Taryn Has A New Lie

“Today, I am covering right and wrong. Wrong is making money at the expense of your family. That is the livelihood of Mike Rinder. He continues on a daily basis pretty much hands down to attack myself, my brother, my mother, all of our family and what we believe in.”

Taryn Teutsch is nothing if not persistent.

She appears to have few, if any, supporters and the majority of responses on her Twitter account call her out for her dishonesty. In spite of this, Teutsch continues to post new chapters in her ever growing fictional series of short stories.

Taryn’s current episode in the Bitter Bernardini soap opera includes a few new dramatic entries.

First is the contention that Mike Rinder “continues on a daily basis pretty much hands down to attack myself, my brother, my mother, all of our family and what we believe in.”

A search of Mike Rinder’s blog, Something Can Be Done About It reveals a slightly different reality from the “daily” attacks Taryn alleges. In fact the most recent mention of his daughter at all appears on September 14, 2020. This “attack” comes in the form of a simple photograph of her as a child holding her younger brother, Benjamin. There is no evil commentary accompanying the photo, nothing negative whatsoever.

Just a childhood memory caught on film and showing, judging from the smiles, a happy time in her life.

Before this one needs go back to July 29, 2020.

Here Rinder pulls out all the stops in his vicious criticism of his ex wife and two children by listing @TarynTeutsch as the name of a Scientology Twitter account.

That’s all.

That it is indeed an account belonging to Scientology is completely beside the point. Noting the name of the account amongst a number of other Twitter pages owned and operated by COS is apparently tantamount to felony libel and cyber bullying. It is certainly enough to elicit outraged squealing.

As for the daily attacks against her mother and brother, Cathy Rinder Bernardini appears three times in 2020. Once her photograph, next to Taryn’s, is seen without comment on July 29, 2020. Next Rinder discusses the ongoing lies that make up the Teutsch/Bernardini/OSA soap opera on February 5, 2020 and Cathy’s name is part of a list of dozens of other Scientologists who have had the dubious honor of spending time at Camp David, AKA The Hole.

Benjamin Rinder is only seen once in all of 2020 when Mike Rinder reposted his Open Letter to My Family.

None of this backs up the claim that Rinder is attacking Taryn and her family daily, or at all. Actual attacks cannot be found anywhere on Rinder’s blog.

Realistically Taryn lashes out at her father far more often than Mike ever spends time defending himself.

Scientology is notorious for barely paying Sea Org members, of which both Teutsch and Bernardini are a part. Beyond this miserly financial abuse, no lack of proof exists showing the criminal lengths COS is willing to go in the name of the Almighty Dollar.

Members are endlessly hounded for ever increasing donations, shame and coercion are deployed with the precision of a sharpshooter to force the handing over of inheritance or property. Illegally, credit cards are opened in members’ names then maxed out leaving the victim drowning in debt.

Perhaps this is why Taryn uses the insistence that her father makes a living from speaking out against Scientology.




Comparative to what Sea Org members make, were Rinder working the grill at a fast food restaurant for minimum wage it would look like riches to her and others in her shoes.

What she fails to understand is that given the lack of real world experience and education provided by her beloved cult coupled with a lack of even a rudimentary financial safety net, former members are left with few options for survival.

Scientology’s Eight Dynamics define Man’s ultimate goal is survival. How then can Taryn condemn her own father for using the resources he has to achieve just that?

Consultants in all walks of life are paid for their knowledge and expertise. Such remuneration is accepted, standard practice in the working world.

Mike Rinder did not escape from Scientology and immediately become a television spokesman. Not only did he sell cars, but he also worked for Robert Almblad whose kindness and generosity cannot be acknowledged enough.

Scientology stalked and harassed Rinder making his life a nightmare, while also destroying the business dreams of Almblad in the process. Mike Rinder was relentlessly driven by Scientology Fair Game. If he is now a successful and sought after expert on the inner workings of his former cult, Taryn only has Scientology to thank for it.

It would do well for her to consider that had he not been used and abused by an ungrateful, narcissistic employer, condemned to torture in the RPF and consigned to the abuses of The Hole, Rinder may well still be one of COS’ top executives. (The result of which would be that she would most likely still barely see him.)

“Mike Rinder, my father, spends his time harassing his family and telling lies about us on various forums—insulting us. He actually gets supported to do that and to carry out those mean, nasty, hateful things that he does. He’s being enriched unjustly and at the expense of our family, me, my brother, my mom and the rest of my family.”

Rinder has never insulted any member of his family. If she is insulted by the moniker “Bitter Bernardini”, it was I who created it, I who use it and I who stand by it.

What “expense” to her family exists?

Were it not for her constant nattering and tale telling most people would not even know who she is. Taryn Teutsch is the one publicly making both a nuisance and ass of herself with the ridiculous ever changing lies.

Both a police report as well as a paramedic report describe one small, self inflicted injury to Cathy Bernardini.

Specifically a “2 inch skin tear”.

From this readers are lead on a journey of dramatically exaggerated attempted murder.

One small cut has morphed into gouged skin, skin ripped down the entire forearm, a dislocated shoulder, broken bones, injuries on both arms and “blood spurting on the walls”. This last one is amazing by itself in that the altercation took place not just outdoors in a parking lot, but in the parking lot of a doctor’s office. In order for Bernardini’s blood to reach any walls, her artery would have to have been severed, something one assumes the doctor on hand would have noticed.

