A Fight Worth Fighting

As we crawl exhaustedly into 2021 the much anticipated New Year begins with a frustrating, demoralizing blow.

Tony Ortega delivered the bad news on his Underground Bunker that once again Scientology slimed their way into forcing the good people they brutally intimidated, harassed and stalked into their kangaroo court. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know there will be no justice for Chrissie Bixler, her terrorized family or for Jane Doe.

One can’t help but wonder; had the victim of a Catholic Priest’s sexual abuse and his family suddenly found themselves living under siege in the same way as Danny Masterson’s accusers, what the blowback would have looked like.

To be sure it would be all over the media. Various television news outlets would form panels of experts to discuss the how and why of the harassment. The Catholic ecclesiastical justice system would be verbally dismantled, examined and ultimately dismissed as unfair and biased.

Millions of angry people would take to social media to protest the idea that these victims of such malice would be forced to receive “justice” from their abusers. Petitions would be started demanding justice for the victims and their families. Facebook pages and Twitter accounts would spring up.

The overwhelming weight of an angry society would be such that ultimately, one surmises, the Church would bow to the pressure and fair justice would be done.

Was this not, in essence, what happened when the survivors of sexual abuse and rape finally began coming forward and speaking out about the coverup and poor internal handling by The Vatican?

Where is this fire and fervor for Scientology’s crimes and abuses?

Where is the country wide outrage? The outcry and vituperative condemnation that surrounds and follows the Catholic community?

How is the Masterson stalking case somehow different and acceptable because it is Scientology and not Rome?

Two of his accusers had their pets poisoned.

Someone took the time to wrap ground beef around rat poison tablets, drove to the homes of Danny Masterson’s accusers and fed them to their pets. Chrissie Bixler’s children had to say goodbye to their beloved dogs who died a violent, painful death.

Now Chrissie must stand before the very people who (*allegedly) terrorized her and her family to receive justice.

If I could step out of my position as writer for a moment and speak as the demoralized, frustrated, angry and terribly saddened human that I am…

I am a Never In.

As Leah Remini once tweeted, I have no dog in this fight.

“They” say that the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over expecting a different result.

I must be insane.

Over the Christmas/New Year holiday I wrote three letters to various groups who Scientology claimed to have been associated with for their Humanitarian work. Beyond this blog and my Twitter account I spend a lot of time writing letters to our government agencies all the way down to emails of support to reporters who Scientology attack.

9 times out of 10 I never receive a reply.

What the Hell am I doing?

But then I remember all the tears. All the heart wrenching pain in the eyes of all those wounded souls who were brave enough to risk exactly the evil that Chrissie, Bobette and the other accusers endured to speak.

I can still hear dear Mary Kahn’s voice breaking as she told viewers of The Aftermath about the senseless, cruel disconnection she must live with every single day.

This is a marathon worth running because people are being…well “harmed” seems like such an ineffective word.


To David Miscavige, gloat for now over your small success. The fact is that while you may win some of the battles, the war is far from over.

You will smugly announce this judgment to your ever diminishing membership as though it were some sort of validation. But you know the truth. You know, even if you try and deny it, that you are failing. It’s getting harder and harder to achieve these little wins, isn’t it?

In the end does it really change the number of boarded up buildings you own? Does it fill the empty seats in your gaudy, expensive meeting rooms?

How does your balance sheet look these days? Are you still raking in the millions you were accustomed to for so long? The power and money that you stole from your con artist founder isn’t all you thought it would be is it?

Scientology WILL fall.

It is inevitable.

I promised Taryn Teutsch that for every lie she told I would be there step for step. I make YOU this same promise.

I will continue to write, continue to speak out, continue to fact check every press release Scientology issues.

Mr. Miscavige I may be one Never In voice but damn you, I am going to use it.

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