Religious Activists Need to Rethink What They Are Fighting For

Scientology is at it again, participating in yet another bogus “Interfaith Conference on Religious Tolerance.”

COS being part of a conference on tolerance is like Ben and Jerry’s being part of a conference on fighting diabetes.

According to Scientology’s article, “The event was opened by organizer Dr. L. Arik Greenberg, Founder and President of the Institute for Religious Tolerance, Peace and Justice and professor of theological studies at Loyola Marymount University.”

We have written a letter to Dr. Greenberg concerning his inclusion of Scientology in this event.

September 21, 2020

Dr. Arik Greenberg:

My name is Stefani Hutchison. I am a writer, blogger and activist dedicated to addressing the crimes, abuses and human rights violations of the Cult of Scientology.

Recently on Facebook I noticed that Scientology claims to have participated in an Interfaith Conference and you were the lead speaker for the event.

As a Christian and a Catholic, I wholeheartedly believe that religious tolerance is not only important, but absolutely vital in order to help foster healing and peace. However I also believe that there is a point where the line between what constitutes true religion and the False Prophets warned of in the Bible becomes blurred.

Activism, fighting against intolerance and hate towards innocent, honest people of faith is a good and moral endeavor. Defending false, non religious organizations who only qualify as a “religion” because the government has seen fit to set aside God, relegating Him to a secondary status in their legal definition, does nothing but add legitimacy to tax exempt conglomerates who abuse their members in the name of power, money and control.

No matter what the IRS may be allowing, Scientology is not a religion. While they present a tolerant, benign, humanitarian face to the world, the reality is far different, malicious and evil.

Their insistence that they are all inclusive is a lie. The fact is that Scientology believes it is the superior group. They believe they are homo novus, a term used in Scientology to describe the godlike state of Clear. A state that can only be achieved by spending hundreds of thousands, if not millions, on their so-called Bridge to Total Freedom.

Scientology teaches that ultimately, Man saves Himself and only Scientology has the keys to salvation. The thetan, the alien spirit living in the skull and animating the “meat body”, is immortal and defined in Scientology as “creator of life itself”. This thetan is said to be in an immortal cycle of taking up and then dropping a constant stream of organic vehicles (bodies). There is no end to this life cycle, no Heaven to strive for.

There is no room for God in Scientology. The thetan is the immortal creator capable of godlike super powers.

Further, faith is actively discouraged in the members who are told to only believe what they can see for themselves.

There is no God, no faith, no spirituality. Nothing remotely resembling any religious foundation.

Nor are their actions of any humanitarian or spiritual nature.

What religion spends millions of dollars on private investigators who are hired to follow, photograph, install tracking devices on vehicles and steal the trash of former members?

What religion would methodically plan and carry out such heinous activities as the largest infiltration of U.S. government offices with the intent to steal information and spy on officials?

How holy is the orchestrated, deliberate framing of Paulette Cooper or Clearwater Mayor Gabe Cazares?

What religion utilizes it’s own prison? Currently there are dozens of members of Scientology unaccounted for, their last known location having been the Rehabilitation Project Force, RPF. Those who have escaped and told their stories have revealed weeks, months, even years of physical, emotional and psychological abuse and abject humiliation.

Currently even the wife of leader David Miscavige has not been seen nor heard from for over a decade. She is not the only person missing.

How is teaching children that anything bad that happens to them is their own fault, that they “pulled it in” because of crimes they committed in some past life even remotely spiritual?

Children who have been molested by adult members, by Scientology Ministers, are actively shamed into believing that the attack is their fault. Some who were molested while in this cult were forced to apologize to their molestors.

What other religion embraces revenge as a written policy?

Danny Masterson, Hollywood actor and Scientologist, has been accused by multiple women of vicious rapes. Several of these same women have subsequently found themselves and their families under suspicious attack. Flashlights have been shined into their windows during the night, cars broken into, they’ve been followed and recorded, stalked and harassed. Most insidious of all two of the claimants had their beloved family pets poisoned. Chrissie Bixler had two pets killed devastating her whole family, breaking the hearts of her children. A second accuser, Bobette Riales also had her dog poisoned though after suffering excruciating agony he lived.

