Karen Bass’ Views Have Not Changed

California Representative Karen Bass took to social media on August 1, 2020 to respond to criticism of her public support for Scientology.

Bass opens by announcing her Christianity, which as most people know, is what describes people who embrace Jesus Christ as their Savior. In fact, she repeats this statement twice in the one tweet.

Frankly, her comment appears more to be a way to ensure her critics understand that she is not a member of Scientology rather than any declaration of faith.

In the Bible, Matthew 7:15-17 says “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.”

Even had Ms Bass not known the truth of Scientology when she was speaking on their behalf, she certainly must know at least some of the charges leveled against them now. Since she has chosen to defend her actions by starting with her Christianity, it is within the parameters of Christianity that this will be addressed first.

As a Christian it should outrage her to her very soul that any group would display the Cross, the definitive Christian symbol of salvation, while teaching heresy and relegating God Himself to a back seat. What she was ignorant of then, she surely can know now and her refusal to condemn this anti Christian, atheistic conglomerate ranks right up there with Peter’s denial of Christ or Judas’ betrayal for 30 pieces of silver.

Deciding to look past the very real, fundamental attack on Jesus, their reducing of God to an unnecessary spectator, the misuse of the Cross on their secular buildings, in favor of applauding Scientology’s lip service to equal rights is choosing one evil over another.

That she “stands by” her decision 10 years later in the face of such overt heretical evil shouts loudly over any claim of proud Christianity.

This was a God given opportunity to show courage in the face of darkness as a witness to her faith. Instead she shows a defiant lack of constancy in her Savior and an apathetic approach to the one who died to redeem us all.

Her opening statement is meaningless to the issue and should be disregarded as such.

Bass goes on to justify her attendance at the Scientology grand opening by pointing out that it was 10 years ago. The statement on Twitter appears to suggest that in 2010 she was unaware of the fact that Scientology was a corrupt, abusive cult.

Accepting this at face value, why would any public figure place themselves into a situation where they praise an entity they knew nothing about? This is at the very least irresponsible and risky behavior. Reasonably intelligent people attempt to learn at least some fundamental information before becoming involved with any group or organization. The very real consequences for capricious ignorance were apparently dismissed in favor of a chance to curry favor with an organization worth billions and an opportunity for 15 minutes of face time.

Even 10 years ago Karen Bass or her staff could easily have done a simple internet search to ensure the Representative was not placed in an embarrassing situation.

It is true that Leah Remini’s A&E docuseries had not yet been conceived however there was plenty of readily available information about Scientology’s policies of Fair Game and Disconnection, about abuse towards their members and key events like Lisa McPherson, Operation Snow White and L. Ron Hubbard’s questionable life. Not to mention reams of documented evidence of Scientology’s beliefs, Hubbard’s writings and commentaries on the hypocritical nature of the cult.

Enough information was available at the time of her warm endorsement of Hubbard’s “exciting words” that distance and caution should at the very least have been her watchwords.

Bass’ attempt to minimize the seriousness of Scientology’s abuses by saying she was lauding something we could all agree on, “respect for different views, equality and fighting oppression” falls decidedly flat when held up against actions diametrically opposed to these words.

Her comments seem disingenuous, ringing falsely and empty as Nation of Islam leaders such as Rizza Islam and Tony Mohammed lend their endorsement to COS. How can Karen Bass expect anyone to believe her claims when Scientology bestows their highest award, The Medal of Freedom, upon Mohammed? Tony Mohammed is, along with Louis Farrakhan, one of the most anti-Semitic, bigoted, racist men in this country.

In bed together, Scientology and the NOI are partners in hate and division, yet Bass wants all to believe that the cult is fighting oppression and stands up for tolerance and equality.

Right now the cult owns many hate filled, capricious, dishonest websites created for the sole purpose of destroying the reputations and/or careers of former members engaging in their right to freedom of expression. Are these ugly websites examples of respect for different views?

There is nothing wrong with addressing a group with “very different views” than one’s own. Issues are raised when that group neither practices those views nor respects the basic human rights every person is entitled to.

Giving the benefit of the doubt, Bass may not have realized the depths of malicious deceit that is Scientology. However she admits that since then serious allegations have been revealed that should leave even the most naive wary and wondering.

Bass’ Twitter statement is neither justification nor excuse for her current stand where Scientology is concerned. Her inability to display an open mind, to learn uncomfortable truths and to take steps to correct or address serious injustice, even if only by updating her public opinion, is a serious flaw for any public servant to have. If she is incapable of a simple apology, “I recant my earlier support for Scientology in light of new evidence and disturbing issues that I cannot endorse”, will she be able to acknowledge wrongs in other areas?

Representative Bass, is justice truly blind or only convenient?

4 thoughts on “Karen Bass’ Views Have Not Changed

  1. She can be forgiven for not knowing that Hubbard’s only verifiable spiritual roots lie in occultism. that religions (at least those that fail to worship Hubbard) are “implants” or his claim that Jesus was a homosexual pedophile. This information may not be readily available when doing quick research about an organization you’re about to speak at.

    Research you ought to do scrupulously when lending your voice to something widely known as highly controversial and frequently referred to as an exploitative cult. Paulette Cooper wrote about that in 1971, the Snowwhite FBI raids were in 1977, the Time article in 1991, Anonymous in 2008, and the Tampa Bay Times Truth Rundown in 2009–right before she shilled for them.

    Widely available is Hubbard’s claim that “there is no Christ,” Or his boast about founding a religion since that’s where the money’s at.

    However she chose to not only applaud a CoS “humanitarian initiative” but to specifically praise Hubbard’s WORDS. It was no news in 2010 that the prolific issuer of these words was widely regarded as a whack job! Yet, there she was, giving him a glowing endorsement, right next to the proudly displayed and highly apropos “religious” symbol of the double-cross.

    Her statement also fails to address that she returned three years–and much highly revealing news about the cult–later to gladly provide more of the same!

    Perhaps it is this simple: As a politician she eagerly relates to Hubbard’s words that you must lie to people in order to control them. “Exciting words,” indeed!

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      1. Perhaps I was a bit careless in my choice of words, re. “returned.” She doubled down on her 2010 support in 2012 and 2013 by providing further endorsements. She didn’t actually physically return for further appearances that I know of.

        Reports Ortega: “Scientology press releases also indicate that Bass sent congratulations to one of Scientology’s front groups, Youth for Human Rights, in 2012 and 2013.”

        Another interesting fact is that she did NOT appear in her own district in 2010 as she claimed in her statement. So the pretense that she was serving her constituency with her appearance is patent fiction.




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