Karma Hands Out an Emmy

The purpose of this blog is to help Never Ins see behind the glitz, smiles and humanitarian façade of Scientology. To delve deeper into the reality of rot inside the fragile shell of religious science fiction.

Azhlynne’s Blog was born from both an incredible sadness for the brave guests who appeared to tell their story on The Aftermath and as an outraged and defiant confrontation of a cult’s attempt to destroy an innocent human being.

So often the articles appearing on this blog are, of necessity, ones of anger, frustration and disgust for all the corrupt abuse of Scientology. This information is necessary to counter the constant attempts by COS to spread it’s taint further into the world.

Today however, the story that begins in darkness travels to amazing brightness and golden validation.

It is a tale worthy of Hollywood, where indeed one chapter of the journey of two intrepid, determined people eventually culminates with two, small golden statuettes.

Awards that have been handed out for excellence since 1949, yet this time go so far beyond their original intent.

Leah Remini.

An actress, author and producer like so many others chasing the dream in Hollywood. Though raised in Scientology, it was her own talent and tenacity that defined and shaped her journey. No matter what the cult would like to claim, they cannot bestow upon anyone the innate talent, sense of comedic timing or dogged work ethic necessary to succeed in fickle, demanding Tinseltown.

Remini’s successes are her own, not OT powers granted to her by the cult she was part of.

Scientology neither imbued her with nor awakened within her anything that she did not already possess.

Anyone who read Troublemaker will know what she lived.

Anyone who has ever suddenly found themselves adrift, faced with the reality that everything one ever believed was a lie will know what she endured.

The trajectory her life took surely could not have been what even she expected. From the outside those who watched with the detached interest of the uninvolved could hardly fathom what was not seen or understood.

It is so easy to dismiss celebrities as uber privileged, insulated beautiful people living in their own world, forgetting that they are as human and vulnerable as the rest of us.

The fact is that each have their own unique stories. Their successes, failings, joys and hurts motivate who they become just as life does for everyone.

Scientology used Leah Remini, as they do all their celebrity members as tools for status, good PR and a means both to legitimize the cult and recruit others. She was not an exceptional, intelligent individual to be appreciated or valued for herself. She was a means to an end and valued for what benefit she could give Scientology.

Fancy, exclusive Celebrity Center access did not erase or justify the sparse, lonely teen years, loss of stability, family or most especially of the right to individuality and one’s own thoughts. The more Remini questioned, attempting to make the broken pieces fit the framework she’d been given, the less her “religion” respected her.

Mike Rinder.

Life long Sea Org member who went as high and as far as he could go, dedicating himself completely to Scientology. His journey to the top was not handed to him. He made it up that shaky ladder because he had the determination, dedication and intelligence to succeed in an environment leagues beyond what any other corporate executive would ever have to face.

The world of high powered, cutthroat multi million dollar conglomerates is fraught with politics, infighting and drama on a good day. Adding Scientology toxicity to the mix takes the situation to an entirely different level.

That Rinder navigated OSA’s maze so well for so long speaks to his own talents and abilities and absolutely refutes any intimations of laziness.

In spite of all he gave and earned he too was merely a tool to be used for Scientology.

He was also a convenient scapegoat for David Miscavige.

Some CEOs use stress balls or go golfing to relieve the pressures, Miscavige turned to Mike Rinder to vent his spleen.

Abuse is evil no matter the recipient. Man or woman, child or animal, no one should be subjected to the conditions Rinder eventually found himself enduring.

A Scientologist is only as useful as their ability to conform and obey. Any moment of individuality or clarity is seen as a threat to be eradicated by any means necessary.

Leah Remini and Mike Rinder were both eventually driven into a corner without real choices. Scientology’s abuse left no good options for either; stay and accept a life of despair or go and face the unimaginable unknown.

Remini and Rinder’s escape from Scientology came with severest consequences. The unrelenting Fair Game, terrible personal loss and pain from Disconnection came down upon them like Thor’s hammer.

