An Open Letter to Never Ins

To all the concerned, outraged people who ask what they can do to help in the fight to expose Scientology:

For years Scientology has gleefully embraced social media as a tool for massive public Fair Game attacks against former members who have spoken out against them. Right now there are numerous malicious websites created, supported and operated by this so-called church. Across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter one finds accounts dedicated solely to the propagation of lies and character assassination.

The line between Freedom of Speech and hate has been lost, blurred by the protections of the First Amendment for a cult whose foundation is greed, deception and destruction.

Scientology is slowly faltering.

Membership is dwindling, millions of dollars of real estate sits mouldering across the country.

This “Fastest growing religion on the planet” isn’t.

Not anymore. (If it ever really was.)

But COS is still protected by a vast network of well paid lawyers and cushioned with millions of tax exempt dollars.

In spite of numerous survivors coming forward with their first hand testimony to abuse, fraud and crime, this cult still seems untouchable.

Appearances can be deceiving however.

Fighting against this conglomerate is not a sprint but a marathon.

This is where Never Ins are the best possible resource. We outnumber Scientology and we have truth on our side.

After a years long battle with Twitter upper management two of the most vicious of Scientology Fair Game accounts have finally been suspended for their Fair Game, psychological warfare against Leah Remini, Mike Rinder and other former members.

In a stunning victory, @TarynTeutsch and @FreedomEthics are no longer available to promote lies, harassment and hate.

The only reason this finally happened is because dedicated Never Ins banded together and acted. Day after day these people saw Fair Game in action and decided that something would be done about it.

Scientology’s biggest asset beyond the First Amendment protections and their ill gotten tax exemption is the public’s apathy. They rely upon the idea that people will either not be bothered to act, or they’ll soon give up.

Achieving the removal of these two Twitter accounts took years. It took constant action. Reporting a hate account on any social media platform only takes a moment or two, but it also takes consistency.

So too the fight to bring Scientology down.

We can do this.

Often it will only take a few minutes to write a letter or email or to report a Fair Game account. If we all do this; if we become a constant, unending VOICE, we can effect small changes.

Never Ins are rocks flung from ballista against the razor wire topped walls surrounding Scientology. Every person who decides to take even a few minutes to speak out equals another bombardment, another fissure.

Scientology will fall under a siege of constant small victories. The suspension of two Twitter accounts may seem a drop in the ocean, but enough drops make a flood and floods are dangerous.

This is a war of attrition, a fight of patience and endurance.

Scientology is comfortably accustomed to bullying their way through everyone around them. Miscavige believes he can have his own way and the rest of the world be damned. Even the loss of these two accounts will be noticed.

It’s a beginning.

What can you do to help? What can you do to fight back against the cult that has hurt so many people?

Be a rock.

If you are on social media, appoint yourself as watchdog and monitor of Scientology accounts. When they cross the line report them.

You will be ignored and denied.

Do it again.

And again.

And again.

Write letters to the U. S. Treasury, the IRS and your Congressional Representatives. Write one good letter to each, make copies and mail them out every month.

Be constant.

Help us continue to crack Scientology’s walls until they finally, irrevocably fall.

Following is a list of known Scientology Twitter accounts that can be watched for Fair Game abuse and reported.

Currently the most important to focus on are @EPStandLeague, Edward Parkin on Instagram and @StandLeague. Taryn Teutsch is still spewing her false narrative on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

Scientology counts on us all giving up and fading away. If we do they win.

Please don’t let them win.

Thank you.

Scientology Smear accounts & Front Groups on Twitter:



















































7 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Never Ins

  1. Summed up perfectly

    ‘Never ins’ actually have more power to end #Scientoloty #ScnPsychoTerror because we have never been in therefore we cant be accused of bias, as in, being sour grapes because we’re not wanted by the group, therefore, our intent is getting back at them. NOT!

    ‘ Never Ins’ unite!!

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  2. Thank you for this!
    As a ‘Never In’ myself but someone who has kept up with Scientology news, Underground Bunker, Aftermath Podcast, Leah Remini: Scientology & the Aftermath etc, it feels like there’s so much I want to do to help but have no idea where to start.

    The fact that this ‘Church’ has gotten away with these inhuman acts and continues to do so with the government turning a blind eye is appalling.

    They need to be stopped.

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  3. It feel pretty great to see two of the most virulent accounts crossed through. Thank you for all your efforts, Stefani. Your blog is fantastic!


  4. Thank you for persistence and thank you gor this reminder!
    Another route to take for Never Ins: leave reviews of churches and missions of scientology on Google Maps. Post L. Ron Hubbard quotes in your review that highlight themes of fascism, racism, the superiority of scientologists, misogyny, etc. For example, if you do an internet search of “L. Ron Hubbard In His Own Words”, you’ll find a website with that name that features a full page of some his most jaw-droppingly heinous quotes, with the titles of the book, lecture, or other scientological source that each quote is taken from; it’s one of MANY great sources for pithy, utterly whack Hubbard quotes. Similarly, there are a plethora of images and photographs taken from scientology sources on the internet that can be posted in the photo section of these orgs and missions, or along with a written review, that demonstrate the direct connection between scientology front groups and scientology(e.g. the infamous image of a bridge with the caption to the effect that Narconon is ” the bridge to The Bridge”)…or reveal the OT3 story in Hubbard’s handwriting…or reveal scientology’s history of vexatious litigation…or reveal it’s repeated, policy-driven posting of lies and character assassination on the internet..If you are more inclined to post something satirical, there are wealth of images extant on the interwebs that will serve that purpose(e.g. Dave and Tom Snooze riding unicorns side by side ). You can post any of these things anonymously if you prefer by starting a google account. I post using my own photo and name because I used to be in the cult and I want all former associates to know EXACTLY where I stand regarding the group and its abusive, criminal, fraudulent policies and activities…

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