It’s Past Time for Confront and Shatter

What religion on this planet would continually and without an ounce of compassion publicly torment a young man who struggles with mental illness?

What kind of people make it their mission to revel in another’s pain?

Scientology threatens to clear the planet, reforming it into their own image and likeness so here is an example of their version of society.

A world without compassion.

A world where people dealing with medical conditions are considered degraded beings who hinder the freedom of everyone else.

Miscavige desires an existence free from support, help and the hope for a better quality of life for those with mental illness through the “utter annihilation” of psychiatry.

Scientology’s prejudice and intolerance against mental illness is part of their sacred scripture. Part of, apparently, what defines them as a religion.

After all, their fanatical hatred for psychiatry coupled with an equally fanatical denial of the reality of mental health conditions perfectly fulfills the governmental requirement for tax exemption for to be a church one must:

“hold(s) a sincere and meaningful belief that occupies in the life of its possessor a place parallel to the place held by God in the lives of other persons.”

Governmentally endorsed and protected hate and intolerance.

@ExposeNetwork recently retweeted yet another Stand League attack against Leah Remini. In order to perpetrate this particular fair game harassment, these members of “The most ethical religion on the planet” have once again trotted out the sad and tragic incident from early 2016 involving Brandon Reisdorf.

Marty Rathbun, on again/off again mouthpiece for COS is featured in a video neatly tying Leah Remini to the events of April 23, 2016, accusing her of responsibility for the young man’s actions.

Transcript from video:

They’re obsessing about how Scientology had accused Leah of inspiring, disaffecting and then inspiring this kid, Brandon Reisdorf to commit a hate crime by throwing a brick through a window of a Church of Scientology. And it’s like ‘AHA, can you believe she’s accusing me?’ And she’s literally standing–sitting next to Mike Rinder, who in fact did orchestrate the kid’s disaffection and inspire him getting to the point of hating David Miscavige and Scientology so much he was willing to main somebody.”

That his testimony is rambling and confused may be due to the fact that Marty knows he’s recreating history to fit Miscavige’s agenda. Lying makes one uncomfortable, even when they’re trained to be good at it.

AHA, can you believe she’s accusing me?”


Brandon Reisdorf threw a hammer through the Scientology window at 2:42 am.

Had he truly wanted to “maim somebody” why wait for the small hours of the morning when the chances of actually hurting anyone were small? Further it was a large, clear glass window. Brandon could certainly see that the room was empty when he lashed out at the building.

Reisdorf’s true motivation was that Scientology not only denied him the proper, necessary care and treatment for his illness, but they exacerbated his condition by ripping his beloved family apart.

Scientology incited Brandon Reisdorfs break down and subsequent rage filled attack on the window.


Just as “The Church” attempted to lay blame for the fatal stabbing in 2019 at the Australian Org on Leah Remini and Mike Rinder, the indisputable fact is that Scientology created that situation. They created that desperation and rage.

No one else.

Rathbun appears not to have done his fact checking properly before his peculiar, muddled little speech.

A well known admonishment is that if one is going to lie, one had best be very good at it.

In spite of the TR-L course that endeavors to teach how to lie effectively, Scientology keeps failing spectacularly.

The fact is, in June 2017 Stand League wrote an article about Brandon Reisdorf and the hammer incident.

“Prior to Brandon launching his assault, his mother, Lois, appeared on a biased and hate-filled ABC 20/20 feature that gratuitously attacked the Church of Scientology and its leadership. Reisdorf’s mother regularly posted to anti-Scientology hate sites while nurturing her son with her venom.

Instilled with his mother’s prejudice and driven to paranoid delusions, Reisdorf threatened to fire on anyone who might approach him from the Church.”

Scientology’s Stand League very clearly, unambiguously and succinctly stated that the one who incited Reisdorf was his mother.

There was no mention whatsoever of Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, The Aftermath or anything else remotely connected to them.

Somewhere along the way it became more convenient to blame Leah, even after Brandon publicly stated she was not part of what happened that night.

This situation however, goes beyond just the fair game of Leah Remini.

Brandon Reisdorf struggles with mental illness and Scientology is unendingly, mercilessly using him as a tool with complete disregard for his feelings, needs and medical issues.

Actions such as this by a so-called Church are the ultimate examples of intolerance, mean spirited bullying and outright hate.

Anyone who sees @StandLeague, @EPStandLeague, @ExposeNetwork or the other despicable Scientology social media accounts dragging this young man through their mire of hate should be, NEEDS TO BE, outraged.

Brandon made a mistake in the throes of a breakdown after being driven to limits even the healthiest of persons would struggle to handle. He has the right to be forgiven, offered understanding and love, and be permitted to move on.

Scientology is determined to continually expose his past, use him as an unwilling Cat o’ nine tails to lash Leah Remini, and refuse him the opportunity to heal and move forward.

Edward Parkin abuses Erin McMurtry in this same demeaning, hateful fashion. He cannot find it within himself to, as an Ordained Minister, offer comfort, support or compassion to the hurting.

Scientology hates psychiatry, denies the realities of mental illness and denigrates, demeans and dehumanizes those who suffer from these medical challenges.

Actions such as these are abhorrent in any case, but when perpetrated by a “Church” are even more maliciously abusive.

Never Ins often ask how they can help in the fight against this dark, malicious cult.

Speak out.

Challenge this kind of abuse publicly for what it is.




Speak and keep speaking.

Scientology needs good PR like fish need water to live.

Expose them for the hate filled bullies they are. Strip Scientology’s façade of humanitarian charity back and show the world the lies and rot that drives this cult of greed.

Speak up for people like Brandon Reisdorf who is being shamed because of mental illness.


If Scientology and David Miscavige is capable of treating the vulnerable and struggling in such a cold, callous manner, how much worse for those still trapped within the confines of the RPF, The Hole and the Freewinds?

Confront and shatter is exactly what is needed to force Scientology into the light and crumble their illusion of religion to dust.

2 thoughts on “It’s Past Time for Confront and Shatter

  1. “Cult,” “statistics,” “brainwashed,” “thinking what they want them to think,” “insanity becomes the result.”

    Another fine example of a glass house as these are expressions that have been applied hundreds of times to scientology not only by observers but by those with first-hand experience with this organization.

    And more glass house from Mart Mark as he proclaims: “… orchestrate the kid’s disaffection and inspire him getting to the point of hating David Miscavige and Scientology so much he was willing to maim somebody.”

    If this statement, that disaffection will lead directly to violence, is correct, Marty just delivered a self-indictment. He has expressed his disgust for the “church’s” abuses and his disaffection for Miscavige enough times to incite a regular wave of violent crime against the organization.

    Now if slippery Marty were to claim that he has seen the error of his ways and consequently stopped attacking the “church” he would still have to explain how his recent persistent attacks on Remini, Rinder and various others could be anything but a call to arms, especially in light of the fact that the ever paranoid and irascible “church” needs little or no encouragement to launch full-blown scorched earth “fair game” attacks even without Marty’s cheer leading.

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