Karen Bass- Scientology Safepoint?

Is California Representative and Presidential contender Karen Bass Scientology’s newest Safepoint arrow in their quiver as they seek to gain control?

“The goal of the Department (Government Affairs) is to bring the government and hostile philosophies or societies into a state of complete compliance with the goals of Scientology. This is done by high level ability to control and in its absence by low level ability to overwhelm. Introvert such agencies. Control such agencies. Scientology is the only game on Earth where everybody wins. There is no overt in bringing good order.”


According to an article on Business Insider, Representative Bass attended a 2010 grand opening gala by Scientology and praised the cult saying “The Church of Scientology I know has made a difference, because your creed is a universal creed and one that speaks to all people everywhere…The words are exciting of your founder, L. Ron Hubbard, in The Creed of the Church of Scientology: that all people of whatever race, color or creed, are created with equal rights.”

Either Bass is in sympathetic accord with Scientology or she is blindly endorsing a group that she actually knows nothing about. If the former explanation is true, Bass’ ability to protect human rights needs to be seriously questioned. If on the other hand the latter is true, this politician desperately needs to educate herself on exactly who and what Scientology is.

A recent tweet by Bass states, “It’s been 138 days since Breonna Taylor was murdered and none of the officers responsible have been arrested.” This is a legitimate question and displays what appears to be someone dedicated to obtaining justice in the face of egregious abuse of power.

But what of justice and accountability for a multi million dollar tax exempt conglomerate who engages in financial fraud, human trafficking, dangerous and unregulated practices of therapy and health care which have resulted in death and the protection and defense of rapists and pedophiles?

How can a government representative demand investigation and justice for one heinous crime while lauding and supporting an organization who engages in serious, even criminal, human rights violations as regular policy?

Karen Bass stood at a Scientology podium and announced, “The words are exciting of your founder, L. Ron Hubbard, in The Creed of the Church of Scientology: that all people of whatever race, color or creed, are created with equal rights“.

L. Ron Hubbard was a racist, a liar and a conman.

In his PAB No. 119, from September 01, 1957, published in Level 0 PABS (c.1968, The American St. Hill Organization) Hubbard writes “The South African native is probably the one impossible person to train in the entire world — he is probably impossible by any human standard.”

In the Power of Simplicity Lecture, October 1956 he explains “As long as a white foreman is there, they will prevent soil erosion; but the moment that a white foreman turns his back — boo! There goes the whole program. And you finally get up to the point of where he’s [native] supposed to take care of something, a lesson which has never been taught to the native of South Africa.”

These are some of the exciting words of L. Ron Hubbard.

A video on YouTube contains outrageous examples of more current racism by David Miscavige as explained by former member Jesse Prince.

Ms Bass must be uninformed about the destructive policies embraced by Scientology as she heaped her warm praise upon the so-called “church”.

Apparently no one has explained to her that Scientology, the “Most Ethical Religion on the Planet” teaches the children trapped within it that not only are they of secondary importance to the lives of their own parents, but also that anything bad that happens to them is their own fault.

This includes being molested.

After all, if one is raped or molested it simply means that one is guilty of committing the same crime in some past lifetime.

Not only are helpless children made to bear the shame and responsibility for their molestation, but they are also made to apologize to their molesters.

What “Church”, Ms Bass, requires a penal system that includes, degradation, abuse, incarceration and humiliation? Is the RPF truly a humanitarian, spiritual, positive thing?

What “Church” happily leads its members into poverty, debt and bankruptcy?

How many religions use their tax exempt millions to hire private investigators to stalk, record and photograph “enemies” and their families, including innocent children?

Name one Religion in this country who has a written and actively practiced policy of attacking former members through lies, harassment, cyber bullying and campaigns to destroy his or her reputation and/or careers.

Recently a Scientology Minister took to social media to body shame Leah Remini just because he hates her for speaking against his organization. Would this be tolerated if a priest engaged in this behavior against someone speaking out against the pedophilia scandal in the Catholic Church?

It is true indeed that such activities speak to people everywhere but what message does it send?

Karen Bass said in her Scientology speech “I know that your goal is truly to make a difference.”

What a difference Scientology has made in hundreds, if not thousands, of lives through their policies of Fair Game and Disconnection. Spouses forced to divorce, parents and children torn from one another, whole families ripped asunder, loving bonds replaced with anger, suspicion and hate.

Has Ms Bass never heard of Lisa McPherson, Gabe Cazares, Bob Minton or Paulette Cooper?

Scientology certainly made a difference in the lives of these people.

Karen Bass showed her public support and admiration for a cult of greed, deceit and abuse and this needs to be taken into account as she moves forward with her political aspirations. If she is willing to simply take Scientology at it’s false face value without any due diligence to know what she is espousing how can anyone trust that she will represent them with intelligence and knowledge on any issues? Someone who would publicly laud a corrupt, toxic conglomerate pretending to be a benign religion without even considering for a moment the serious allegations leveled against it is someone who cannot be bothered to take the time to consider any issue in its entirety. If she is going to just take Miscavige’s word for anything then it’s reasonable to assume she’ll take anyone’s word at face value on any subject.

Bass had an opportunity to, at the least, decline the invitation to speak at the event out of a sense of cautious fairness. Instead she jumped right in and sang the praises not only of the current regime but of Hubbard as well.

Commending Scientology for its universal creed of equal rights all while ignoring (or ignorant of) the fact that COS is in bed with one of the most racist, divisive, bigoted and anti-Semitic groups in the United States, The Nation of Islam, is the height of hypocrisy.

How can Bass praise Scientology for their alleged championship of equal rights when they’ve bestowed their highest honor, the Medal of Freedom, upon Nation of Islam leader Tony Mohammed?

Scientology has a policy and practice of aligning themselves with people in positions of authority in order to create the illusion of credibility and legitimacy for themselves.

Sadly, it would appear that Representative Bass is poised to become just such a tool for Scientology. According to her statement addressing her appearance at the event, she stated that even though she’d become aware of the issues surrounding the cult, she stood by her appearance and her speech. Her comment in full can be seen at Tony Ortega’s Website here.

It would well behoove her to become better informed about the realities of the Church of Scientology and not only remove herself from its sphere of influence, but step up and speak out against its crimes and abuses for the sake of its victims.

As it is, her support and commendation of COS is just one more win for Miscavige and a slap in the face of all those who have suffered at his hands.

Does anyone really want a woman that blind and gullible to be their representative in anything?

List of Disconnected Families from Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker website

2 thoughts on “Karen Bass- Scientology Safepoint?

  1. Anybody who has any doubt at all that L. Ron Hubbard was a pro-white racist of the most vile kind needs to listen to his uncut 1960 lecture on the topic of his experiences in South Africa. Not only does he voice his unmistakable support for the apartheid government there, but he makes various jabs at the mental capacity of the “Bantus”, who happen to be a major African native ethnic group.

    Scientology, it should also be noted, practiced a little bit of revisionist history to sanitize the blatant racist attitudes of LRH from the 1950s and 1960s. By the decade of the 1980s world opinion had strongly turned against the apartheid regime and Hubbard was re-written as this great voice of anti-apartheidism, making unsubstantiated and grandiose claims of his tireless efforts to defeat apartheid. That never happened.

    Hubbard had an axe to grind against the SA government because they rejected his cozy overtures to provide support for fighting communism in that country. And who turned the government’s opinion against Hubbard? The South African psychiatrists! They were horrified by Hubbard’s repeated attacks on psychiatrists and dissuaded the apartheid leaders from accepting any support from LRH and Scientology in South Africa. A true story!


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