Another One Bites The Dust

Tennessee Williams once said, “the only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite”.

Nowhere is this statement made more true than when one looks at Scientology.

Deceit and hypocrisy are at the very heart of its creation and are to all appearances, fundamental policies practiced with zealous abandon.

Good PR is vital to Scientology for maintaining their mask of humanity to the non-Scientology world. The problem is that at this point the lies are perpetuated even in the face of truth to the contrary and it’s all becoming more than a bit pathological.

Earlier this blog posted several articles showing the shallow, sketchy actions of “the most ethical religion on the planet”.

Time and again the Volunteer Ministers’ fake photo ops have been revealed for the farcical illusions they are. However Scientology has no shame and still anything goes when it comes to keeping the cult working.

Lies are perfectly acceptable when one is acting for the “greater good” after all.

Still milking the pandemic (that their own leader dismissed as hysteria) for all its worth, the Volunteer Ministers continue to suit up and march out into the world forcing their Stay Well booklets upon anyone in their path.

This time they hit St. Louis, Missouri and couldn’t wait to crow about their success.

In a July 2nd newsletter article the VMs once again pat themselves on the back over their great humanitarian efforts as well as the incredible public acceptance of their Stay Well campaign.

Amongst the usual photographic proof of their endeavors is one picture captioned “Shops took sets of the booklet to share with their customers”.

These photographs are crucial to the Volunteer Minister operations. They are used to show the warm and earnest partnership between wog-world and Scientology during these trying times. We’re all in this together and with Scientology’s help we’ll get through it is the intended takeaway.

Anyone seeing the pictures naturally accepts them at face value. They are obvious evidence that Scientology’s Stay Well production is an integral, necessary and welcome part of dealing with an overwhelming pandemic.

But are they really?

Pulling back the curtain hiding the truth once again reveals not public approval and teamwork in spreading their publications but rather the exact opposite.

Scientology’s photo of their Volunteer Ministers happily in sync with two employees of Supplement Superstore is not what it appears.

Of course.

We reached out to Supplement Superstore to find out the story behind the photograph. The inquiry had not been sent even an hour before we received a phone call from District Manager Ian Hutchinson. (No relation to this author)

Hutchinson was extremely concerned about the photo and explained that their company has a policy of no in store promoting of any organization for any reason. He stated that his employees had no idea who the Volunteer Ministers really were or who they were affiliated with and that the booklets were not for distribution in their store.

He further said that his CEO would be furious when he found out about the picture and they would be immediately addressing it.

Hutchinson was adamant that Supplement Superstore had no involvement with Scientology nor were they interested in distributing their booklets.

The concerned District Manager suspected that any booklets left behind by the VMs probably ended up in the back room on route to the trash.

Hutchinson insisted that his CEO would be able to have the unauthorized photograph removed from the Scientology website.

As dismissive of the rights of others as all know Scientology is, still it’s possible that he will succeed.

Back on May 31st the VMs published a similar fake photo of them delivering their booklets for display at a British Columbia bakery.

After we contacted the owner of Cadeaux Bakery, Blair Hustins, he was determined to have that photo removed and as of this writing a check of the newsletter shows the photo is indeed, gone.

Good for Mr. Hustins.

There was a time when Scientology would probably have simply ignored such a request.

That they capitulated is telling.

Once again the Scientology Volunteer Minister have been exposed for the dishonest charlatans they really are. Their objective is not the betterment of their fellow man but the illusion of morality and compassion.

Their fake news is stacking up against them yet they continue unconcerned and undeterred.

Scientology has long been know to use any disaster, including 9/11, to promote their cult. David Miscavige cares not a whit for the feelings of others or that his despicable hijacking of a pandemic wherein half a million people have so far lost their lives is cold hearted and salt on already raw wounds.

All that matters to him is the pretense of benign humanitarianism in order to try and not only fool outsiders, but his own followers.

Feeling the necessity to resort to such tactics in order to keep people from deserting says everything about Hubbard’s cult.

So the lies and hypocrisy go on and the cold, indifferent disrespect towards a suffering world continues full throttle.

As always, consider the source.

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