None of these incredible injuries were noted or noticed by the attending paramedics. Bernardini rated her pain level a 2 out of 10 and signed a waiver refusing transport to the hospital for any further treatment. She subsequently saw an orthopedic specialist who, from Taryn’s own information, did not treat either a dislocated shoulder or broken bones but rather for long term, chronic conditions typical for middle aged people to develop.

Bernardini spent time in Scientology’s RPF. It is reasonable to suggest that her pre-existing shoulder conditions of bursitis and tendinitis were most likely exacerbated by physical abuse and the primitive, inhuman conditions, like sleeping on a concrete floor.

“…Mike Rinder, attacks his wife of thirty years, jumps on her, breaks her shoulder, damages her nerves for life, gouges her flesh and causes her pain for thirteen years so far…

No mention of Rinder jumping on Bernardini appears during the police investigation. Before this new claim was made, Teutsch’s description was “He was just yelling ‘you Bitch. You bitch’ and grabbed her arms and he had her arms in a vice-grip, I guess. And both her arms were crossed over and he’s holding them and he – he’s not a small guy.”

How could he have grabbed her in such a way if he’d jumped on her? This description is also a new step up from Bitter Bernardini’s own description of the events as posted on Scientology’s hate website.

“‘All of a sudden he lashed out,’ Cathy recalled. ‘He came straight up to me and he grabbed my arms in a crisscross vice and started pulling and pushing my arms down and he was pulling my bones out of the socket.‘”

No jumping in this version to be found.

Scientology’s Freedom Magazine says, “Bernardini was no match for her beefy husband, whose hands, she says, are ‘twice as big as mine.’ Weeks after the incident her left forearm still showed blotchy red abrasions turning black and blue, and her right forearm, showed red-clawed flesh.

Which disputes the story told on COS’ fair game site dedicated to Paul Haggis, “Rinder reacted with such hatred that he physically attacked Cathy, gouging and stripping the flesh from her arms so severely it caused nerve that is still healing almost a year later”.

Stripped, gouged flesh is far beyond a blotchy abrasion and bruising.

None of these fantastic injuries (in any of their described forms) were noted either by trained paramedics or equally trained law enforcement officers. Nor were these debilitating wounds triaged by the licensed medical doctor who saw Bernardini’s 2″ bleeding cut and called 911.

“Each person has the right to their own beliefs and their own feelings and thoughts and viewpoints about things and that should not be held up in contempt by anybody much less your father, like mine, Mike Rinder.”

Yet Taryn and Scientology continue to do exactly this in a filthy, stunning example of the pot calling the kettle black.

Taryn’s article closes with her hypocritically holding herself up as a saintly advocate for the cause of domestic violence, “This is why I use my voice or whatever platform I have with my justice4mom campaign to expose Mike Rinder and his lies”.

Taryn, the only things you are accomplishing with this misuse of your voice is proving to the rest of the world that Scientology’s Fair Game policy is alive and well, that you and your mother are either incapable of telling the truth or are being forced to spread bold faced lies (either is a bad thing) and that your blatant hijacking of the serious, emotionally charged subject of domestic violence to further Scientology’s agenda is immoral and disgusting.

Mike Rinder is an innocent man and he deserves freedom from these lies.

I will not rest until he gets it.

4 thoughts on “Taryn Has A New Lie

  1. Two further observations leave anyone considering the wailing by Taryn’s ghost writers in the Guardians Office of Special Affairs/Dirty Tricks befuddled:

    First off, emergency personnel is trained to be objective observers. As has been noted too many times to count these professionals found neither any injuries to speak of (an assessment that Bernardini agreed to in writing at the time with zero protest on Taryn’s part). Nor did they find any inkling of misconduct on Rinder’s part that merited further investigation.

    However, there were quite a number of interested observers/participants on the scene (9 if I recall correctly) who were beholden (several of them for pay) to nothing but advancing the interests of the “church” by any means available to them. A couple of them were PIs whose word as trained professionals and non-scientologists could have carried extra weight for objective observation.

    And yet, when law enforcement arrived, did they go on record to document the vicious attack that had allegedly taken place? Did they regale the first responders with tales of how they had to intervene in or helplessly witness a heinous crime? No, they scattered even before that opportunity arose as they clearly had no appetite for filing a false police report.

    Even more perplexingly, no demand was made even afterward to open a criminal investigation, something they routinely do even for simple allegations of trespassing on “church” property!. And the planet’s most litigious “church” with billions of $$$ at its disposal even refrained from sponsoring a civil lawsuit which can be initiated with virtually no burden of proof whatsoever.

    All that has come from the barbaric crime allegedly witnessed by numerous fanatical “church” members and hired guns is tall tales spun from the comfort of their keyboards.

    Second, according to Hubbard’s “teachings,” exchange is an unalterable dictum when offering one’s expertise. Even if that “expertise” consists of a minor quizzing adults about their sex lives at a charge unheard of in other comparable enterprises .Or if the “church” demands that a member submit themselves to an interview about their thought life, and then charges them prodigiously for the displeasure.

    Sidestepping exchange, according to scientology “ethics,” is a “crime” and will result in severe punishment of the culprit. The path to “spiritual freedom” may be many things but is never free! (Of course, the concern for exchange applies only where the “church” coffers are concerned. Refunds for services not rendered or renumeration of “church” personnel is an entirely different matter. As is the commodore skipping out on his personal debts, stepping way off the “way to happiness” in the process.)

    In light of “church doctrine” all the huffing and puffing about whether Rinder is getting paid, how much and for which ones of his services is not only odd. It’s plain hypocritical!

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  2. This design is incredible! You most certainly know how to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Wonderful job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

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