Another Case of Disgusting Cruelty

Office of Special Affairs has renewed its attack of lies against Mike Rinder, once again claiming he is guilty of domestic violence. This allegation utterly defies the evidence that proves his innocence but Scientology doesn’t let a small thing like truth get in the way of a good story.

Not content to concentrate on just Rinder, Scientology generously spreads their toxic brand of charity and good works to continue to harass Leah Remini as well.

In this episode, Miscavige approves the continual dragging of a struggling, mentally ill woman into the public arena and the twisting of the facts of her case thereby refusing to let her move on from her mistakes.

COS’ claim that Remini “egged on” McMurtry is holier than a sieve.

Erin’s Facebook is filled with a mix of political reposts and medical marijuana rhetoric interspersed with a few celebrity posts. There are links about Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and a couple of mentions of Leah Remini.

On Stand League, Edward Parkin has an article worthy of The National Enquirer, including a dramatic retelling of the above mentioned event.

“Just prior to deciding to wield her automobile as a weapon, McMurtry had watched a venomous HBO documentary on Scientology, produced by Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright. That was only the most recent hateful rant about the religion that McMurtry followed obsessively and routinely reposted to her Facebook page.”

Erin’s page shows no obsession, nor could her sporadic comments about Scientology be even remotely called routine. Similarly, labeling her posts “hateful rants” also pushes the boundaries of truth by a country mile.

Ordained Minister Parkin wants people to believe that there was some sort of insidious manipulation by Remini resulting in McMurtry’s vehicular widening of Scientology’s front entrance. According to his version, Erin was obsessed with Remini and spent her days writing Facebook posts filled with bigoted hate.

This is simply untrue in every way.

The facts in this case prove that Minister Parkin’s smarmy tale is nothing but wishful thinking on his part.

Erin McMurtry drove her vehicle through the front of the Scientology building, narrowly missing the nursery, on December 14, 2015.

Like the Taryn Teutsch accusations, this case has a file of documented evidence. Nowhere in this file is there even a mention of Leah Remini.

Officer Muñoz of Travis County, TX noted the statements McMurtry made during the investigation in his Affidavit for Warrant for Arrest and Detention.

In spite of the fact that Erin only commented on Scientology a couple brief times on her social media account she told officers that “she makes several statements online and is an unpaid activist.”

That she called herself an activist in spite of not engaging in any activism shows she was having trouble with her thinking.

For Miscavige and Minister Parkin the devil is in the details, however.

What they don’t want anyone to know is that Scientology is not Erin McMurtry’s first run in with the law.

The State of Texas provided to the Defense a Discovery Compliance Statement that included Extraneous Offense Reports.

In other words, her rap sheet.

Prior to her literal run in with COS Ms. McMurtry was arrested for the burglary of several churches, shoplifting and theft.

She did not just wake up one day, get together with Leah Remini and then gas up and go slam her car into the Scientology building in Austin, Texas.

Nor was she out for blood as Minister Parkin would have the world believe. During her arrest she expressed relief that no one was hurt and admitted that she’d chosen the wrong way to get her message out.

Erin McMurtry is not just some hardened bigot driven by Leah Remini to commit a one off hate crime.

According to the police file Erin is struggling with mental illness.

Thankfully for this young woman, Travis County and The State of Texas showed the compassion and patience that the Church of Scientology and their Minister lacked.

While the most ethical religion on the planet continues to punish Erin in order to Fair Game Leah Remini, the Court took a different approach.

Recognizing her need for help, from the pre-trial stage of the case Mcmurtry was ordered confined to her home under mental health monitoring.

Erin voluntarily pleaded guilty to Criminal Mischief and was sentenced accordingly, but what Parkin fails to mention is that sentence was deferred for 5 years.

Requirements for her continued freedom include mental health treatment and counseling as well as a psychological assessment. Something she obviously needed in the first place.

Note too, that out of the religious churches who had run ins with this troubled woman, only Scientology is continually throwing her under the bus.

Even Marty Rathbun repeated the story in one of his recent blogs just to try and make Leah Remini look bad.

Scientology cruelly and viciously twists circumstances that are sad and painful into a weapon of hate.

How terribly cold and mean spirited for this church who claims to be oh so superior to everyone else, the church with all the answers to save Mankind, to continually rub salt into Erin McMurtry’s already deep wounds.

Now that she is receiving court ordered help and support, how difficult must her road to a more stable life be to have her past on constant view. Even if she may not be aware of it now, David Miscavige is assuring that her troubles will always be there for anyone to see and be misled by.

COB’s rubber stamp of approval for this one sided Fair Game battle denies her peace, denies her forgiveness or support in her struggles.

From the top down one finds no mercy within the doctrines of this religion.

Erin McMurtry is a convenient tool for impersonal use. Her failure trumpeted across social media in a ceaseless tirade of soulless disregard for her wellbeing or needs.

All in the name of revenge against a woman Erin doesn’t even know.

Like the accusations against Mike Rinder there is enough factual evidence in the McMurtry case to put these claims to rest.

David Miscavige is lying and salaciously taking advantage of a woman who does not deserve such treatment. Make no mistake that he is signing off on this course of action so the ultimate responsibility lies with him.

Typical behavior for a man so motivated by the pain of others.

Given L. Ron Hubbard’s propensity for such mean disregard for others, one cannot help but think he would be so proud of his usurper.

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