Under abuse that would cause many to fold, both Mike and Leah decided instead to meet it head on.

“Alright, let’s do this then.”

Scientology wasn’t smart enough to cut its losses and move on.

Since their partnership on The Aftermath an entire new way of life descended on COS and David Miscavige. Where Miscavige took, broke and withheld, Remini and Rinder gave, rebuilt and exposed.

Miscavige and his personal Goon Squad launched a multi pronged and deeply personal campaign against the duo designed not to just hurt, but to destroy.

OSA wants the public to believe they are charlatans, criminals, evil and to be dismissed.

To this end Miscavige employed every dirty trick in Hubbard’s book and more, even forcing the disconnected family members of Remini and Rinder to create ugly videos. Both endured familial losses, false accusations and harassment.

All of it designed to nullify and diminish two people who have offered nothing more than the truth.

Today both Remini and Rinder are the recipients of an Emmy Award for the final season of the platform of healing they created under the absolute worst Scientology had to offer.

This particular award goes far beyond it’s normal intention. Far beyond what the ATAS meant to say when it handed the small statuette to each of them. Not understanding the reality of Scientology’s core, The Academy may or may not know that this time the message is so much deeper.

It is the perfect public foil to all the painful public assaults on these erstwhile apostates.

Scientology shouts;





“Don’t listen to these people! They are worthless, useless! We threw them out! They have nothing to offer!”

Yet in spite of all Miscavige’s best efforts, OSA failed spectacularly.

Just as he drove Leah and Mike out of the cult, setting them upon their current path whether he knows it or not, his continual war against them served not to intimidate or silence them but to spur them forward.

The more he tried to tear them down and erase them, the more people took notice.

This Emmy confirms respect, belief, acceptance.

It is an acknowledgment of dedication and hard work.

Of exceptional work.

Traditionally this award is a recognition between peers in Hollywood and that is, on the surface, what it is again today. The Aftermath was an incredible docuseries that was well done, raw, honest and heartrending.

However this time it transcends the norm, adding weight and meaning to the work of Leah Remini and Mike Rinder, telling them both that they matter. What they have done has been heard.

Neither of them sought the position of apostate, Suppressive Person or target that has been foisted upon them.

Nor did they seek recognition.

They simply did it.

Did the work they needed to do with what they had to work with in the face of unimaginable resistance.

The world took notice in spite of everything Miscavige did.

L. Ron Hubbard wrote “What is true for you is true and when you lose that you lose everything.”

Miscavige made the monumentally epic mistake of losing everything when he ignored some major truths.

Leah Remini is valuable as an individual. She has an enormous intelligence and talent to offer. Miscavige ignored who she is, what her gifts and strengths are and so he underestimated her capabilities.

Mike Rinder got where he was in the Sea Org because of the very strength of character, tenacity, intelligence and determination that helped make The Aftermath what it was. For a second time COB underestimated the true threat Rinder could and would become.

The simple act of The Academy placing those Emmy Awards into Mike and Leah’s hands nullified every nasty Fair Game statement David Miscavige approved.

Nothing could take away or even reduce the pain that Captain Miscavige inflicted, but that golden statuette reinforces that the harm done to them has not gone unnoticed.

Recently on Twitter a Scientologist troll calling herself Brigitte Bird commented to Leah Remini that “Karma is a bitch”.

Brigitte’s right.

Miscavige tried to bring Remini and Rinder down, dismiss and diminish them. Convince the world they are terrible people not worth listening to.

He is the one facing multiple lawsuits, hiding like a coward from process servers. He is the one scrambling to hold his fabricated fantasy together so his followers don’t discover the truth.

Mike Rinder and Leah Remini are living successful, worthwhile lives and their contributions are being applauded and acknowledged.

Yes, Karma is indeed a Bitch and she responds accordingly.

The Emmy each can now display is a lasting message to both of these courageous people that others heard, listened and believed. Objective outsiders with no dogs in this fight collectively out voted David Miscavige and announced that their truth was indeed worthwhile, important and valid.

Congratulations Leah and Mike.

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