Scientology’s Psychological Warfare Doctrine

It is beyond time to remove the kid gloves and address some important truths about Scientology.

Focusing on the abuses, crimes, fraud and blatant lies perpetrated in the name of clearing the planet is necessary. Human rights violations and vengeance are in no way hallmarks of any entity claiming to be Mankind’s salvation.

We know this and it is why we fight and speak out.

Often lost amidst the chaos that is Scientology however are the people and the very real devastation that defines their lives both within and after association with this cult.

Step out of the forest and consider the trees.

Go beyond the more obvious malice of The Church of Scientology, brush aside every claim of humanitarian goodwill as the fraud it is and one is left with hurting, damaged individuals who mustn’t be forgotten.

They are the sole reason why Scientology must be stopped.

Scientology is abuse of the highest most vicious nature.

Psychological warfare is defined as “Things that are done to make someone (such as an enemy or opponent) become less confident or to feel hopeless, afraid, etc.

Raising children to believe that they are responsible for anything bad that happens to them, shaming someone into silence if they express doubt or individual opinion, setting impossible goals then denigrating the group when those goals are not met.

Hate websites.

Using fear of the RPF, sec checks, Ethics Committee.

Knowledge Reports.

The ultimate control weapon; Disconnection.

Fair Game.

Every written policy of rage, control and revenge that Scientology holds as sacred scripture is in reality nothing more than propaganda used to mislead, demoralize and intimidate others into silence and/or submission.

Scientology has nothing to do with religion, science or salvation.

It is a controlling, malevolent entity that leaves its members struggling to rebuild the very essence of who they are let alone their shattered lives.

Especially those who were raised in the Sea Org.

Abandoned to the care of strangers and subjected to the policies of a narcissistic, pathological conman, children underwent (undergo?) abuse every day on unprecedented levels; physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and sexual.

Scientology was (is?) their caretaker and shame filled obedience the only acceptable emotion.

This is psychological warfare.

Daniel Lerner, author of Psychological Warfare Against Nazi Germany, explained, “Credibility is a condition of persuasion. Before you can make a man do as you say, you must make him believe what you say.”

Hubbard basically said the same thing; “The only way to control people is to lie to them”.

Abusive deceitful control is best achieved through the use of propaganda.

Lerner separated propaganda into three categories, white, grey and black.

  1. White propaganda: The information is truthful and only moderately biased. The source of the information is cited.
  1. Grey propaganda: The information is mostly truthful and contains no information that can be disproven. However, no sources are cited.
  2. Black propaganda: Literally “fake news,” the information is false or deceitful and is attributed to sources not responsible for its creation.

One only need peruse Stand League’s blog to discover consistent, obvious examples of each of these, though there is decidedly more use of the grey and black propaganda.

Social media has provided a new venue for COS to extend their destructive, abusive reach. Twitter accounts such as @EPStandLeague, @TarynTeutsch, @StandLeague and @FreedomEthics are all just different titles for the same toxic violation.

Fair Game is just a Hubbardian term for a form of psychological warfare known as a “false flag operation”.

Casting a deliberately misleading light on another’s motivations in order to disgrace an enemy is a Scientology stock in trade.

Daily attacks against Leah Remini and Mike Rinder, found across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are succinct examples of this mistreatment.

Scientology projects their own horrendous misdeeds upon innocent others in order to justify their retaliation in an unending cycle of malignant abuse.

Edward Parkin claims that Remini and Rinder are responsible for hate crimes, that they are bigots and anti-religious. This is, in fact, classic false flag propaganda in action.

“A false flag operation is an act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning blame on a second party.”

COS refers to anyone who speaks against them as bigots. It is the cult’s go-to attack designed to not only deflect from the truth but also to create the idea that COS is a good religion being attacked by bad people.

Bigotry is stubborn and complete intolerance of any belief or opinion that differs from ones own.

Scientology is the bigot not those who, after years of degradation find the strength to speak out.

Hate, intolerance, bigotry, vengeance, incredible abuse are everything Scientology stands for.

Each wild, unfounded accusation this toxic cult hurls at Leah Remini, Mike Rinder and others is a re-victimization, a continuation of horrible violence. It is salt upon wounds already inflicted.

Conversely, every statement made can find a firm foundation of truth in the actions of Scientology and its ordained adherents like Parkin.


Scientology’s filled with it.


In spades.



Domestic violence, child abuse, sexual depravity; in no sector of society is the degradation, humiliation and subjugation of another acceptable or protected.

Except for Scientology who not only gets away with these crimes committed within their enclosed world, but also has support and protection in their continued psychological evil against anyone they deem an enemy.

Former members live under the dark and vengeful shadow of fear at the hands of a so-called religion.

This must be stopped.

It is time not only to speak against the myriad evils of this cult but to protest noisily and often against the ongoing dehumanization, survivor shaming/blaming and re-traumatization Scientology inflicts upon their targets.

Healing from such abuses is a long, frightening process. By constantly triggering the damaged, unhealthy internal dialogue instilled through Hubbard’s dangerous therapies through Fair Game, healing is inhibited.

Piling abuse upon abuse hinders one from ever truly escaping the pain and destruction.

This is Scientology’s worst legacy.

It is a true, insidious crime against humanity.

Facts that needs to be front and center in the minds of anyone who considers advocating for their “religious rights”.

The bottom line is that every voice raised in defense of Scientology is a voice in support of ongoing heinous, detrimental abuse of thousands.

Consider this well.

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