A Scientologist Threatens Leah Remini

Ordained Minister and Twitter Verified Account owner Edward Parkin continues his Dorsey sanctioned Fair Game attacks on Leah Remini and now this religious account of public interest has taken a dark turn.

Azhlynne’s Blog wrote in 2019 that Scientology had all the fundamental makings of a terrorist group.

This opinion has only grown over time.

Minister Parkin posted the usual spite attacking Remini, but this time his tweet incited a physical threat against her from one of COS’ fanatical parishioners.

For years Parkin’s as well as other Scientology owned accounts have been reported for overt policy violations to no avail. Now the hate, harassment, bullying and personal attacks can add incitement to violence to the list.

Twitter removed the single post wherein Scientologist Margie Maselli responded to Parkin saying, “I’m going to make a nothingness out of her”.

Good on them.

But it is far from enough.

The bigger issue is that had Minister Parkin’s Verified account been removed long before now, Maselli wouldn’t have made the threat against Leah Remini in the first place.

Scientology is a dangerous entity because it manipulates the mind and emotions of it’s members. It creates a hostile, paranoid environment with its policies of revenge and disconnection. The whole “us v them” mentality is a breeding ground for suspicion, anger and hostility.

Add just one deeply disturbed individual to this toxic mix and the repercussions could be tragic.

This was clearly demonstrated in 2019 at the Australian Org in Sydney when a desperate young man, driven to his breaking point by the thought of losing his mother to the cult, fatally stabbed a member.

Some may dismiss Maselli’s threat as posturing and most likely nothing will come of it. The sad reality is that where Scientology is concerned, one cannot let one’s guard down.

David Miscavige would be perfectly satisfied if physical harm befell Leah Remini. He’d happily throw Maselli under the bus as acting independently, but he’s lose no sleep about it either.

Scientology is a multi billion dollar conglomerate with a proven track record of a willingness to go to any extreme in attempting to silence its enemies.

This may be one post but it must be considered a viable threat and addressed with all gravity.

Including calling Minister Edward Parkin to account for his years of toxic, aggressive abuse towards former members and those who speak out against Scientology.

One thought on “A Scientologist Threatens Leah Remini

  1. Margie Maselli was a close childhood friend of mine. It saddens and sickens me knowing the misguided path she somehow got sucked into choosing to go down several decades ago. After all this time it is probably too much to hope for that she comes to see the light at some point, but I still hold out a glimmer as she was like a little sister to me back in the late 60’s/early 70’s.


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