geopolitical propaganda in Swiss and international media. SPR is composed of independent academics and receives no external funding other than reader donations.

Swiss Policy Research is listed as a moderate conspiracy website by Media Bias Fact Check, which states “Overall, we rate Swiss Policy Research (SPR) a Moderate Conspiracy website based on the promotion of unproven claims. We also rate them Mixed for factual reporting due to the use of poor sources and complete lack of transparency.”

In their analysis of the site, Media Bias continues, Swiss Policy Research is also providing information regarding the Coronavirus with mixed facts and misinformation. In this article, Facts About Covid19, (which is what Dundas quotes from) there is the use of several poor sources to support their claims such as the DailyMail, Off-Guardian, Sputnik and Youtube videos.

Quoting a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the Scientology attorney tried to impress upon the recipients of her vituperative email that wearing masks is ineffective. Her sourced article was published April 2020 and was directed at medical professionals in hospital settings. What Dundas leaves out is the subsequent June 3, 2020 statement wherein the authors of Dundas’ cited study made clear their position.

We did state in the article that ‘wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection,’ but as the rest of the paragraph makes clear, we intended this statement to apply to passing encounters in public spaces, not sustained interactions within closed environments. A growing body of research shows that the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission is strongly correlated with the duration and intensity of contact: the risk of transmission among household members can be as high as 40%, whereas the risk of transmission from less intense and less sustained encounters is below 5%. This finding is also borne out by recent research associating mask wearing with less transmission of SARS-CoV-2, particularly in closed settings. We therefore strongly support the calls of public health agencies for all people to wear masks when circumstances compel them to be within 6 ft of others for sustained periods.

Dundas also references several sources concerning two young boys in China who allegedly died from wearing masks during gym class.

Leigh Dundas, in typical Scientology fashion, pushes her agenda by relying upon the sensational headline which shouts that the boys died, or rather “dropped dead” from wearing the masks and engaging in strenuous exercises during school.

Even the article is contradictory in that the claim is made that the boys “dropped dead”, which leaves the reader believing both children perished right there in the schoolyard. However the first paragraph states the boys died within a week of one another.

Later in the article it says that one of the boys fell backward and hit his head during class and that teachers tried to unsuccessfully render aid. None of these statements lends credence to the image of one dropping dead.

The truth is that the articles clearly say that there is no proof the masks played any part in the deaths of the children. In point of fact, there was no autopsy done and the mask was only brought into question because the father of one of the deceased boys said he believed the mask played a part in his son’s death. Further the article clearly states, “Cao Lanxiu, professor at Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine, said it’s unlikely that the mask caused the boy to suffocate.”

She again tries to bolster her argument and impress by citing The World Health Organization.

“Finally, the World Health Organization came out yesterday (June 8, 2020), concluding in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that asymptomatic patients are NOT spreaders of the virus, which simply confirmed what earlier studies in May had found. Accordingly, we should NOT be worried that Little Johnny is going to catch the virus and bring Covid home to kill Grandma. Put simply: masking and social distancing are unnecessary…”

Jumping disconcertingly from the dangers of wearing masks to the risks, or lack thereof, by asymptomatic carriers, Dundas uses this statement to underline her declaration that social distancing and masking are unnecessary. This is an utterly disconnected line of logic and such a sweeping conclusion can not possibly be made.

This bit of artistic license is true Scientology in action and displays Dundas’ clear gift of manipulation of facts.

The WHO is clear about the subject as can be seen here:

“‘In areas with widespread transmission, WHO advises medical masks for all people working in clinical areas of a health facility, not only workers dealing with patients with Covid-19,’ WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said during a media briefing in Geneva on Friday.

‘Second, in areas with community transmission, we advise that people aged 60 years or over, or those with underlying conditions, should wear a medical mask in situations where physical distancing is not possible,’Tedros said, and third, ‘WHO advises that governments should encourage the general public to wear masks where there is widespread transmission and physical distancing is difficult, such as on public transport, in shops or in other confined or crowded environments.‘”

Dundas has no real, credible, scientific or medically backed research to uphold her assertion that masks are dangerous and “…that catastrophic medical situations and death occur…”

In fact, the foundation she lays for her arguments is questionable at best.

