Scientology- Pure as the Driven Snow

Scientologist Jim Meskimen, son of Happy Days star Marion Ross has decided to ring in the New Year in traditional Scientology style.

Meskimen’s first contribution of 2021 to Stand League opens with a statement both ironic and hypocritical.

“Nothing sticks out more distinctly during tough times than kindness.”

Sadly his lede quickly becomes irrelevant to the article which distinctly sticks out as yet another attack against Leah Remini.

“When an individual like Leah Remini uses her platform, not to bring light, solace or comfort, but to level hatred, vitriol and bigotry, even against those who labor to keep hope alive during these challenging times, it too stands out, but for all the wrong reasons.”

Scientology, the world’s “most ethical religion”, consistently proclaims that anyone who speaks out against the “church’s” abuse is a hate monger and bigot.

They lambast their former members, deny any possibility of wrongdoing and place blame on every single person who has ever dared to air Scientology’s dirty laundry.

Meskimen claims that by publicly speaking out Leah Remini is causing hate, spreading negativity and fostering bigotry and pain.

Scientology is clear; in the entire history of their existence they have never once done anything even remotely wrong. Ever.

Out of every religion, organization, group, club, or institution Scientology alone is pure, sin free and incapable of any wrongdoing. Anyone who claims differently is a lair, bigot and evil apostate not to be believed. Scientology will be the first one to hurl the biggest stones they can find.

This mindset reveals a difficult conundrum.

Insisting that those who expose crimes and abuses are evil and not to be trusted creates a serious issue for numerous parishioners who have fallen victim to such atrocities.

Every soul who sits weeping their heart out as they describe their molestation, rape or other trauma is being included in Scientology’s intolerant dismissal. They make no distinction in their rhetoric; apostates are liars and thus fair game.

COS eagerly embraces the idea that apostates cannot be believed because they are just disgruntled former members who couldn’t get along with the status quo.

The danger with this line of thinking is that if it were true thousands of people who silently suffered at the hands of priests, imams, rabbis and Protestant pastors and ministers would never find healing or justice.

Victims of Catholic priest abuse have various platforms for support and assistance including Because the survivors of sexual misconduct at the hands of priests broke their silence and came forward, change and accountability has finally begun. Sadly it took these voices to force Rome to acknowledge its fault and failings, but this is exactly why so-called apostates must be taken seriously. There can be no growth or improvement without transparency.

Similarly, Baptists also have available much needed resources for their current and former members such as and Ministry Safe.

Again, had it not been for the revelations by the members, there would have been nothing to lay groundwork for healing, responsibility and renewal.

What these examples show is that while painful, the process of examination of group conscience is, in the end, a good thing. To put this in Scientology terms, it is absolutely the best action for the greatest number of dynamics.

Religion is a living thing. It is made up of people. Where there is no growth, no movement, no evolution there is no life.

Scientology, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other cults that do not recognize this truth are stagnant, defensive and hostile. Their self righteous refusal to acknowledge that they have feet of clay like everyone else is the ultimate foot bullet. After all, the Vatican’s ignoring and covering up of the crimes committed by the clergy was as condemned as the crimes themselves. Insensitive dismissal, denial and refusal to confront the situation causes more outrage and backlash than humility and a sincere mea culpa.

Jim Meskimen’s article reflects Scientology’s unwillingness to accept reality. It also comes across as smug, patronizing and offensive to anyone who has ever be subjected to abuse.

The reality is that Leah Remini is no different than anyone who has experienced trauma at the hands of people she was supposed to be able to trust unconditionally.

Like any other voice, Remini is challenging her “religion” and bringing serious issues into the light. Scientology’s problem is that in their adamant refusal to admit their humanity, they are creating even more hostility and anger.

Leah has created a platform for healing, positivity and change no different than the aforementioned support groups and thousands of others just like them. Her contribution is priceless for so many who have found a voice because of Remini, Rinder and other “apostates” Scientology derides.

Jim Meskimen is either unable or unwilling to admit that Scientology is as fallible as the humans that comprise it. His denial of this is as misplaced, irresponsible and immoral as the way the Vatican initially chose to handle their crisis.

Remini not only to shines a light on the abuses of Scientology, but promotes healing and valuable discussion where once there was fear and silence for so many.

Ironically Meskimen writes, “People are catching on to the fact that the real publicity stuntperson is that individual on the sidelines, complaining shrilly, discriminating abundantly, broadcasting her own intolerance, leveling her own bigotry and grinding her own axe while the hard work of helping others and keeping hope alive is being done by dedicated parishioners of the Church of Scientology.”

Because of Leah Remini, people are catching on to Scientology’s fair game, disconnection, discrimination, intolerance and countless other abuses and crimes. Remini created hope where none existed for countless former members who lived in silence and pain. She is helping to effect positive change by her work.

Jim Meskimen and others of his ilk are spending their time attacking her when they could be working to better their “church” so that no more members feel the need to leave or speak out.

Scientology’s crusade to silence their detractors nullifies anything Stand League publishes. Actions speak far louder than words.

As for Meskimen’s claim of Scientology’s hard work helping others…well the truth of that can be seen here, here, here, here and here.

3 thoughts on “Scientology- Pure as the Driven Snow

  1. Ironically, the “masters of communication” can’t, per their own Hubbard-authored scriptures/policies, RESPOND to criticisms or publicly admit ANY wrong-doing…EVER. What they HAVE TO DO, every single time they are questioned or criticized or accused of wrong-doing and foul play, per their own “scriptures”, is ATTACK, DISCREDIT, AND/OR “UTTERLY RUIN” the person or group who challenges them. According to their “scriptures” , they are ALWAYS right and anyone who criticizes or legally challenges them, ESPECIALLY PUBLICLY, is, by definition, evil and anti-social, without exception.
    When it comes to scientologists and scientology organizations, they KNOW that they possess the only “technology” that can “save” not only humanity, but “this sector of the universe” and are, therefore, superior to non-scientologists and above censure or suspicion originating from them-always and invariably!

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  2. Jim, was a close friend and collaborator. Thank you for posted about him. He is major Scientology enabler and is now a disgrace to his creative profession. I was like him, shilling for the cult. Been officially out since 2017. But undercover fighting them since 2012.

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