What faith actively destroys the family so thoroughly through disconnection and Fair Game?

Disconnection is not a spiritual consequence. It is a tool of ultimate control to keep its members obedient and compliant out of fear. The Catholic Church has excommunication, however when one is excommunicated one is not prohibited from one’s family. One is not ordered to divorce one’s spouse, to abandon one’s children.

In one case, former high ranking Sea Org member Karen DeLaCarriere had been disconnected from her son who remained in Scientology after she left. When the young man became ill and ultimately died due to the lack of proper medical care, Karen was not informed of her son’s death. She found out from a stranger.

She never got the chance to say goodbye.

Scientology denies that Disconnection and Fair Game are practiced policies, however their actions speak far louder than their words.

All it takes is one look at Scientology’s many hate filled websites created to attack and destroy the lives and reputations of former members who suffered terribly while part of this cult. These victims are no different than the victims of my own religion’s sick priests who raped and molested those in their care. It is right and necessary for these people to speak out against the crimes and abuses committed against them so that there can be justice, change and healing.

That Scientology practices bullying, revenge and destruction as a holy sacrament on the written instruction of their Founder moves them even further from any Religious purview.

One excellent example of this hate is the website

On this website Scientology makes egregiously false accusations of Mike Rinder being guilty of Domestic Violence. The truth is that Rinder is innocent of these claims and there is abundant proof including the very police report from the incident as well as the EMT report.

This site is only one of many created to Fair Game former members who have escaped and spoken out about their experiences.

These are not the actions of any religion and should not be supported or encouraged.

Dr. Greenberg, activism for religious tolerance is right and good.

People practice their faiths differently, with many and varied doctrines and rituals but in the end we are all expressing our worship for the Divine. We are acknowledging that there is Another to whom and for whom we strive.

Remove that single element from the equation and one is left not with religion or faith but a secular entity whose focus is on secular ideals.

Remove God and there is no religion.

This includes the activists as well. One can have the highest of educations, be the most learned of persons in the field of religion, but if one has lost sight of Who the reason IS for any of those religions then one has secularized the issue. One has forgotten what the fight is for.

Love of neighbor does not include supporting and encouraging Sin.

Religion does not protect against crime and abuse.

Scientology has long had a policy of attaching themselves to legitimate organizations, groups, people and religions in order to lend themselves credibility. Their outward actions do not uphold the underlying deceit and abuse that is the truth of this tax exempt conglomerate.

Further one must ask, how can Scientology be participants in any interfaith activity, claiming tolerance and inclusion for all when they are so deeply in bed with the most racist, intolerant, hate filled, anti-Semitic organization in the United States, The Nation of Islam?

David Miscavige has awarded NOI spokesmen like Tony Mohammed Scientology’s highest honor, their Medal of Freedom. Mohammad who wholeheartedly embraces and promotes Louis Farrakhan’s ugly ideals and hatred for the Jewish community was honored for his “humanitarian” works.

This public recognition of such a divisive and intolerant organization can not possibly be reconciled with their claims of equality for all.

Every time a distinguished member of any legitimate faith stands shoulder to shoulder with the cult of Scientology they are lending support, credibility and legitimacy to a dark, abusive, criminal enterprise whose only real desire is, as their founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote, “MAKE MONEY. MAKE MORE MONEY. MAKE OTHER PEOPLE PRODUCE SO AS TO MAKE MORE MONEY.” ( L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 9 March 1972, MS OEC 384)

It is my most sincere hope and prayer that you reconsider your participation with Scientology and their false PR events. Showing support for such an organization strengthens their deceptive public face, allowing them to continue to further their atheism, heresy and spread their darkness.

True religion does not lead its people away from the Divine. It does not prey upon its members, using them as tools, then discarding them when they no longer have monetary use.

Just because the government allows for the removal of God does not make their actions true or correct. As the saying goes, “Standing in a church doesn’t make you religious any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.”

I ask you with the utmost heartfelt sincerity to please rethink supporting Scientology in any way.


Mrs. Stefani A Hutchison

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