Another “Overwhelming Emotional Response”

When I originally removed this post it was because I was attempting to stop all the attacks and disengage from a situation that seemed never to cease. I was trying to show good faith in removing these few posts because Corey wanted the posts removed. In fact he stated that it would fix the “mistakes” I’d supposedly made. My very “social courage” was dependent upon my removal of the post.

We’ll all ignore the fact that the post was written in response to constant public attacks on myself by Corey in the first place. Apparently it’s acceptable for him to bully and harass others but any attempt to defend or fight back is grounds for receiving more hate from him. His rights are not anyone else’s rights.

This article did not just appear out of nowhere for no reason. I didn’t simply pull his name out of a hat. I was being unceasingly harangued, called out, lied about and attacked.

All that seems to get ignored. In spite of it all however I chose to go ahead and remove this article in the name of detente.

Stupidly, I believed him when he said that my removing the blog would fix anything.

I did not remove it in order to hide anything or because I was ashamed of anything I wrote. I removed it to attempt to stop the maliciousness and bullying. I removed it as a sign of good faith hoping that there would be quid pro quo. I tried to extend an olive branch so there would be a cease fire.

This has not been the case.

Since this has not worked I am reposting this article because there is simply no reason to have removed it. If I am to be damned no matter what, then I am going to stand by my original position and no longer be bullied into submitting.

I know who I am and what I stand for. I will let the readers decide for themselves.

And Corey?

The truth sucks, doesn’t it?

So the questions here are:

1. When am I allowed to defend myself from constant attack?

2. Who decides when and how I am allowed to defend myself?

3. Am I supposed to sit quietly and just take this? Would you?

4. At what point is enough….enough?

5. Who gets to decide this?

6. Why does anyone get to make these decisions for or about me?

Isn’t being bullied something that creates an emotional response?

On March 5th I wrote a blog about Gerry Armstrong. Prior to that blog my only interaction with him was when I reached out, asking him why he was supporting the illegal, unethical and unkind actions of Corey J Andrews. Since my emails have now been published, all can clearly see that in that interaction I was not nasty or mean to Armstrong.

I was led to believe that what I wrote was accurate and acceptable by someone who reached out to me and told me he wanted to be my mentor. I admit I fell for flattery and trusted where apparently I shouldn’t have.

There is much more to this but I am not going to devolve into further infighting because it is not positive or productive. Suffice it to say I have severed all ties and am now trying to heal the damage done to my self esteem.

After being publicly humiliated by Tony Ortega and Chris Elston, call it payback for me if you will, I discovered that I had been manipulated into portraying Armstrong in a light better left alone. I immediately deleted the blog. Further I deleted the March 2nd blog as well.

This entire situation was devastating and a painful lesson for me and I spent days in tears over it. All I have wanted since then is to be allowed to move on from a terrible, humiliating and extremely painful situation. I have not engaged publicly with Corey or Alonzo. I have not responded to anyone about this on social media. I have not defended myself nor have I attempted to publicly gain any sympathy or forgiveness, having no desire to paint myself as a victim.

All I have wanted was to be allowed to move on.

I have been fighting Scientology for two years now. Not once in all that time have I experienced anything like this issue. I have stuck to fighting against the cult and tried not to spend too much time engaged in situations not relevant to this cause. I had been “warned” about Scientology Deprogramming on FB but I never went to the group, never caused trouble, never interacted. I’m not perfect. I’m as fallible as the next person. Have I made mistakes? Yup.

Do I deserve eternal damnation for those mistakes?

I am however, human.

I made a mistake just like every single one of us have done at least once in our lives.

All I have asked for in this mess was to be allowed to move on. I have not asked for forgiveness because I am frankly ashamed at what I allowed myself to become. Up until now I’ve taken the snark as something perhaps deserved. Penance if you will.

I have not engaged in futile discourse attempting to defend myself, I have not tried to minimize anything by throwing anyone else under the bus. I have simply accepted the situation as a harsh, cold and painful lesson in humility and tried to move forward.

Apparently however, this was not to be.

