Out of the Mouths of Abusers

Scientology musician and apologist Wil Seabrook would do better sticking to writing lyrics.

Seabrook’s current offering on Stand League is so filled with hypocrisy one risks whiplash reading it. Be warned.

“Punishing people for what they believe, especially when it relates to the afterlife, is a really strange thing to do when you think about it.”

This opening statement is precious coming from a Scientologist.

Punishment is policy and doctrine straight from L. Ron Hubbard; a man who locked a 6 year old child in a filthy, dangerous chain locker leaving her terrified, sobbing for a mother who never came.

More astonishing is his next declaration, “After all, if someone had verifiable, incontrovertible proof of exactly what happens after we die, we would have seen it by now.”

According to Hubbard, he had incontrovertible proof of what happens after a Thetan drops it’s body. After all, the man died twice and came back to tell the tale.

There is no afterlife.

Thetans go to an implant station then find a new body to drive around in until the next reincarnation cycle.

Heaven is an implant station, there is no God or Elysian Fields of rest and peace.

Religion and God are just insidious implants designed to mislead, victimize and confuse.

LRH was very clear about all of this in his “sacred scripture”

Wil Seabrook is either not a very good Scientologist, which makes him PTS (Potential Trouble Source) at the very least, or he needs to spend more time on his studies before taking it upon himself to instruct others.

Not only does this misguided musician effectively refute his own founder’s truth, but he goes on to call out Scientology’s entire foundation as well.

“So asking another person or group to believe exactly what you do, especially under threat of duress or punishment is, to put it bluntly, ridiculous.”

Members who dare question the revelations in their courses are first shamed, then subjected to Ethics for not toeing the line. There is no independent thought or interpretation allowed. Scientologists believe exactly what Miscavige tells them to or there are a multitude of abusive punishments to choose from.

“There is never any justification whatsoever for discriminating against a person or group based on their beliefs. And I find every time I dig to find the ’causes’ or ‘logic’ behind such persecution, it never has anything to do with actual beliefs but rather with power and the desire to control and dominate others by any means necessary.”

A Scientologist wrote this.

A member of a cult who currently has numerous hate filled, abusive websites that are psychological warfare in action. Scientology’s OSA has social media accounts dedicated to the persecution of anyone who expresses a belief that differs from theirs.

This is classic abuser ideology.

For Scientology, every attack, every bit of false propaganda they spread is all justified by the belief that these actions are for the benefit of the collective. Insidiously their reality is that if enemies weren’t disagreeing with them COS would not be forced to destroy them.

Every violent, controlling bully that attacks those around them ultimately has the ability to disconnect their responsibility from their actions. Further, what is acknowledged as evil in others is seen as justified in themselves.

Case in point Edward Parkin’s constant angry tweets condemning hate crimes against the Jewish Community. Parkin holds the heinous anti-Semitic actions up for public scorn and outrage, yet at the same time Scientology embraces The Nation of Islam.

What is abhorrent in us is a different thing altogether in them.

“Now look what you made me do.”

How many domestic abusers have shouted this at their victims?

None of this would have happened if you’d just _____________.

“Those who would use faith or any other excuse to harass or harm have no place in decent society.” (Emphasis ours)

Wil Seabrook can mouth the correct words, but when it comes to putting his money where his mouth is he fails miserably.

Hypocritical in the extreme, Seabrook’s hollow, saccharine drivel is every bit as narcissistic as found in the disturbed minds of any abuser.

“I want to live in a world where those are the people who are validated and supported because they are the ones who will validate and support each other, in spite of—or perhaps even because of—their differences.”

Seabrook, the first step is admitting you have a problem.

4 thoughts on “Out of the Mouths of Abusers

  1. I really appreciate the succinct clarity with which you expose scientology’s inherent, bedrock evil. Excellent take down of yet another scino cult lie dispenser.👍🏽

    Liked by 1 person

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