Something More Than Snow is Flying in Madrid, Spain

Snow is not the only thing piling high and deep in Madrid, Spain.

Scientology’s intrepid Volunteer Ministers have announced to the world that they are working hard to help the beleaguered city in the aftermath of a snowstorm.

The accompanying video contains an amalgamation of picturesque photographs of a winter wonderland and shots of Volunteer Ministers hard at work clearing debris.

Dedicated Scientologists brave the frigid temperatures to help their city clean up after the storm. Like the post office, neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night will deter these heroic men and women from their mission of making the streets safe again for Scientology’s fellow man.



More realistically, charity begins at home and a closer examination of the photos on the slideshow reveal a slightly more selfish reality.

Rather than heading out into the city to lend their charitable aid to an overburdened transportation department, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers did not wander far from their own doorstep.

Comparing the photos from Scientology’s video with Google Earth one discovers that the Volunteer Ministers produced this photo op literally right outside the Madrid Scientology building.

Like the Seattle street cleanup from earlier in 2020, rather than being out where they might actually do the most good for their neighbors, the VMs were working solely to benefit Scientology.

One can’t help but wonder just how long the VMs were out in the cold and snow but thankfully they were not far from their own front door when they needed to warm up.

Thanks to @Princess Persephone for bringing this to our attention.

4 thoughts on “Something More Than Snow is Flying in Madrid, Spain

  1. If walking out your door and taking a bunch of selfies is what it takes to be charitable by Scientology standards then every single day I walk out to my car to go to work I am commiting a charitable act to, right? Talk about setting the bar pretty low there.

    The basic premise of charity is to ‘HELP’. And a church that just does PR shots is not being helpful in any way to anybody but themselves.

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