As of this morning when I awoke to discover a smug, nasty message from Corey I feel not just attacked, but backed into a corner. Up until now I have stayed silent and tried to simply move one from all of this. However it would appear that rather than showing even the slightest iota of understanding I’m to be continually baited.

Coming from someone professing to be so open and accepting of all opinions, someone who is perched oh so precariously upon his moral high ground, the fact that he is gleefully beating me with his Righteous Stick is hypocritical to say the least.

This has nothing to do with Scientology.

Remove the cult from the situation because in this instance it doesn’t belong.

I have publicly posted the entirety of my interactions with Corey.

Not once had I done anything wrong to him. He reached out to me on Twitter out of the blue. No matter what he may say to the contrary, he spent a great deal of time back and forth in a lot of people’s DMs attempting to cause rifts. This is an irrefutable fact held up by the number of people who spoke out about his actions on twitter after he made that recording.

I didn’t make any of that up out of thin air. Many people started speaking out about it and began comparing notes on Twitter and there was a lot of surprise and anger when everyone discovered how much behind the scenes antics he was really engaged in. Even to discovering that when we were trying to raise funds to erect our billboard in Clearwater Corey was secretly telling people that we were scamming them and not to donate.

Ask yourself where on earth that idea would come from?

Ask yourself why on earth he would do something like that.

None of us, myself included, had any idea there was a problem with Corey at that time. We all thought we were on the same “team”. Working together for the same goal.

Remember, none of this comes solely from me. It comes from many people. You have to decide for yourselves whether all these people suddenly decided to join together for no reason at all to create a conspiracy of lies against an innocent person or, more believably, we are all indeed telling the truth.

Considering there were screenshots of much of the secret interactions, the idea that the first option could be plausible is distinctly feeble.

Corey’s actions on Twitter at various times angered multiple people to the point where he was blocked. This happened more than once and more than once he would come back asking to be forgiven and unblocked which on most occasions happened. Most of these incidents were completely unknown to me until afterwards.

My own interaction was exactly as can be seen in the DM I posted.

They comprise the entirety of my Twitter interactions with Corey J Andrews and shows clearly that in NO case did I ever do anything to this man meriting the subsequent hatred and attacks leveled upon me.

Considering that at the time he released his ill gotten recording he was engaged in attempting to build a friendship with me, my shock at what he’d done was beyond belief.

Addressing that recording: what he did was wrong. This had nothing to do with Scientology and everything to do with betrayal. It doesn’t matter whether his victim was Karen DLC or the Man in the Moon. Pretending to be someone’s friend, then secretly recording a private conversation, then handing it over to people who hate you is NOT OK. There is not a single person out there who, under any circumstance, would want that done to them. I don’t care if you hate Karen with the heat of a thousand suns, there are lines of morality that should not be crossed. If you hate someone fine, then kick them to the curb and move on. Plotting out and enacting revenge on this level is purely mean spirited, spiteful and shows a deep character flaw. I did not agree with his actions then and I do not agree with them now. When added to the totality of his actions on Twitter, the sneaking around behind so many people’s backs, the sabotage of our billboard campaign, the attack on innocent people just because they were joking around and he didn’t like it, his prior fervent and public attacks on both John McGhee and Alonzo then his sudden and completely unexpected 180 degree turnaround leaving so many people gobsmacked, it creates a bigger picture.

As for me, where Corey is concerned I tried. I never did anything wrong to him. In fact I challenge anyone to show me one bit of proof that I caused Corey’s hatred and that he was telling people not to trust me prior to the recording.

He attacked me out of the blue for not retweeting his tweets enough, an accusation he scorns, but cannot seem to explain away in the face of the DMs. He challenged me on Twitter about this statement and that is when I released the entire DM exchange. As soon as I released it, he went silent and has not commented on it since.

After that interaction, I blocked him.

Once the billboard went up and was successful Corey reappeared asking the three of us, the women responsible for it, to forgive him and unblock him. Against our better judgment we did. Willing to give him a second chance. Something by the way that he is obviously not willing to do with anyone else.

I unblocked him and he directly asked me if we could be friends. I told him that once bitten, twice shy, and I told him why I felt that way but that if we could take things one day at a time I was willing to try.


I showed him kindness and was willing to meet him halfway.

