Scientology Attacks Tamron Hall

In Greek mythology Zeus sits on his throne atop Mt. Olympus meting out justice upon Mankind with well placed bolts of lightning.

Given his propensity for plagiarism, one can’t help but wonder if this was the image L. Ron Hubbard had in mind for Scientology.

It certainly is apt though with one glaring difference; Zeus’ targets usually deserved their punishments.

Members of Stand League place themselves above mere mortals, hurling insults and rage filled attacks with wild abandon. Self perceived superiority gives them all the permission needed to condescendingly call out anyone they happen to disagree with.

Attacks fly from Scientology’s realm fast and furiously, no one who dares proffer an opinion escapes chastisement.

Tamron Hall is an Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist, executive producer and talk show host.

More than these achievements, she is also dedicated to doing good and giving back if her social media accounts are anything to go by.

Partnered with Purina to bring awareness of Domestic Violence, empowering women, supporting breast cancer awareness and hosting the 2020 Cancer Research Virtual Immunotherapy Patient Summit are just a few of the ways she is making a difference.

October 2, 2020 Hall hosted Leah Remini for a chat about her crusade to expose Scientology’s Fair Game Policy, the Danny Masterson case and more.

Remini’s appearance triggered the launching of an OSA lightning bolt aimed directly at Tamron Hall in retaliation.

Fresh from her attack on journalist Hillary Kelly, Stand League Director Beri Berger exclaimed, “It is unacceptable that Tamron Hall would promote a hate campaigner against any religion—anti-Scientology is anti-Scientology, anti-Semitism is anti-Semitism, Islamophobia is Islamophobia and discrimination is discrimination. Enough is enough,” said STAND National Director Bari Berger. “Hall is apparently one of the few public figures left who believes there is a place for blatant bigotry in mainstream media today.”    

Ms. Berger mentions anti-Semitism as discrimination with what we can only assume is a straight face.

As for her saying that Ms. Hall is one of the few bigots left in mainstream media; if Berger really believes this then why the constant letter writing and complaints? Stand League seems to have no difficulty finding targets for their vituperation and hate.

Bari Berger is not the only disgruntled Scientologist publicly attacking Tamron Hall for exercising her right to choose her own guests.

Misguided Culty Twins Stacy Francis and Kirstie Alley have joined forces like ninth grade cheerleaders to bully Tamron Hall as well.

Scientology is the first one to squeal like a stuck pig if they think their liberties are being challenged. They love to spread the message that all have inalienable human rights.

Discrimination and hate have no place in this world and Scientology is the key freedom fighter.

Except once again actions speak louder than words.

Based upon the constant, unchanging behavior displayed by members of this superior religion, no one has a right to anything at all unless Scientology approves.

Stacy Francis accuses Tamron Hall of lies.

Lying about what?

Hall invited Leah Remini to her talk show where they discussed Remini’s experiences and thoughts. It is not a lie that Scientology spends millions of dollars a year fair gaming their so-called enemies. Their actions have been caught on video attacking others, here, here, here and also here, amongst so many hundreds, if not thousands of first hand experiences that have been shared with the world.

It is not a lie that Danny Masterson is facing years in prison for (allegedly) raping multiple women.

Tamron Hall certainly told no lies during her show. Neither did Remini.

Berger’s allegation that Hall is supporting bigotry is just as baseless and ludicrous.

Merriam-Webster defines bigotry as “obstinate or intolerant devotion to one’s own opinions and prejudices”.

Unlike Scientology who is all talk and no action, Tamron Hall gives back to the community. Her dedication to causes close to her heart work to make the lives of others better. She uses her platform to encourage the discussion of difficult subjects so change and healing can take place.

Hall’s actions are those of someone who truly cares about the world around her and wants to make a difference.

Scientology talks about tolerance and freedom for all, but like Kirstie Alley, Stacy Francis, Edward Parkin, Beri Berger and all the other members of this blind and hateful group, consistently fails to put their money where their mouths are.

Their empty defense of their cult has no meaning. No purpose.

Scientology offers nothing to the world but wasted lives and labors.

If Hubbard did indeed have in his mind the image of Zeus dispensing justice to the world, he missed the mythology mark.

Rather than the king of the gods, members of Scientology are really more like Sisyphus; condemned to an eternity of forcing his boulder uphill but never quite making it to the top.

He spends forever pushing, fighting, struggling.

In the end, for nothing.

2 thoughts on “Scientology Attacks Tamron Hall

  1. Stacy Francis’ comment that she’s be willing to provide “true facts” is pretty funny when one considers a couple of “true facts” about Stacy:

    First off, I am sure that as a wannabe-celeb she would gladly appear on this show or any other that would have her. And I’m sure that availability wouldn’t be a problem either as she is not exactly in the kind of demand that could create scheduling problems.

    However, there’s no way the cult would let her do that. Speaking publicly on behalf of her “religion”–secretive and paranoid as it is–is simply verboten. The consequences would be severe. Her “true facts” will remain as elusive as Hubbard’s “researches.”

    If her catty remark about another person’s Christian commitment weren’t telling enough it would behoove her to consider that the only verifiable spiritual source of her idol Hubbard is occultism. And considering the kind of things that Hubbard had to say about Christ (“There is no Christ”), himself (referring to himself as the anti-Christ) and religion itself (“the way to make a million bucks”), it would appear that the “Christian” Stacy has a lot more explaining to do than the target of her uncharitable, slanderous and entirely uncalled for attack.

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