Edward Parkin Body Shames Leah Remini

We all knew it was coming. We just didn’t know what form it would take.

That it turned out to be so callous, toxic and abusive outrages the sensibilities.

Sadly we didn’t have to wait long at all for the oh so ethical International Director of Stand League to decide to Fair Game Leah Remini because of the airing of the new podcast.

In an action lower than whale shit, Parkin has now taken to body shaming a woman, saying she gained weight because of “hate”.

Creepy Eddie has posted a photo on Twitter, obviously clipped from the cover of some tabloid in order to make fun of her looks.

The caption accompanying the photograph reads, “King of Queens actress Leah Remini…”

This means that at the time the photo was taken she was still working on the show. Anyone who watched King of Queens knows that there was only one time when the beautiful actress was less than slim and svelte.

When she was pregnant and, like millions of women across the globe, for a short time post pregnancy.

This means that Edward Parkin, the SPOKESMAN for an organization that claims to stand up for freedom, tolerance and inclusion and longtime adherent of “The Most Ethical Religion on the Planet” has chosen to bully and demean either a pregnant woman or a brand new mother.

Hollywood has long maintained shallow, unfair and unrealistic expectations when it comes to women. Unattainable ideals have driven young girls and women across the country into serious, sometimes fatal, behaviors and eating disorders as they desperately seek to copy the stick thin actresses and models that are constantly before them.

Celebrities are seen to have babies and return to the screen within a few weeks as slender and toned as before giving birth leaving so many new mothers ashamed and frustrated when they are unable to do the same. The pressure on women to be perfect always is enormous and entirely wrong.

Shaming and humiliating any woman who has borne a child is one of the lowest forms of abuse and misogyny. It punishes a woman for no other reason than that she no longer lives up to a masculine ideal of beauty.

Edward Parkin’s actions should be cause for outrage, disgust and fury across social media. The outcry needs to be loud, noisy and unending.

No man has the right to attack a woman because of her looks.

What’s worse, is that the one supporter who smugly commented on his cyber bullying of Leah is another woman.

Liv Watson, Scientologist and blogger for Parkin’s Stand League who in 2019 wrote in one of her posts, “If you’re going to pretend to stay woke (and make a whole TV show about it), you should actually try to, and apply your ideals of inclusivity to everyone—regardless of their religious beliefs“, jumped right on Parkin’s bandwagon of body shaming with both feet.

How any woman could possibly condone the abusive humiliation of another woman, one who has created a child, just boggles the mind.

This is beyond any sense of common human decency and if this is the ethical, inclusive, superior wonder that is Scientology; you can keep it.

Publicly denigrating Leah Remini’s figure 16 years after the fact is an act of filthy desperation that must be publicly condemned. No woman should ever be treated in this manner for any reason. That Scientology engages in this disgusting, despicable behavior should once again be proof of their malice and evil. It is also another very clear glimpse into exactly how Scientology views women, especially mothers.

So intent upon heaping hate upon Leah’s head was Parkin that he seems to also have missed one very important bit of information.

At the time the photograph that Edward Parkin uses against Remini was taken she was still in Scientology.

There was no “hate” from her, no book, no show, no podcast.

Parkin posted Leah’s picture and said “Hate doesn’t wear well”, except at the time of the photograph she was still a Scientologist. His comment therefore is ludicrous and misinformed.

She was a practicing Scientologist still in good standing, donating huge sums and speaking out on the cult’s behalf. Leah was one of the fortunate attendees of the Event of the Decade; the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in 2006.

King of Queens ran from September 1998 until May of 2007. The show’s last episode, China Syndrome, was taped March 15, 2007 and aired May 14, 2007.

Leah Remini did not leave Scientology until 2013.

Creepy Eddie and his sidekick Liv are making fun of someone who was still in their own organization no differently than who and what they are today.

Liv’s condescending remark, “Turns out running your mouth doesn’t count as exercise” looks downright stupid when one considers the only thing Leah was saying at the time in question was in defense of Scientology.

This is only the beginning of the next wave of ugly Fair Game that will be hurled at Leah and Mike Rinder as they continue to air their Podcast. Every person who follows this series needs to be aware that Scientology is once again on the attack. If this first salvo is anything to go by, it’s going to be nastier, dirtier and more malicious than ever before.

Anyone who wants to be part of the fight to expose their lies, crimes and abuses is asked to pay close attention to the attacks to come and to speak out against Scientology every chance there is.

Let this malice fueled conglomerate know that Leah and Mike are not alone out here in the wide Wog world. We are watching and we won’t stand quietly by while Scientology pollutes the world with hate.


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