Right after this the recording mess happened.

Instead of attacking him, I reached out to Corey, trying to understand what was happening. I wanted to hear from him and get his side of it all in order to be fair. I did tell him that if he truly did make that recording it was wrong and OSA worthy, because it IS. But I was not mean about it and I begged him to respond so I could understand.

He blocked me.

His choice.

Suddenly everything he’d avowed before was gone and he was BFFs with John McGhee and Alonzo.

How is any rational, right thinking person supposed to understand a situation like this?

One day your wannabe friend and ally is talking smack about someone, the next he’s talking smack about YOU.

Where did this all come from?


To this day I am completely baffled as to why Corey decided to treat me the way he did. The only possible conclusion I can come up with is that I was either guilty by association or he is jealous.

Since the day he blocked me I have not had any further interaction with him. The truth of his character became evident on twitter as shocked, blindsided people began comparing notes and sharing DMs.

My anger at his betrayal, not just of Karen, not as within the parameters of Scientology, but as a human being, though that was part of it, cannot be disparaged by anyone given the circumstances I found myself in. I cannot believe that anyone, anywhere, could be blamed for being furious and yes, hurt, at such a complete betrayal from someone who’d just begged to be your friend.

I am as human as anyone else and should at the very least be permitted the same allowances for my response to such treatment as anyone else would be.

My last straw was when Corey publicly attacked Leah on Twitter. It was not necessary and it was his own actions that prompted the angry responses he was getting that day. Acting like a child, he caused a lot of people hurt and anger, then lashed out because they were indeed, hurt and angry.

I stand behind the blog I wrote about him after that situation. My feelings about his character and actions are unchanged.

Actually that is untrue, they have since changed.

I am even more firm in my opinion of this man than I was at that time given his subsequent actions.

If he wanted to move on, make new friends and be a part of a new group of people, fine. That is certainly his right to do.

Continually poking at the people he’d hurt and betrayed, making snide comments and arrogantly thumbing his nose at those who tried to befriend him is not.

There is absolutely nothing positive or productive in constantly stirring the pot, for creating and furthering anger for anger’s sake.

There is no reason whatsoever to continue poking at the people you claim to be so horrible and beneath you.

Move on.

If Corey doesn’t like me or anyone else for whatever mysterious, fabricated reason he’s told himself to justify his behavior then good on him. That’s a great big whatever.

Attacking me over and over when I have tried to move on and heal until I feel backed into a corner is yet another example of the lack of morality he’s displayed all along.

Since the entire Armstrong debacle happened I have tried to heal and move on. I’ve been reeling from the repercussions of a hard lesson in misplaced trust and have been hoping that I’d be allowed to move on. I’ve offered no one any reason to further despise me nor have I attempted to justify myself and where this Armstrong situation is concerned I am not doing so now.

Corey J Andrews is another issue entirely.

I awoke this morning, greeted by a nasty, snarky DM, again out of the blue from Andrews and it was the last straw. There was entirely no reason for it whatsoever. I understand that a reaction is exactly what he’s wanting and given that I am only as human as the next person here it is.

Undoubtedly Corey’s response will be to once again cast aspersions and scorn my way. After all I am not allowed to defend myself without being arrogantly called out for it.

He announces he was “exploited and asked to do several questionable things by Karen De La Carriere” and in response he’s been forgiven, befriended and accepted unquestioningly.

Yet he offers nothing even resembling that same charity for anyone else.

I ask you to consider some relevant points here: what is the basic, underlying purpose of this continuing malicious bullying? What good will come of it? Is this harassment positive, productive and furthering ANY good agenda?

Where is the much vaunted openness and acceptance of others?

Or is all of this continual stirring of the pot simply an example of a self created hate fueled grudge that Corey refuses to stop.

Something that Karen and Jeffrey have been accused of in Armstrong’s case and despised and ridiculed for.

Finally; as for my defense of Mike Rinder. This is something I am proud of and will continue to do. If anyone wishes to fair game me for it, that speaks to you and your character.

Not mine.

