Surprise! They Lied Again!

EDIT NOVEMBER 15, 2020: The owners of this business are so concerned about being associated with Scientology they have asked us to not use their name in our article. “Please do not mention us in your article about Scientology. We are not associated with them in any way shape or form.”

As of this date their photograph is still part of the original Scientology press release so the presumption of their involvement still exists. Our article was clear that they are not in anyway affiliated with Scientology or the Volunteer Ministers. However we have redacted their name from our piece.

Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers have issued their newest press release in which they use yet another unsuspecting business as a prop.

This time a popular local Kansas City restaurant, was featured in the press release.

Once again the illusion is not the reality.

The rest of Scientology’s self congratulatory piece is filled with glowing details of all the wonderful things COS has done for the community. So incredible is Scientology’s humanitarian zeal that they write, “Even before a pandemic was declared, under the direction of Mr. Miscavige, the Church researched the most effective measures for containing the spread of the virus.”

Of course the question as to how Miscavige would have known anything about COVID-19 prior to the pandemic being declared is not addressed. That the ever evolving circumstances of the disease was basically an unknown at the beginning of the global crisis would have made it impossible for Captain COB to have done any such research is apparently a non issue.

Also missing from this bit of brown nosing horse hockey (besides the hip boots) is the fact that Miscavige called the pandemic “hysteria” in his Bulletin No. 88. His disdain for COVID-19 was more than clear in his missive as was his obvious disbelief that the situation was real.

“Due to the current hysteria, whether you believe in it or not, (and the only thing you can be certain of is that it is hysteria) our weekend celebrations will have had to be canceled.”

“Unfortunately, as but the latest example of this almost planet is ‘almost’ medicine and science that can’t yet prevent whatever the latest ‘outbreak’ happens to be.”

Pure unadulterated scorn for a disease that has thus far claimed 234,937 deaths in the United States alone.

Why would Miscavige bother to research something he didn’t even believe in?

As for how the community feels about their new neighbors, residents of a Wyandotte neighborhood are fighting Scientology’s purchase of a property for use as a dormitory for members.

“The way I read it, this is not a religion,” said Paul Soptick, leader of a community watchdog group called Wyandotte Countians Against Crime. 

Soptick, a lifelong KCK resident, was in attendance at Monday’s commission meeting. He said Scientology’s unconventional beliefs make him and other neighbors uncomfortable.”

All in all, this press release is yet one more bit of lipstick on a very ugly pig.

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