A Stand League Whiner Gets His Bluff Called

Scientology’s Stand League has reached out to sass yet another Suppressive journalist for bigotry.

Derek James from WCCB, Charlotte, NC was targeted for his public support of Leah Remini and Mike Rinder’s new podcast on iHeart Radio.

Scientologist John Pantermuehl opened his nastygram stating, “It’s truly remarkable that you would expose yourself on network television as someone who promotes religious bigotry, as you did on the 30th when you mentioned your favorite podcast.”

To be clear, James didn’t expose himself, nor did he promote religious bigotry.

Seeing that Pantermuehl’s letter was filled with the twisted, untrue accusations that Remini and Rinder are guilty of inciting hate crimes, we reached out to Derek James with some truth.

Mr. James kindly responded with the following email:

While it would be incredible for Mr. James to be able to get any ranking Scientologist into the same room as either Leah Remini or Mike Rinder we sadly have to agree with him. The chances are slim to none.

In the meantime keep up the good work Derek James and WCCB, Charlotte as you Stand up for the truth and refuse to back down in the face of Scientology’s spleen.

Well done!

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