6 thoughts on “Another “Overwhelming Emotional Response”

  1. Stef- stay strong in your fight. What these CLOWNS are attempting to do is both repugnant and deplorable. They need to bully people to feel like men. That, in and of itself, speaks to the kind of people you’re dealing with. Two whiny spoiled children who are giants in their own minds while unable to understand why more and more people scorn and ostracize them. They refuse to face the reality of their obnoxious behaviors and cannot understand why people are repelled. Your blog is an important voice in this fight- and they are attempting to silence it in classic OSA maneuvers. Your many, many, many friends and supporters have your back. We know what happened. We’ve watched these two trolls attack you relentlessly.
    The issue here is, I believe, jealousy. That and an utter lack of insight into how their actions appear to others. This has been proven time and time again by Corey- even before he met up with a (his favorite phrase) “Malignant narcissist” named Alonzo. The two deserve each other. The complete disconnect from everyone he has burned must kill him. But he will eventually have to stop and take a look around him. At that time, he will realize he is utterly alone. His pleas to return to where he was before will fall on deaf ears.
    You will emerge the victor. He has no moral high ground- he never did. What he fails to realize is that no one ever considered him as anything but a lackey who has no opinion of his own.
    We all admire you, and he hates that you garner the accolades that are well deserved for your tireless work against an abusive cult. He has nothing to say, so he has to latch onto others. He’s been exposed for who he really is. You have won this fight with dignity and decorum.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Ann. I don’t understand how people can shout to everyone about how inclusive and accepting they are while at the same time bullying people. Corey finally backed me into a corner and I have simply had enough. Had he left me alone this post never would have been written.


  2. Frankly, I never believed you had any compelling reason to take your original post on the Toxic Trio down in the first place.

    Alanzo is unquestionably a Toxic Troll. He insists on making this perfectly and unendingly clear in his own blog which features nothing but attacks on those who, unlike him, are actually offering something productive. Unfailingly, nothing they do measures up to the expectations of the self-anointed one on the high perch who himself does, well, nothing There’s no real remedy for the likes of him but the one thing they can not handle: ignoring them altogether.

    Corey presents himself as a wannabe-Alanzo in his own blog. A wanna-be, of all things, Alanzo? It’s been suggested that you can take the measure of a person from their friends, or from their enemies. Regardless, you can certainly take it from the ones they idolize. When they shift their admiration from Hubbard to Alanzo, that’s only par for the course. Again, there’s nothing lost by leaving him to his own devices.

    Still, if you should crave a bit of comedic relief:

    Armstrong is a bit more multi-layered. His past actions make him in my book a hero in this fight. There’s nothing he can say or do that will undo his contributions.

    Still, it appears as if in Armstrong’s book no one measures up. I recall his attacks on Rathbun (one that Gerry called correctly), Rinder and Shelton. He appears to come from a place of “no one has suffered as I have and knows what I know.” While he may very well have a point there, his criticisms often come across as petty and unnecessary. Can you imagine, for example, Paulette Cooper carrying on like this? She certainly has, if there is such a thing, equal justification!

    IMO you are vulnerable to the criticism that your deleted post failed to properly genuflect to Armstrong’s past contributions. One may also take issue with your speculations on his emotional state and his “recovery” from the damage that cults undoubtedly inflict on a person. But then again, it’s YOUR blog and YOUR opinions. And if you went over the top in a couple of places, so did Tony–another person Armstrong has no use for–with his withering criticism of your piece.Especially since Tony–an author I immensely respect–sits in a glass house when it comes to the occasional journalistic intemperance that blogs are rightfully infamous for.

    You offer a valuable, well-written, insightful blog. And, as despicable as the sniping and as justified as calling out bullies are it’s best to offer them no further oxygen or rental space in your head. Stefani, remember this: “Dogs will bark but the caravan moves along.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Thank you for your support, your honesty and your kindness. I admit that at times I can be, as you say, over the top. I am emotional by nature, however I do also try to be fair. Had Ortega contacted me privately, he’s done so before, I still would have removed the Armstrong post, but there would have been far fewer hard feelings. I recognize now that in spite of anything else, Armstrong has, indeed, made huge contributions and for that he should have been left alone. As for Corey, he deserves nothing because he has earned nothing. I will however take your words to heart and going forward reserve my oxygen for breathing.


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