The Tantrum Continues…

Parents know that often when a toddler throws a tantrum, the more mom ignores it the louder the child gets. Two year olds think that if they get louder and more demanding, someone will finally give in to them.

The trick is not to give in.

So too the ever evolving, constantly changing story being told by Bitter Bernardini and Taryn Teutsch about Mike Rinder.


They’re still at it.

Recently Taryn has recorded herself importantly reading from the paramedic report that is readily available for anyone to see online.

“A paramedic came and treated my mom. And the paramedic report cited it as ‘Unarmed assault. Husband forcefully grabbed her by the arm.'”

City of Clearwater Fire and Rescue’s report does have the box checked for “Assault”. This document also includes the phrase “Unarmed Assault”, but does it prove her allegations?

“It was plain as day. The evidence is there. I’m an eye witness. I saw it happening.”

If Taryn Teutsch actually saw what she and her mother are claiming took place, why did not one of the people interviewed by the police on scene mention all the brutality? Does one forget the grinding of bones, spurting of blood and a large, strong man holding a woman down whilst he screams profanity at her?

The Pinellas County police officer who investigated the disturbance stated in his report that Cathy Bernardini (then Rinder) admitted she’d tried to force Mike to stay in the car. He noted that she claimed Mike grabbed her.

She’s the only one who told the officer this, otherwise he would have also noted it in writing. He does note his interaction with some of the others who were present during this altercation.

“During the investigation Andrew Susan and Karen were interviewed separately and they stated that they had been in town from California with Catherine and that they were attempting to confront Michael regarding his desire not to speak to his family. They stated that they found him at the doctors office today and confronted him while he was in the car. They collectively stated that they were trying to speak with Michael due to being estranged from the family and that they did not want to cause any problems during the incident.”

That’s it. No other witnesses corroborated Bernardini’s claim.

No one who spoke to the police said a single word about even the first, most basic claim; that he grabbed her by the arms and twisted them.

Bernardini obviously told the paramedic that Rinder had grabbed her. It’s on the report. Logic and common sense both would lead normal thinking people to wonder why the story stopped there.

NO mention of gouged flesh.

NO mention of broken, dislocated or otherwise damaged shoulder.

(Of these two not even the medically trained paramedic noted any of this trauma.)

NO mention of being held down.

The paramedic would have asked her “how did you get your injuries”, she responded that Mike Rinder grabbed her, he wrote her claim down. If a crime had been found to have been committed, the paramedic report would have been entered into evidence.

According to the report Bernardini had a small 2″ skin tear. Grabbing someone does not usually cause bleeding.

Bruising yes, but bleeding?

Getting banged on the edge of a car door whilst attempting to close it on someone more than likely will cause such an injury.

In any case, the paramedic only documents what Bernardini said.

His report is not a charging document.

Only the police, through their investigation process, determine if a crime has been committed and if an arrest will be made. The only reason this box is checked on the paramedic report is because when they arrive on scene and question the patient as to the cause of their injuries they record what the patient says. Paramedics do not determine the truth of this claim. They simply record the information they are given.

Any patient can make a claim, the paramedic’s job is to provide medical care, not investigate the criminality of an event. Taryn Teutsch can quote from this report until the cows come home, it does not prove that any crime was committed.

She certainly isn’t recording herself reading from the police report. That document does not fit the lies she wants to promote.

Taryn seems to have simply forgotten that the police report, which details the investigation in full, clearly states no crime was committed by Rinder. She missed where the police officer determined that it was Bernardini who was not being honest during the investigation.

According to the law there was no assault. Bernardini hurt her arm when she was trying to force Rinder to stay in his vehicle. Bernardini brought this entire situation on herself when she chose to round up a posse, hunt down a man who obviously did not wish to speak with her and then attack him.

Including Scientology hired private investigators there were 8 people against Mike Rinder that day. One might also wonder why licensed private detectives would have stood quietly by and allowed their quarry to so brutally assault the woman they were hired to accompany. Listening to the tale Taryn and her mother tell, Rinder was well on his way to killing the woman. No one stepped in?


Important to note here the dishonest, creative editing that Taryn does with her narrative.

One can take anything out of context and make it fit an entirely different reality.

Taryn quotes from the report, but she is not quoting the paramedic. “Unarmed Assault” is not the finding of the person providing medical care.

This information is solely Bernardini’s. It is not evidence of a criminal act.

Bernardini told the paramedic that Rinder grabbed her, so he noted it on his report.

In no way does Bernardini’s statement to the paramedic equal a statement of fact.

Teutsch’s nasty campaign against her own father has, like any angry toddler not getting enough attention, increased once more with new intensity.

A single skin tear on her right forearm (which is what the paramedic notes on his report) has, over the years morphed into broken bones, a dislocated shoulder, injuries to both arms, blood “spurting on the walls” and now Rinder is accused of holding Bernardini down as he screamed profanities at her.

Azhlynne’s Blog has an earlier article addressing this issue found here, it is highly recommended that one use the link found in this piece and listen to the John Sweeney recording of this entire incident. For those who are not aware, Rinder was fortunately on the phone with BBC journalist John Sweeney when this mess happened and it was all recorded live. All it takes is one listen to understand exactly how badly Teutsch, Bernardini and Scientology are lying.

Not once during this entire recording do you hear Rinder raise his voice, let alone scream at anyone. One time he tells Jenny Linson “Fuck you”. The fact that he didn’t yell it, nor did he start yelling back at all the other people screaming and swearing at him is actually incredible.

Bitter Bernardini and Taryn are still milking this decade old event for all it’s worth. Teutsch’s recent blog posts have painted her mother as a decrepit, incapable victim. Bernardini apparently can’t even brush her own teeth anymore.

Not a good look, ladies.

The level of whining and pity party these two woman are displaying is frankly disgusting.

Thousands of men and women are living full and productive lives with far worse physical conditions than a bum shoulder due to chronic medical conditions that Bernardini had way before she attacked Mike Rinder. Apparently neither Bernardini nor Teutsch have any better way to conduct their lives than to run a blog dedicated to “poor me”.

Poor Cathy. She had to have special shirts made to accommodate her bursitis and tendinitis ridden shoulder.

Poor Cathy, she has limited movement because she had an acromion hook that required surgery.

Boo hoo.

Whatever health issues Cathy Bernardini is living with now are not Mike Rinder’s fault. Continually blaming him for pre existing medical conditions is not only immoral and unethical but evil.

It’s past time for the tantrum to stop and these two to grow up. Cathy Bernardini, you brought the scratch you caused on yourself when you decided to attack your ex husband. Had you had the maturity and grace to move on and live your own life, none of this would have happened. As for your shoulder issues, you know as well as anyone that you had problems long before Mike even blew. It is a convenient tool that you are using to beat your ex with. Nothing more.

Grow up.

Taryn says her whole campaign is predicated upon the “fact” that Mike Rinder assaulted her mother.

Since there was no assault, where does that leave her campaign?

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