Case Versus Case: What is the Difference?

In 2018 The Sun newspaper called actor Johnny Depp a “wife beater” in reference to the allegations his ex wife, Amber Heard, made against him in court. Depp, maintaining his innocence sued the paper but suffered a crushing blow when a British judge found in favor of The Sun.

According to an article in The New York Daily News Judge Andrew Nicol ruled that Heard’s claims of violent domestic abuse by Depp had been “proved to the civil standard”.

Amber Heard’s accusations of domestic violence resulted in Depp being asked to resign from his part in the “Fantastic Beasts” series. Throughout this case Depp has not only maintained his innocence, but insisted that in fact, it was Heard who was the aggressor in the relationship.

Subsequently, a recording of Heard was released in which she can be heard admitting to what Depp has insisted all along; she has been abusing him.

Throughout this Hollywood soap opera there have been hints that Amber Heard has not been the helpless, innocent victim.

Circa 2006, footage from a reality show revealed Amber’s sister, Whitney Henriquez, had been involved in a physical altercation with Heard. On the film someone is heard saying “I can’t believe Amber beat your ass”. Further, in 2009 Heard was arrested for striking her then partner during an altercation.

Once the recording of Amber Heard admitting to hitting Johnny Depp was released there was an immediate outraged quid pro quo demand for the actress’ removal from the “Aquaman” sequel.

A petition was started on Change.Org and has, as of the date of this writing, raised 1.5 million signatures.

The public has been rightfully outraged at what is looking more and more like a case of false accusations of domestic violence against Johnny Depp. While fans of the actors will never really know what happened between these two behind closed doors, the recorded proof that Heard may be the aggressor (too?) in this relationship is all it took for backlash.

So what does any of this have to do with Scientology?

Unlike the Depp/Heard case where there are now questions surrounding the facts, Mike Rinder is still being constantly accused of domestic violence despite irrefutable proof of his innocence. There is no media coverage of this man’s public attacks by a tax exempt organization that calls itself a “church”.

In both of these cases there are recordings.

While Heard’s do much to cast doubt on the circumstances surrounding this disturbing case, Rinder’s recording completely conflicts with the accusations being made against him. Not one claim made by Teutsch and Bernardini against Rinder is substantiated by the John Sweeney recording.

Unlike the Depp/Heard litigation which is fraught with “he said/she said”, Mike Rinder’s situation was investigated on scene by Pinellas County police and not only was he found innocent of any wrongdoing but the investigator noted that Rinder’s accusers were less than truthful.

In the face of a plethora of hard, factual evidence that clearly exonerates him, Rinder is still forced to endure constant attacks against his character and reputation while his obviously lying accusers are unaccountable and are, in fact, permitted free reign.

1.5 million concerned, outraged voices clamor for Amber Heard to receive some sort of consequences.

Scientology, Taryn Teutsch, OSA and Bitter Cathy Bernardini all engage in the most heinous of campaigns any innocent man should have to face, being falsely accused of violent domestic violence, with absolutely no accountability whatsoever.

Johnny Depp was forced to quit his position in the “Fantastic Beasts” franchise over his ex wife’s accusations.

Her words had power.

What of the words of a “church” that has created an ongoing, overt, public series of nasty, untrue allegations against one man? Where is the outrage? Where is the liability for a “religion” who, for years, has promoted, supported and fostered provably false claims of domestic violence?

Does the First Amendment provide protection for the destruction of an innocent person?

Numerous attempts to have Twitter address this egregious use of their platform have fallen on deaf ears. Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde and Twitter’s Public Policy Chief, Yoel Roth have all been approached, asked for justice and the protection of someone being falsely accused of serious crimes.

All met with a deafening silence that beg the questions; is Twitter in favor of such malicious, destructive actions? Do these top executives, even the CEO himself, condone the ongoing accusations of domestic violence against Mike Rinder?

The answer can only be a resounding “YES“.

Scientology’s fake, spurious claims that Mike Rinder attacked his former wife in April of 2010 are every bit as damaging and terrible as any of the events being played out in Hollywood between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Celebrity should not grant special privileges, recognition or attention when it comes to accusations of rape or domestic violence.

Every time someone falsely accuses another of such violent crimes lives are at the least damaged, if not ruined. It affects not just the accused, but also his family as well. Multiple people are hurt, in some cases livelihoods are lost.

Lack of accountability in these situations paves the way for future accusers to turn to this method for petty revenge. If it works, why not utilize it?

Allowing a self described “ethical church” to practice this behavior with impunity is even more egregious.

1.5 million voices and counting are furious and demanding justice against Amber Heard. Media coverage is widespread and consistent as this case plays out.

In the meantime, Scientology is viciously and continuously announcing that Mike Rinder is guilty of not only domestic violence but also, along with Leah Remini, complicit to murder and the response is a resounding silence.

How do such church sanctioned lies manage to escape outraged public response as in the case of Amber Heard? Why do women who falsely accuse fellow students of rape make headlines yet this innocent man goes unsupported? Both rape and domestic violence are the most serious, emotionally damaging of accusations, lying about either is wrong whether one is a Hollywood star or an activist speaking out against a destructive cult.

Mike Rinder has worked hard to speak out for those harmed by his former “church”, he spends much of his life now trying to help, heal and support those who have suffered at Scientology’s brutal hands. Doesn’t this care qualify him for some sort of acknowledgment and justice? Does he not deserve the same outrage, support and respect?

It is a sad commentary on society when it takes a large public shaming to force a right, moral response. Scientology should be front and center in the media right now every bit as much as the Heard/Depp controversy. Jack Dorsey and Twitter need to be in the headlines for their defense and protection of Scientology’s actions as well.

It is past time for some sort of public accountability, justice and closure for Mike Rinder.

No one should be forced to endure years of such ugly, hate filled lies and no “church” should be permitted to escape public chastisement and responsibility.

Scientology and the Taryn Teutsch campaign of lies and hate need to be stopped.

Where are the voices?

*Please click on the second photo to see video, then see here for commentary.

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