Taryn Teutsch’s Very, Very Bad Day

In the fight to stop Scientology’s fair game against their former members we managed to achieve 12 blissful hours of silence from several of the nastiest Twitter accounts.

Just the fact that the accounts were temporarily placed into Twitmo at all can be seen as a positive step in the right direction. Now Scientology is on notice and they only have two chances left before being banned permanently.

Once her account was released back into the wilds, Taryn Teutsch took immediately to the airwaves to pretend like her tail feathers hadn’t been scorched with a series of caustic posts and a special video.

First we were treated to an image of a celebratory cake with a special message.

This show of bravado proves that not only is she stinging from the experience but that she completely missed the entire point of her suspension.

We didn’t silence her.

Mike Rinder didn’t either. In fact Rinder had nothing to do with this situation.

In spite of her constant complaining that Rinder is picking on her and the family, he doesn’t actually spend much of his time arguing with or about any of them.

Taryn ignores that pesky little thing called “personal responsibility”.

Taryn if your Twitter account got suspended then it is because YOU violated policy. People can report your page until the cows come home, if you aren’t doing anything wrong you wouldn’t have gotten penalized.

Concurrent to the snarky cake, Teutsch also posted a comment in which she referred to those who reported her false accusations of domestic violence as Flunkies.

Her definition of flunky must be different than the normal one because flunkies don’t succeed. Flunkies are those who spend their time trying to achieve their goal but are incapable.

As we succeeded in getting not one but several Scientology accounts plopped into Twitmo for 12 hours…well….who really are the flunkies here?

Just saying.

Finally Taryn released her video in which she doggedly claimed that she would not be silenced nor would she stop until “Mike Rinder is no longer supported”.

This is a typical tactic used by abusers; set a goal for the victim, then raise the bar so they can never reach it.

First she adamantly insisted that she would not stop until Rinder was fired. When The Aftermath came to its end, sans anyone being fired, Teutsch crowed her joy to the world that she’d gotten her father terminated.

Yet she’s still here.

Now the new mission is to continue until Rinder is no longer supported.

Setting aside all of the public who believe in him, Christie may be a bit of a wrench in Taryn’s objective.

Just think of how much positivity Taryn could be bringing to the world if she were to focus her energies on something compassionate.

As it is she has chosen poorly and is finally discovering that there are real world consequences for her actions.

It’s been a long time coming.


*Taryn, it may not seem like it but there are a lot of people out here who do care. Your father first and foremost. While I will continue to fight your fair game campaign, I also am cognizant of the position you are in, even if you do not see it yet. In truth I understand the anger and fear of a lost little girl and I am sorry that you are in this position, trapped between two parents and two very different worlds. This must not be an easy road for you to walk and for that I am sorry. I hope with all my heart that some day you will examine your life and ask yourself if all this hate, anger and revenge is truly the world you wish to live in. If you ever come to a place where you need help there are so many out here who would gladly and joyfully embrace you. Myself included. Let one of us know when you are ready and we’ll do everything in the world to help you. In the meantime, as difficult as it is, your actions cannot be allowed to go unchallenged, Taryn. You may believe that you are doing the right thing, but lying is never right no matter what. Hurting people is never the right choice. You cannot create a better world by abusing those who live in it. That is not freedom but subjugation.

2 thoughts on “Taryn Teutsch’s Very, Very Bad Day

  1. Your empathy and compassion are truly admirable, and she sure as hell needs it…
    There is no real love in scientology.
    There is, as they would frame it, the “apparency” of love, but…no, real love and empathy and compassion are not part of the founder’s plan(or his “emotional tone scale”), nor were they emotions that he really understood or embodied…and, hence, the policies and actions and behaviors of scientology organizations and their members reflect the cult founder’s sociopathic mimicking of caring and helping that mask manipulation, control, abuse, and degradation of others.
    That deluded woman will lie to herself and to her “seniors”, as they are referred to in the cult( her bosses ), and to the public-at-large, and believe that such an action is “high-toned”, spiritual, and necessary…in order to “handle”-and ultimately “destroy”- an allegedly evil, suppressive person named Mike Rinder, who supposedly threatens the very survival of THIS SECTOR OF THE UNIVERSE by opposing or criticising scientology and/or any of its members, as it is scientology and scientologists who stand as the ONLY BARRIER between the continued existence of the universe and utter, total, eternal spiritual ruin!😐🤔She believes that by repeatedly uttering and promoting a complete lie, a total fabrication, a constantly morphing libelous statement, that she is working for “justice” and is forwarding the spiritual evolution of herself AND her cult AND everyone else on the planet!
    What utterly sad, mad, completely twisted fuckery!

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  2. I appreciate your compassionate take on Taryn. Her activities are truly monstrous and need to be called out as such for as many times at it takes. But it also needs to be remembered–as Mike has pointed this out more than once–that she is being used. Stopping to let herself be exploited is simply not an option unless she wants to face serious consequences including disciplinary actions, expulsion, freeloaders’ debt, and disconnection. And those are just the “standard” applications of the “tech.” There are more. She would face the loss of her life as she knows it.

    Which is not to say that others–including her reviled and slandered father–have NOT stood up to these odds, demanded their soul back and prevailed.


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