Is Scientology Breaking Yet Another Law?

In order to protect vulnerable patients seeking help for substance abuse a federal law was enacted in 2018 to stop kickbacks for treatment center referrals.

EKRA, the Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery Act of 2018, prohibits the accepting or paying in cash or any other remuneration for referrals to recovery homes, clinical treatment facilities, or laboratories.

EKRA makes it an offense; “being a recovery home or clinical treatment facility, or an officer or employee of a recovery home or clinical treatment facility acting in the course of their employment, pay or offering any remuneration (including any kickback, bribe, or rebate) directly or covertly, in cash or in kind, to—

“(A) a person in exchange for the person referring an individual to that recovery home or clinical treatment facility; or

“(B) an individual in exchange for that individual using the services of that recovery home or clinical treatment facility

Scientology’s Narconon program has a history of paying their Field Service Managers a 10% commission for every referred person who enters and pays for treatment. Potentially an FSM could generate income of $2000.00 or more per body routed into the program.

Over the years this lucrative policy resulted in enterprising FSMs creating thousands of fictitious websites that utilized the most searched keywords by families desperate to find help for their loved ones. Upon landing on one of these sites the client would be given a hard sell, including the admonition that the addicted person was in imminent danger of death and directed to a Narconon facility.

Former Scientologist and experienced Narconon President Louis Catton, author of Have You Told All was a guest on the Scientology Fair Game podcast, episode 15. Here Catton discusses the Narconon/Scientology connection, his experiences and the fair game he endured after he left.

Catton recently released an explosive video on YouTube describing his first hand experience of how Narconon kickbacks work.

Paying FSMs for referrals is written policy by L. Ron Hubbard. Scientology is required to pay commissions of 10% for referrals per this policy and there is nothing to indicate there would be any change to this directive. Further, like everything COS, Narconon centers keep statistics on commissions paid out.

A bigger question surrounds the licensed medical professionals who are connected to Narconon.

According to the Narconon website, “Narconon International Science Advisory Board members are professionals who have contributed in the fields of addiction, rehabilitation, education, toxicology and detoxification. The board has played an active role in guiding research and outcome monitoring of the Narconon program.”

This Advisory Board includes an Emergency Room physician, a board certified internist, several PhDs and a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Practice.

When these medical personnel encounter devastated families in need of treatment for their substance addicted loved one where will they be referred? Is a percentage of the patient’s bill then rerouted to the referring physician?

Narconon is first and foremost a dangerous, predatory Scientology entity whose treatment is neither supported by science nor safe. Rather it is simply a gateway for cult recruitment, taking advantage of vulnerable people at their very lowest life point.

The idea that beyond the insidious malpractice, outrageous and unsupported claims and negligent medical supervision exists the idea that patients are just tools for financial gain makes Narconon even more malicious.

Here, like so many other areas of Scientology, there lives serious unanswered questions as to the potentially criminal nature of this front group.

In a Nevada court case from 2014, GEANACOPULOS v Narconon Fresh Start d/b/a Rainbow Canyon Retreat one of the claims made by the Plaintiff is that “Plaintiffs paid an additional $3,000 to New Life Interventions for the use of an interventionist.”

This was not illegal in 2014, however it begs the question; is this practice continuing today since EKRA was passed into law?

Scientology purposefully makes its corporate structure confusing and chaotic to navigate. Discovering the extent of Narconon’s compliance with EKRA Law will be fraught with complications.

Regardless of the difficulty this is something that must be addressed.

Once again there are numerous former members like Catton with experience and first hand knowledge that would go far in assisting investigators to wade through the misleading swamp of fraud.

The bottom line is that if kickbacks are still being paid for the referrals of compromised, susceptible people into fake, dangerous, cult run treatment facilities it must be discovered and stopped. Lives are literally at stake

Profit is a deadly motivator.

Until the law steps in and removes the “reward for bodies” system, patients struggling with substance abuse and their desperate families have to fear being preyed upon by an unscrupulous cult whose only reason for existing is the financial bottom line.

Will this be yet one more example of an eyewitness to criminal acts being ignored?

Let’s hope not.

Please contact The U. S. Department of Justice here: and ask that an investigation be opened into the Narconon Referral Program.

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