Scientology’s Whistleblower Video is as Fake as They Are

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath came to an end after three incredible seasons on August 26, 2019.

Scientology apparently did not receive the memo as they have continued to attack Leah Remini, Mike Rinder and anyone associated with the show as though it never ended.

This Cult of Suppression has no limit to the lows they are willing to go in order to cause hurt and harm. Given that they are allowed unfettered freedom to harass and bully their victims on Twitter, Scientology’s Freedom Media Ethics, @FreedomEthics, continues to regurgitate a video there in which they disgustingly use Mary Kahn as a weapon to hurt Leah Remini.

Kahn appeared several times on The Aftermath including telling her heartbreaking story in 2016 on the episode The Bridge. In her recent interview on Remini and Rinder’s podcast Kahn’s close relationship with both was mentioned. That Scientology is using her to further their Fair Game campaign shows exactly how immoral, unethical and dishonest they really are. There is no depth too low for the cult to sink.

Mary was gracious enough to give us a statement in response to this video;

“It’s a lie. This person was totally made-up by the church. The whole thing is a lie. Leah did NOT ask anyone to dramatize or start crying. And the ONLY time Leah asked cameras to stop was when I DID break down crying.

Also, we did NOT receive payment.

This is NO whistleblower. This was made by the c of s.”

It is beyond cruel that a “church” would use someone’s dear friend as a tool for inflicting pain. Scientology has no permission to use the Mary Kahn video from The Aftermath either from Kahn or Remini. Fair Use allows for short snippets of copyrighted video to be used under certain situations, however in this case they are beyond Fair Use exceptions and need to be cited for violations of copyright laws.

Close inspection of this video reveals multiple problems surrounding the authenticity of it’s creation.

First there is the question of its existence at all. Why was it recorded in the first place?

Does Scientology record every phone call that they receive?

California is a two party consent State. This means that the requirement is EVERY party to a phone call has to give explicit permission for call recording to stand as legal.

Nowhere during this phone call is the caller advised that they are being recorded. The video opens with “Church of Scientology International, may I help you?”

CSI is located in Los Angeles, CA and therefore subject to California law. If the cult records every phone conversation they receive then they are breaking the law innumerable times. It also once again highlights the paranoia that drives Scientology in their dealings with the outside world. If only this call was recorded, without informing the caller, the law has been broken but more importantly the question is why?

What would prompt someone to decide to record this particular call? It would have had to be a split second decision as there are no apparent breaks in the conversation, no hesitation to turn on a recording device. Certainly no announcement of the call being recorded. Did the caller give permission for her call to be made public?

This phone call is illegal no matter the circumstance but it is also extremely convenient in its timing. Either it is contrived from the outset, or it was an exceptionally lucky catch.

“I was present for a friend of mine while I was on vacation, who was giving a interview for a program and it involved a celebrity named Leah Remini and I was asked to come over and kind of be there as a support system.”

Before anyone would be interviewed for any television show someone would have contacted them ahead of time to schedule the meeting. As it is Mary Kahn shown in the video it is reasonable to assume the caller is referring to her.

Mary would have known in advance the date of the taping. She also would have known what the show was about and the subject matter she’d be discussing.

Why would she reach out to some distant friend who just happened to be in town on vacation and ask her to come over for moral support under such emotional circumstances? Her husband was there during the interview. If Mary needed additional support wouldn’t she have reached out before hand to someone close to her? Kahn knew this would be difficult and draining. It would make more sense to contact someone close to her before the day of the taping.

Why someone from out of town at the spur of the moment? How could Mary have known this person would even be available?

During this conversation the caller mentions “celebrity” several times.


Why the added emphasis on Remini being a celebrity? Was the caller star struck at having met Remini?

She repeats the comment again a few seconds later, “So while I was in the kitchen and this whole crew of people came, and this celebrity I used to watch on ‘King of Queenscame.”

Moving on she tells the Scientologist who is completely silent during this entire monologue, who never asks any questions or even utters an acknowledgment at all that she is listening, “…and during the interview she kept stopping people and telling them, the people I was visiting, she kept telling them that it needed to be more dramatic, they needed to add details, they needed to make it sound as bad as possible.”

Earlier the caller was there for a friend, now it’s “people” she’s visiting.

“And I was pretty astounded because these were elder…what I consider to be older people. And um…I kind of thought she was taking advantage of them.”

