Kirstie Alley: The Confusion is Real

Hypocrisy is Scientology’s most embraced and practiced dogma. Not a day goes by that some form of mouth dropping, two faced malarkey doesn’t appear on one or another cult social media account.

Creepy Eddie Parkin dons the KSW (Keep Scientology Working) mask of righteous outrage as he posts empty support for valid, honest religions who suffer hate crimes.

Verified Minister Parkin pays smarmy lip service to religious freedom and inclusion for all, yet the very organization he represents has cozied up to the most bigoted, hate filled, racist community in this country, the Nation of Islam.

Scientology’s other front groups, created solely to pull the wool over the eyes of the IRS, all engage in similar whiplash inducing verbal gymnastics.

The CCHR claims mental illness doesn’t exist while at the same time Dianetics is touted as the cure for all illnesses of the mind.

COS insists they are the only hope for Mankind while practicing the destruction of families through disconnection.

Stand League was allegedly created to speak out for tolerance and work for First Amendment rights though the reality is that it is just another platform from which the cult fair games anyone who disagrees with them.

COS proffers courses on marriage and parenting yet their founder was a vicious domestic abuser, cheater, womanizer and deadbeat parent.

Scientology’s current leader can’t even be bothered to live with his own wife let alone be seen with her. David Miscavige is the one who canceled the Sea Org’s family time, short as it was.

Consistent with the hypocritical teachings upheld by her faux religion, Kirstie Alley speaks out of both sides of her mouth with a skill unrivaled by the most seasoned politicians. Her Dorsey protected Twitter account is riddled with contradictions as she desperately tries to present an acceptable face to her misguided followers.

One day she tweets admonishments of love, acceptance and tolerance, the next she is attacking people with all the dignity and class of a sewer.

Recently Alley responded to a tweet by furthering a blatant lie about Leah Remini. Tony Ortega, the journalist who originally broke the story addressed this incident on his Underground Bunker. Neither truth nor facts mean anything to Kirstie Alley when an opportunity to attack Leah Remini presents itself. In the face of many comments refuting her tweet, Alley went silent. The smug, patronizing arrows she usually fires at anyone who dares challenge her never appeared. Also absent was any decent admittance that she was wrong. One more thing Kirstie has in common with her “church”.

Shame at being so publicly caught out should have prompted her to at least delete the false, dishonest comment but Kirstie Alley has no sense of honor or shame. Why should she care? Twitter is a proven safe playground for Scientology’s lies and attacks. Policy that every user of the platform is held to does not apply when the cult decides to fair game an enemy.

This preferential treatment has once again been clearly demonstrated in a short series of tweets on Kirstie’s account.

Retaliating against several people by calling them an “ignorant slut”, Alley’s tweets went unchallenged by Twitter Support. One follower who innocently asked about the phrase (it comes from an old SNL skit) had his account suspended immediately.

Interestingly, Alley included the offensive word in her tweet directly to Support yet still nothing happened. How can Scientologist Alley freely use a derogatory term to insult others yet the innocent person who simply asked about the comment got their account locked?

As for practicing the hypocritical maneuvering Scientology does so well, Kirstie Alley is a shining example of dedication.

One follower commented that she understood Scientologists are not permitted to interact with non-Scientologists. Alley responded with the admonishment to ask someone “who really likes” a religion, “not a Judas”.

This comment is astonishing considering in 2018 Rodrigo Alves did exactly that when he was in the U.K. Celebrity Big Brother house only to be shut down by Kirstie. Alves came to her in what appears to be complete sincerity as he carefully asks her about Scientology. Rather than respond with kindness or the smallest attempt to build a bridge of understanding, she shortly advised him to “read a book”.

“The best way for someone to find out is to read a book on it. There are many, many Scientology books, or there is a TV channel now called Scientology TV

Has been actress Alley may not be excelling at much these days, but her devotion to everything Scientology STANDS for is fully intact and proudly on display. What she fails to understand is that with every rude, crude and contradictory tweet, she’s only reaffirming everything the public already believes about her nasty, divisive, destructive cult.

Well done, Kirstie.

3 thoughts on “Kirstie Alley: The Confusion is Real

  1. As is amply evidenced by the first tweet Kirstie clearly wasted millions on the cult when she “rose” up the “bridge” (to OT VII if I’m not mistaken). The, ahem, “tech” obviously has proven entirely ineffective over her Tourette’s.

    It’s also telling that a “church” allows itself to be represented in this manner by Alley. Any real church (or even ethical secular organization) would publicly distance itself in a heartbeat from this sort of vile talk, and indicate that this statement does not represent them but merely a misguided person’s opinion. Of course, THAT will never come forth from a organization whose “pope” beats his lieutenants.

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    1. This is an excellent point. Any reputable organization at all would indeed distance themselves from her vile comments to others. That Scientology lets her continue to lash out the way she does without saying a word says as much about them as it does about her.

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  2. Well, she is actually…the perfect, exalted embodiment of an ” unreasonable “(scientology definition of that word), high-toned(scientology definition), high-confront(scientology definition), ethical(scientology definition) operating thetan who “handles” others by communicating at an angry, abrasive “tone level” , because she is superior to all non*-scientologists, who are mostly “low-toned meat sacks” anyway, and that style of communicating, per scientology “tech”, “impinges”. In other words, she is the perfect product of decades of devotion to the practice of Hubbard’s expensive, univers-saving mind-phuck: a rude, clueless, mentally unstable sociopath, also known as a “ronbot”.

    Way to go Krusty, keep scienbollocky dwindling!


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