They’re Back and Better Than Ever

Leah Remini and Mike Rinder have returned with a brand new podcast Scientology: Fair Game on iHeart Radio.

Fans of the A&E series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath may remember Edward Parkin, International Director of the cult’s sub group Stand League, crowing about COS’ “victory” in having the show removed. This disingenuous bit of self delusion could not have been further from the truth. Originally only intended for one season, The Aftermath ran for three and won multiple awards for its coverage of the abuses of this mysterious, shadowy organization.

Ultimately the show reached the limits of what it could do under the rules and limitations of the Network and came to an end, but as Remini promised, they were far from finished.

Had Scientology actually been responsible for the ending of The Aftermath, fans everywhere would be obliged to thank them because Remini and Rinder are no longer bound by the network’s restrictive template.

Now the field is open for them to delve into issues, expose the lies, crimes and abuses and raise questions the cult would much rather not see the light of day. The groundbreaking duo are freer to continue the work begun with their series and hopefully go where no one dared go before.

Had Scientology truly accomplished Mike and Leah’s removal from A&E the plan has certainly backfired because the result looks to be worse for COS than ever. Good luck to Miscavige as he struggles to come up with a plausible story for how those he claimed to have vanquished managed to reappear to deal more blows to his overweening ego.

Scientology; Fair Game premiered July 21st, touching on several topics including Danny Masterson’s upcoming trial, Fair Game in general and the outrage of the billion dollar conglomerate taking PPP loans from the government.

During the discussion on Fair Game, Mike demonstrates how OSA isolates and controls the narrative of anyone involved in a bad PR situation. Giving the example of someone being molested, Rinder explained that the very first step taken by those in charge would be to remove the victim from the rest of the community, cutting them off so that the message can be controlled through manipulative interrogation.

Auditors put the victim on the e-meter and proceed to force him or her into believing they are responsible for whatever happened to them by convincing them they were at some point guilty of the same thing either in this or a past life.

Scientology goes after the victim first because once he/she accepts responsibility for the incident, they’ll give up the idea of going to authorities. With a cowed and shamed victim, the rest of the case tumbles like dominos into silence.

Also discussed is the Scientology practice of grooming potential witnesses for upcoming investigations. Using the Masterson case, Rinder highlighted how any potential hostile or dangerous witnesses will be removed from the jurisdiction of law enforcement either to an overseas location or on Freewinds.

Any remaining, more malleable witnesses are coached on what to say and how to say it.

An excellent example of this technique can be seen, as mentioned during the podcast, in the Anderson Cooper interview of the former wives of Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Tom DeVocht and Jeff Hawkins.

Here evidence of coaching can be seen as the women use similar phrasing to each other as they attempt to refute the claims of abuse by David Miscavige that Cooper questions.

Of Tom DeVocht, Jenny Linson said “I slept with Tom DeVocht for almost 20 years. I know every inch of him…”

Later in the interview Cathy Bernardini, harridan and former wife of Mike Rinder insisted “I know every square inch of Mike Rinder’s body.”

This is not the only example of proof of coaching when Scientology’s reputation is on the line.

On January 10, 2017 Clearwater Police received an anonymous call reporting child abuse and possible human trafficking of children at Scientology’s 210 S Fort Harrison Ave location. This investigation would last until it was closed on March 30, 2017 and involved 8 named minors connected to Scientology.

Amongst the allegations were the claims that “the children were made to work all day, sometimes 80 hours a week and wages were withheld from them. When they were paid they received $25-$50 for weeks of work. The children lived in dorm rooms with 8-12 individuals and only one bathroom and sometimes the children were housed with adults. The children were forced to do menial clerical work and if they complained they were threatened that they would be separated from their families. Families were encouraged to cut off contact with persons who were shamed. The complaint further alleged that foreign minors were falsely promised that they would be reimbursed for travel to the U.S. and if any children wanted to leave the Church they were subjected to an intimidating interrogation process.”

Clearwater Police interviewed Scientologist Sarah Heller who of course denied everything. As an aside, Heller is now on police record stating that “actual church higher ranking staff are not to have children or they cannot be staff any for abortions, she denied that they are forced but said that “higher ranking staff are given the option.” Abortion or quit your high ranking position. Is this not against the law?

The investigating officer noted in her Narrative, “All juveniles interviewed exhibited somewhat ‘fidgety’ behavior to this officer: wringing their hands and touching their fingers while speaking to us. Several of their responses were very similar to one another’s, and they all maintained quite a bit of focused eye contact with investigators upon answering questions or listening.”

Sadly, the investigation was closed and what has subsequently become of the children in question, or indeed of their peers, is unknown.

Clearwater Police’s 2017 case gives one more bit of proof as to the tactics mentioned by Mike Rinder.

This first podcast was an excellent beginning into what is hoped to become a long running feature in the fight to expose Scientology. Fans can now expect the very Fair Game spotlighted by the programme will be in full, ugly display once again as Scientology futilely attempts to silence the truth. It will also not come as any surprise if groups who by their actions model camaraderie with the cult weigh in with their own particular brand of Fair Game and disinformation.

No matter what gets thrown at them however, Rinder and Remini continue forward undaunted speaking out for those who can’t, providing a healing platform for those who need it and working to clear the planet of the insanity and crime of Scientology.

We all look forward to this new step on the journey, offering our support and well wishes to Mike and Leah.

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