Neither Mary nor her husband are elderly. The caller sounds extremely young in the recording. If it was an elderly couple, why would they turn to someone so young for support? If it is Mary and her husband as the video indicates, why would even they seek comfort from some young out of town acquaintance rather that turn to an involved family member or close friend?

What does the caller expect Scientology to do about one former member, whom the cult hates and despises allegedly taking advantage of another former member whom they hate and despise? Why make this complaint to some random Scientologist on the phone?

Caller did not ask to speak with anyone in a position of authority, she didn’t ask for any particular department who may have been able to actually provide assistance with her complaint. She just unloaded on the secretary who answered the phone. A secretary who never interrupts to transfer the caller to another person, who never asks for the caller’s name or any other information. She just sat silently on the phone while this entire story spews forth.

Why would anyone in COS care that one of their most outspoken enemies was mistreating another enemy? This make no sense at all.

Then comes a familiar Scientology accusation against Leah Remini, just coincidentally mentioned by the artfully bemused caller.

“And I asked at one point during a break my friend if she was really okay with this and she said ‘yes’ and that they were receiving payment for the interview.

As Mary stated she was not paid for her appearance on The Aftermath but this is irrelevant.

What Leah Remini does with her money is entirely her own business. Even if she had compensated her guests for their time it would have been a much better use of funds than spending millions on Private Investigators to stalk, harass and terrorize people not to mention poisoning the beloved pets of innocent people you just happen not to like.

The average person has no idea how shows like The Aftermath are made. There are so many different scenarios in the production/film industry outsiders with no experience in such things have no reference from which to decide something like this is, or isn’t, sketchy. Big Brother participants are paid a daily stipend for their time spent in the house. Actors and extras on shows and movies both receive payment commensurate with their positions. How would this caller know whether it is the norm or not for payment to be offered in the case of The Aftermath? Without knowing the particulars of how shows like this operate why would this even come up? Especially under the circumstances described by the caller.

Mary was supposed to be so upset over her treatment that her friend was moved to step in and ask if she was okay. In response Mary basically says that the pain is acceptable because she’s being paid?


Caller ends her harangue by telling her silent listener “And I just kind of felt like, because she (Remini) was telling the husband ‘you really need to start crying’ at a certain point ‘that would be really good’ she kept stopping and telling them to like, up the ante. She just did this whole big thing and so it kind of gave me the creeps and made me feel kind of dirty.”

Here the video ends with the sound of a telephone busy signal followed by the click of someone hanging up the phone. Caller’s listener didn’t even say “goodbye” let alone take a message for anyone or offer to redirect the call.

Again, what made the caller believe that Scientology cared about any of this? What did she think the “church” would do with her information?

The fact here is that this entire video is a lie.

None of this happened.

Mary Kahn confirms this as the person being misrepresented in the production.

If the caller “felt kind of dirty” maybe it’s because of the massive lies she’s telling on top of the fact that she is party to her religion’s disgusting policy of Fair Game. Not one second of this video aligns with either common sense or human nature. If all of this was truly going on why did the caller not contact A&E to complain? Why choose Scientology? Mary Kahn was supposed to be this person’s friend. This means that Caller would have known the depths of the pain Mary endured at Scientology’s hands. Why then would Caller turn to the very organization that inflicted such terrible destruction and distress on her friend? This is tantamount to complaining about an abused person to their abuser. Who does this?

Truth is that Scientology created this video using a Scientologist who learned a script against the background of a plagiarized piece of The Aftermath, used without permission of either Leah Remini, her production company, or Mary Kahn.

None of the spoken content is real or true, but rather made up to say exactly what David Miscavige wanted said.

This young girl was never anywhere near Mary Kahn or Leah Remini.

The entire production is as false and fake as everything else about Scientology.

It is bad enough that Mary has had to live with the pain and trauma that this so called “religion” inflicts upon their members. Using her as a weapon against her dear friends, those who have done everything to offer her support and care, is just another typical day for this most ethical religion who cares so much for the planet.

There is no whistleblower.

Just more lies, pain and Fair Game.

One thought on “Scientology’s Whistleblower Video is as Fake as They Are

  1. To add to the insidiousness of it all (as though that were needed): This fake audio is is clearly directed at members of CoS only. They are about the only ones who would even care one way or the other, consider it credible and be influenced by it to further despise a show they are forbidden from watching in the first place. It’s lying to the choir as they are the only ones who’d even consider it and are gullible enough to bite.

    What does it say about a “church” to catch them–hoisted by their own petard–in the act of lying to their “parishioners?” Massive footbullet!

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