More importantly, Leigh Dundas has so embraced the Scientology admonition to “always attack, never defend” that her behavior caused the Orange County Chief Health Advisor, Dr. Nichole Quick, to resign amidst fears for her safety.

According to one news source, Dundas publicly revealed Dr Quick’s home address and “…threatened to take a group to Quick’s home and ‘do calisthenics in masks on her front doorstep’ to prove that face coverings are unsafe and limit oxygen levelsWhen people start dropping like flies, and they will, I am going to ask every first responder in a 30-mile radius to roll lights and sirens to her front door, and you had best pray they can revive whoever went down because if they can’t, I will be asking the O.C. D.A.’s office to charge it as murder.’

County officials deemed the woman’s remarks a death threat, and Quick was provided added security detail from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Leigh Dundas is a Scientologist on a mission and it is not only dangerous and completely unbacked by medicine or science, but it can potentially lead to an increase and spread of a disease that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Her inability to engage in due diligence and base her case upon truth, facts and careful vetting of sources while resorting to threats is expected in a dedicated Scientologist but worrisome if this approach carries over into the courtroom.

Meanwhile, as Leigh Dundas is spreading her misinformation and promoting fear it is interesting and even amusing to think of all those stalwart Volunteer Ministers prancing along the streets, handing out their Stay Well booklets while wearing all the personal protection COS can provide.
Including those dangerous, hated masks.

11 thoughts on “Another Scientology Liar- Leigh Dundas

  1. Stefani, your rhetoric suggests you have a personal vendetta but I can’t tell if your victim is Leigh Dundas or Scientology or the Scientists who haven’t supplied you with the requisite studies to prove you are correct and Dundas is wrong. I don’t know you or Dundas, but as a medical professional i do know that continuous mask wearing is going to turn out a society sicker every day, because the fact is that what builds our immune system is the bugs we breath in every day all day and all night. Without those bugs, your immune system gets weaker and weaker. I’ll soon be 86 and NEVER wear a mask. I’ve stayed healthy because I have PLENTY of literature that tells how to do that. If you are over weight, you are not healthy therefore you are at risk for Covid, and if you always wear a mask, you are at even more risk because your immune system is depleted. I don’t know the tenants of Scientology , but I do know bashing someone because of their religion is really not relevant to making the case you seem to be trying to make.

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  2. About as despicable a cointelpro piece as it gets. You see how they are able to demonize both sides of an argument by establishing these Gatekeepers? Dundas makes great and undeniable points when calling out this farce and how diabolical vaccines truly are.

    [video src="" /]

    Yet when we have Scientologists taking the very correct stance that Covid is a conspiracy to vaccinate the public, it undermines that very true assertion. The best deceivers come with mostly truth and only a tiny bit of lies mixed in when opportune. Whoever wrote this is a piece of living garbage.

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  3. Covid is not a disease first off, it’s a virus just like the flu is a virus and all from similar families. I don’t care much for religions or entities like Scientology however the deal is this has been made out to be bigger and more dangerous than it is, and it’s a shame that we are allowing the media, govts and corporations to take advantage of what’s really happening.

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    1. “Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that can cause illnesses such as the common cold, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). In 2019, a new coronavirus was identified as the cause of a disease outbreak that originated in China.
      The virus is now known as the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The disease it causes is called coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). In March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic.” -


  4. Well, have we seen this new video from our friend Ms. Dundas, now in regards to the Covid vaccines?
    I had the er, misfortune of hearing the clip played on a Wrong wing radio show, with the host declaring that she should be at the forefront of addressing concerns about working our way through this pandemic.

    I would have to say that, were this video to trend more highly, I could more readily imagine the late night TV shows ridiculing her!! Wonder if she knows law degrees from Trump University are not worth the paper they’re printed on!

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