The Volunteer Ministers… We Give Up

Frankly we’ve run out of clever titles to lead yet another report on the various lies and misdirection by Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers.

They lie like a Persian carpet.

So here we go again.

Unavoidably the tragic, deadly explosion that recently took place in Beirut, Lebanon drew the attention of this opportunistic group. No traumatic event goes untouched by the slimy Scientologist PR minions. Whether natural disaster, terrorist attack or horrible accident, the Volunteer Ministers appear in some form or other to attach themselves like parasites to actual well meaning organizations.

In this case it took no time at all for the VMs to take to Facebook and link themselves all the way from Haiti to the Lebanese Red Cross.

Beyond interesting that they state the LRC are the Volunteer Minister’s partners in helping Lebanon and not the other way around.

So nice of the Red Cross to join with Scientology to render aid.

Except there is no partnership. <Insert shocked expressions here>

5 thoughts on “The Volunteer Ministers… We Give Up

  1. While violent crime is on the rise in the “sector” most “controlled” by the cult, Los Angeles, they are yet again doing good of unimaginable proportions in another part of the planet–as usual, the further away the better.

    I am sure that when Hubbard taught his minions to lie their asses off he did not mean for them (or himself, the father of lies) to get caught, time after time! Hubbard probably took great and constant inspiration from the old saw: “A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on.”

    Fortunately, we are no longer in the 1950s, and those new-fangled interwebs have gone great lengths at equalizing these travelling velocities. As you prove time and time again, the truth may be no more than an email away. Great job!


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