Taryn Teutsch’s New Year Resolution is So Sad

Taryn Teutsch has announced her New Year’s resolution for 2021. To absolutely no one’s surprise, she has rededicated herself to hate and lies.

“To continue to tell the truth about Mike Rinder, my father, who domestically abused my mother, caused her damage that cannot be repaired. And bringing to light and showing the truth so that people really know who Mike Rinder is and do not support him.”

When one is operating from darkness one cannot bring light.

Lying for the sole purpose of the destruction of another is the antithesis of truth.

“my intention is to continue my justice4mom campaign stronger than ever and to continue shedding light on the fact that Mike Rinder, who is my father, abused my mother and damaged her for life.

By now most people already know that this claim has been totally exposed for the libelous fiction it is. Mike Rinder did not abuse anyone.

Taryn’s story of what happened in 2010 has grown beyond recognition at this point. Truth does not grow larger in the telling.

Mike Rinder has explained that to the Scientologist telling the lie, truth takes second place to the importance of destroying Scientology’s enemies.

What a sad, futile way to exist.

Taryn continues to shout into emptiness, thanking imaginary supporters and pretending she’s “making a difference” in the fight against domestic violence.

Right thinking, healthy people know when to cut their losses and admit it when their life is not working. Taryn, on the other hand, because she is blinded by psychological manipulation, misplaced loyalties and even, one might say a kind of Stockholm Syndrome, does not have the free will to think independently. Thus she doggedly continues attempting to convince a non-existent audience that her father is evil.

Teutsch’s claims are spread across social media as well as hate sites created by her “church”. Even in her most recent article she writes as though she has thousands of concerned followers, thanking them for their support.

This is madness.

One look at her Twitter or Facebook accounts shows the reality.

There ARE no supporters.

No one believes her.

No one is reaching out to her with gentle compassion to encourage her in her fight.

The only people who comment are those who call her out for the deceit and cruelty she spreads.

What a sad, empty place to be; trapped in lies, acknowledged by no one, bitter, angry and frustrated.

Taryn calls 2021 “the year to end any support of Mike Rinder“.

She’s already lost.

And Taryn? For the record, my New Year’s resolution is just an affirmation of my original promise to you; for every lie you tell I will be right there. For better or worse we are walking this road together whether you like it or not. I truly hope you set your church’s malice aside and reach out to your father.

Ironically the very person you dedicate your life to maligning is probably the one person who offers you love, hope and a chance at happiness.

Perhaps a better resolution for you would be to separate yourself from the organization who is keeping you locked in anger and hate and reach out to the father who loves you dearly, who would embrace you and who would teach you how to live.

You are losing so much valuable time.

One thought on “Taryn Teutsch’s New Year Resolution is So Sad

  1. A standard “ep” ( end product ) of indoctrination in scientology: habitual lying. In scientoligy’s Orwellian, bizarro world, she is “applying ethics tech”. Scientology ethics=domination, manipulation, and criminal behavior, from an assumed position of superiority. Lying is one of many heinous behaviors used to “destroy enemies” in scientology…and, of course, it’s ALWAYS justified, as this group has the ONLY technology which can save the world, and any “enemy” of this group is undermining that critical quest.
    Yep, this end-planetary salvation-always justifies their twisted, insane ” means “.
    Taryn has been doubling down on this lie for years. What a sorry, degraded state to be in…

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