A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Creepy Eddie Parkin engaged in typical Scientology morality not long ago when he threw an innocent coffee company under the bus in his bid to fair game Leah Remini.

Uncaring that he was exposing the business to potentially negative blowback and caring even less that he put the livelihood of F. Gaviña & Sons employees at risk, Minister Parkin announced that the company had taken a public stand against Remini.

Equally uncaring, Twitter Support declined to do the right thing and remove the dishonest, blatantly harassing post even when faced with the truth. The original post is still available while the Verified Minister of the Most Ethical Religion on the Planet has since reposted it, just to make sure it is seen.

In case anyone missed it, The Television Academy responded:

“We’re reaching out to clarify a situation relating to Don Francisco Coffee that appeared in a series of tweets today. Don Francisco has been a valued partner of the Emmys and the Television Academy for a number of years. Unfortunately, due to issues solely related to the pandemic, they were not able to be a partner this year. To be clear, their sponsor status was determined several months ago, long before nominations were announced.  Hoping that this helps clarify the situation for you. Wishing you all the best. Stay healthy and safe.

In case this wasn’t enough proof, the good people at Don Francisco, part of the F. Gaviña & Sons company showed the truth.

We’ll let their actions speak for them:

7 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

  1. Excellent work.
    Scientology staff are able to lie to their superiors, and their superiors are biased to hear “good news” (the lies these subordinates like Ed Parkin submit) which the Scientology staff bosses gobble up.

    Former insider top PR man for Scientology, Mike Rinder, has said numerous times, these lies that Scientology publishes of their false accomplishments, were intended only to be viewed by the Scientology followers.

    Their lies about their accomplishments only need to sound good, and aren’t being checked at all, since the Scientology bosses don’t want to hear about these lies being lies.

    Scientology’s in house self congratulating propaganda you have excellently done the work to show is clear cut sham stuff.

    Excellent work, you are truly doing the public good with your work.

    – Chuck Beatty
    xTeamXenu Scientology staffer, 1975-2003
    Scientology is clearly a racket and a con, which has taken the “religion angle” (Hubbard even admitted taking the “religion angle”)

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